So Little Time

Season 1 Episode 24

Look Who's Talking

Aired Unknown Mar 23, 2002 on ABC Family
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Look Who's Talking
While the cable goes out all over town, the Carlsons and Manuelo reminisce about each of their experiences from previous episodes.

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • When the cable first goes out, Macy appears to be calling the cable company to report the outage and inquire when the reception will return. Most cable companies will have the caller give their name and address to find the location of the blackout to help find the problem. Wouldn't the operator have informed her that their bill wasn't paid? In addition, if Jake and Larry were there, why didn't they go back over to their own homes to see if the TV came back on?

    • QUOTES (11)

      • Macy: Manuelo, did you remember to mail last month's cable bill?
        Manuelo: (Pauses) Maybe.
        Macy: Manuelo!
        (Everyone starts screaming at him)
        Manuelo: Hey, hey, look at it this way. This will be a great story to tell the next time the cable goes out.
        (Everyone continues screaming)

      • Macy: So, we all told stories about everyone else. Doesn't anybody have an amusing anecdote about me?
        (Everyone just turns away, thinking)
        Macy: Oh, girls, come on. No cute, little, funny stories about your mom?
        Riley: Nope, you're always pretty together, mom.
        Chloe: Yeah, always organized and on top of things.
        Manuelo: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I have one that is hilarious!
        Macy: Oh, good, good. Tell it.
        Manuelo: No, no, because you were not there, Mrs. Carlson. You were not in that one.

      • Jake: What?
        Larry: It's okay, Mr. Carlson, I understand.
        Jake: Oh, my God, that's it. Larry feels sorry for me. I'm going to find the closest telephone pole and hook up the cable myself.

      • Macy: (To Chloe & Riley) Okay, honey, here's your favorite, Chunky Chocolate and, of course, yours, Cookie Dough.
        Larry: My favorite is Rum Raisin.
        Manuelo: We don't got it.
        Larry: Rum Raisin is really good.
        Manuelo: We don't got it.
        Larry: Maybe you could put it on your list next time you go to the store.
        Manuelo: We won't get it.

      • Macy: And look, it really did turn out to be a nice family portrait.
        Larry: Yeah, but I'm a little hurt that I'm not in it.
        Chloe: Okay, Larry, I know you practically live here, but you're not exactly a member of the family.
        Larry: (Looks at Riley) Not yet.

      • Manuelo: (As the others make fun of him) That's all right, have a good laugh, but remember I'm the one who handles your food. Doesn't bother me. I just happen to be a very happy, peppy, positive person. My life is not a soap opera. Which right now I'm missing my favorite, La Paloma Malo. I just don't let things upset me. I'm a kick-back kind of guy.

      • Jake: Come on, you guys. This is crazy. We've been without TV for, like, 20 minutes and we're already suffering Regis Philbin withdrawal.
        Chloe: Dad's right. I mean, getting all upset over Regis Philbin. (Looks at her watch) Oh, my God, I'm going to miss Dawson's Creek!
        Macy: Well, see, honey, now there is a perfect example. Now, I bet that your life is just as interesting as anything that happens on Dawson's Creek.
        Chloe: Mom, half the town is pregnant.
        Macy: Why do I let you watch that show?

      • Chloe: God, my eyes are starting to play tricks on me.
        Riley: I know what you mean. If you stare at the static really hard, you start to see a face. See it? Regis Philbin! With his wavy hair... and the cute way his tie and shirt always match.
        Manuelo: I miss you, Reeg.

      • Macy: Come on, guys. You know, this is really sad. I mean, I can't believe that you would all rather sit and stare at static than talk to each other. I mean, has television really come to mean that much to us?
        Chloe: I think I see something.
        Macy: What?! Where?!
        Chloe: False alarm.

      • Jake: There was one of these in the early '90s when you guys were just babies, and it lasted for days.
        Chloe: Days?!
        Macy: Okay. Calm down.
        Jake: Yeah, deep breaths, honey, deep breaths. We're all here. We'll get through this together.
        Manuelo: Your father is right. Do you think that we can get down to Santa Monica.
        Jake: No, no good, Manny. Even if Santa Monica doesn't go down, the roads will be jammed.
        Macy: But remember, everyone, what do we always say? What doesn't beat us, makes us stronger.
        Manuelo: Now, your mother is right. When I was a child in Sabana Grande, I was kicked in the head by a goat, and it made me stronger, because I ate the goat. I needed the protein.
        Chloe: Mom, I'm a little scared.

      • Manuelo: Did it hit you, too, Mr. Carlson?
        Jake: Oh, yeah, the trailer park's hit bad. I think it's spreading all over Malibu like a plague.
        Riley: I know. Larry called. He's already gone to pieces, and Larry in pieces is not pretty.

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