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  • This was actually a great show.

    I really did enjoy watching this show. All of the characters have their own struggles and there is actually a good, solid storyline for a younger audience and even an older audience to enjoy. It is not just a kid show but it is more than a family show. I can't describe it, but it's entertaining for everyone. I got a lot more out of this show, than Ashley Olsen & Mary Kate Olsen's previous show, Two of a Kind. It is nothing to go out of your way to watch if you have not already seen it, but it is a really great show to sit down, relax, and laugh to. I wish the show had gone on just a bit longer.
  • Awesomeness!

    I have watched So Little Time for years now. I can't ever get sick of it. I know the Olsen twins do a lot of crazy stuff now but I will always love them. I think they have and do set a good example for kids and teens everywhere, even adults! So Little Time will live in history for everyone to enjoy, and on DVD! Haha. I think Manuelo is hilarious, so is Larry. I like that episode where Macy is all "That was you?!" and Larry was like, "" hahaha. Luv it! -- ((Vanessa))
  • Where i live at they don't show re runs.

    I like the two oslen twins. Especially mary-kate because she has my mom first name and she acts more like me. Ashley is a real girly girl and thats all good in stuff but she's in to the color pink and i don't play that. I love the color blue over pink, pink is u - g - l -y. But back to the show i only saw a couple of episodes to this show and then it just went off the air which makes me so upset. I kinda liked the show but don't really wanna buy the dvd.
  • My favorite show for a long time

    So little time was my favorite show for about five years almost. I still love it but it is not my favorite. I love to laugh and this is a tv show that can do that. I think it is well made and funny and that's what I look for. I was so sad when they took it off the air. This is just what I think though. I am sure people don't like it but that's fine with me.
  • This show can be pretty cool. It is almost every time it is on!!!!!

    This show is about two twin sisters who have divorced parents who still love eachother {but don't always show it

    This show can make me laugh but also make me pretty sad. My favorite characters are:
    the butler/housekeeper.

    This show can be so funny at times. i find it espicialy funny how Larry is obsessed with Riley. I really enjoy this show and i like everything about it. Anyway i think that this show is pretty funny all ina ll and i would highly reccomend it to anyone who likes to have a good laugh. i think that more people should tune in it is really good.
  • More Olsens, gooydy! (sarcastically)

    Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen hog up more of our time! Haven't we had enough of them? Now we get to see them in high school! But hey, atleast they are starting to give us all some space.
    The show is about them going to high school, and one of their friends has a crush on Mary-Kate. Their parents are divorced, and they live with their mom, in Richie Rich neiborhood, and their dad lives trailor park. The parents act to mature around each other, and they're accually okay that they are dating other people. It seems to perfect to be real.
  • It's for sure the best Mary-Kate and Ashley tv serie!

    With the end of Full House, many people thought it would be the end of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in TV shows, but they make a come back with Two of a Kind, a poor serie that make more success with the love story about their dad and their nanny than about then.

    But with So Little Time, they innovate children's tv series. It was authentic and funny. Their charactores wasn't infantile, but was something that ids would like to see. Manuelo, the nanny, was perfect with his accent! It's was just funny! Without exceed the limit between comic and pathetic.

    The experiences and lives' situations Mary-Kate and Ashley have to deal with in this show, show exactly what a girl at that age goes through.
  • It wasn't a flop

    This show wasnt a flop the twins were tired of doing sitcoms, they grew up on Full house and then had two of a kind and after the first season of the series they decided it was high time to change gears. air go they both attened college, they both are interning with fashion designers and they have made a feature film, along with dedicating most of their time working their production company, no to mention their appareal line and trying to have a social life...Now theres a long resume..could you image juggling all that work and still being as pretty as them I go college and thats pretty much my only responsibility and you should see me finals week, let say its not pretty, their life is as hectic as my final weeks, so give them props for all they do and have accomplished
  • C'MON This series is too short yeah it's so Little Time but c'mon like what happened to these human beings?

    What I was trying to say is that why did this show end so fast like I want more new episodes cause it seems like it's so not enough trust me it's not really bring it back! Bring some more! Come on MK & A Olsen are so fabulous they're good great unfortunatelly MK got too thin but the show appeared as thin as MK!
  • just another flopped project of the olsen twins where there parents are divorced in everything they do they have no mom or divorced parents its the same as all their other shows where they try to be funny but most audiences just don't connect

    a complete waste of time it has to be one of the worst shows i've every seen in my life especially that episode with the fortune scones either they use the same writer for every project the twins do or they just need some acting classes cause this show stunk no wonder it was canceled
  • Great teen show.

    I honestly connot imagine why this show was canceled so soon. It was funny and had great characters. Manuelo, especially, was hilarious. This is my personal favorite thing that Mary-Kate and Ashley have ever done.

    It is currently in reruns on ABC Family Channel on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

    The complete series is available on DVD for the first time ever on September 6, 2005. You can purchase it from amazon at

    I would recommend this show cheifly to teenagers, but I think it could find fans in every demographic. It is a definite must for any Olsen twins fan or any fan of good sitcoms.