So Haunt Me

BBC (ended 1994)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Series 3 Episode 6
      Mr Bloom and Dolly Finkel are getting married and Yetta isn't invited, so she pulls out the stops to make herself 'real' for the day promising to behave herself... people can be so gullable. While trying to work up the courage to ask for a pay rise at work, Pete ends up being pressured to uproot himself and his family to take up a job in Russia. Tammy's in an emotional state when her family don't take suggestions she might want to marry Lawrence seriously. Things are made worse when she overhears Dolly saying that Tammy wouldn't be a suitable life partner for Lawrence as she isn't Jewish.moreless
    • Series 3 Episode 5
      Carole unwittingly ends up being part of Pete's latest ad campaign when a lie gets out of hand. Male and female police detectives set up a stake out at the Rokeby's home but can Yetta uncover buried feelings between them and call in a favor at the same time? Meanwhile Tammy's forbidden from taking her new boyfriend up to her room to study but wonders why everyone else can get away with all sorts of carnal acts and no one bats an eye lid.moreless
    • Series 3 Episode 4
      Pete is shocked to discover that his recently widowed mother has accepted a proposal of marriage from a man that, during his childhood, he was taught to dislike and he makes his disgust clear in no uncertain terms. Meanwhile Yetta is also making her opinion of Dolly Finkel's engagement to Herbert Bloom very clear too. Can Sally make them both see sense before Yetta looses a friend and Pete looses his mother?moreless
    • Series 3 Episode 3
      Sally starts to use information she's learned on her Marriage Guidance course to dictate how she treats her family and in the name of 'acceptance' and 'tolerance', starts to let her family get away with murder. Tammy goes out with a bikey yob called Terry and Pete becomes a bikey himself. Even Carole is scared of asking Jack whether he wants another baby and Sally just grins and lets the world collapse around her. Meanwhile Yetta, who's wiser views are being pushed aside again, seems to be keeping her grip on reality... and the back of Pete's bike... well almost.moreless
    • Series 3 Episode 2
      After meeting his new boss Tarquin, Pete's first job is to come up with an advertising campaign for a new Japanese chocolate bar which has Whale as one of it's ingredients, Pete has to make a tough decision to either do the campaign or respect his daughters animal rights beliefs and risk loosing his job in the process. Meanwhile Sally's putting off doing a questionnaire for her Marriage Guidance course but she doesn't have to go far to find a few distractions.moreless
    • Series 3 Episode 1
      Tammy returns home from a trip to France to a miserable Mother and Brother and a Dad whose business career is at an all time low. He gets a job offer from an old friend Piers at an ad agency that makes commercials for food products but can't decide whether to take it. Meanwhile Yetta has to make a speech to the elders in Limbo to convince them she should remain at the Rokeby's and not go up to heaven. But will it take a near fatal fall to solve both Pete and Yetta's problems?moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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