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  • snowglobe is an awesome Christmas show

    It stars the beautiful Christina Milian - who is a myspace friend and one of my favourite singers.

    She does an excellent job in the role of the young woman who is the only one of her family who loves Christmas.

    While in a shop looking a snowglobes she gets trapped in the little world inside the globe where it is Christmas every day.

    At first that seems ideal and she gets to celebrate like she as she wanted to....but just imagine trying to maintain all that over the top holiday attitude all the time.

    ugh -- eventually she has to get back.

    by the way - of course there is a cute guy too.

    what is a good show without a love interest.

    And when she returns - there is a nice Christmas AND

    she opens = a Snow Globe store.

    Hokey but fun - this is what movies are supposed to be like - you watch for what you wish could happen NOT for what think will happen.