So Little Time

Season 1 Episode 1

A Dog Day Afternoon

Aired Unknown Jun 02, 2001 on ABC Family
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A Dog Day Afternoon
Chloe learns that boys are just like dogs, and can be treated in a similar fashion. Meanwhile, a nervous Macy tries designing a dress for Teddie, only to find it's exactly the same as another dress someone else is already wearing. So, Riley asks Jake to help a reluctant Macy with her dress.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (4)

      • When Chloe is at school and she follows Travis into the guys' bathroom accidentally, she's wearing orange flip-flops. Later in school, when Travis returns the dog training book, she's wearing the same outfit, but her flip-flops are black.

      • In this episode, the dog that Jake gives the girls is named Macy, but in the book he is named Pepper.

      • The girls are discussing how men are like dogs in Macy's kitchen, and Riley calls for Larry, who sticks his head in through a doggy door to illustrate her point. Why would Macy have a doggy door if Jake is the one who owns the dog?

      • In this episode, Jake gives Chloe a pet dog, a small terrier he names Macy, which leads to the whole plotline about the girls trying to get their boyfriends' attention using the dog training techniques. After this episode, we never see the dog again for the rest of the series. Where did it go? Riley told Larry they were getting rid of the book, but did they get rid of the dog, too?

    • QUOTES (4)

      • Larry: I'm sorry, Mrs. Carlson. I lost it over Riley again. I always lose it over Riley. She's just so beautiful. Ever since the first time I saw her in 4th grade, I always knew I wanted to have her baby. Oh, scratch that! Um...

      • Manuelo: (With champagne bottle in hand) Okay, well, if you will excuse me, I am going to go to my room and...
        Macy: Uh, Manuelo, aren't you forgetting something?
        Manuelo: (Grabs plate with appetizers) Thank you. (Goes up the stairs) Oh, and call me when the new "thong song" comes on. I have a new appreciation for it.

      • Teddie: How's it coming?
        Manuelo & Macy: Shh!
        Teddie: What's he doing?
        Macy: He's listening to the fabric. It speaks to him.
        Jake: ("Listening" to the fabric) No, this is not a dress, it's a pantsuit. Manuelo.
        Manuelo: (Placing the fabric with the others) Talk among yourselves.

      • Macy: (To Manuelo, who's wearing a dress) Now, suck it in.
        Manuelo: I'm sucking it in where it does not suck. And that thong underwear you put onto me, I think it just came in to stay for a long time.
        Macy: Sorry, Manuelo, but I have to see how the dress looks with the proper undergarments.
        Manuelo: You know, I've never worn a thong underwear before. And I'll tell you something... I don't hate it.

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