So Little Time

Season 1 Episode 3

The Color of Money

Aired Unknown Jun 09, 2001 on ABC Family
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The Color of Money
Riley and Chloe find that they have no money for a concert they want to go to, so Larry surprises them by buying three tickets to the concert. The day after the concert, the money from their school fundraiser is missing, and immediately suspect Larry of taking it. Meanwhile, Manuelo finds it hard to spend some time with his girlfriend, Khandi, since Jake keeps interfering.moreless

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      • Manuelo: Good morning, mi hija.
        Chloe: Am I dressed? I was up all night studying.
        Manuelo: Now, what are you studying for?
        Chloe: Algebra or Home Ec, I can't remember. That can't be good.
        (Macy enters)
        Manuelo: Good morning.
        Macy: Three days behind on my deadline, I cut my leg shaving, and I'm retaining water.
        Manuelo: Why do I feel like I am a guest on The View?

      • Manuelo: Now that we're all being honest with one another, I should tell you, Señor Jake, that... we're breaking up.
        Jake: You and Khandi?
        Manuelo: No -- me and you.

      • Macy: (To Riley & Chloe) You know you can always talk to me or your father.
        Jake: That's right, you know - I'm never too busy for you.
        Manuelo: Tell me about it.

      • Larry: (To Miss Westmore) No, no, no. No, wait. We can talk about this, you know. You could buy some chalk - like, the good stuff. The stuff that matches the dresses that you wear. And, well, you kind of wear the same dress every day, but that... we could get that color... in the chalk.

      • (After Jake ruined Manuelo's date again)
        Jake: (About Khandi) She is great.
        (Manuelo glares at Jake)
        Jake: I screwed up again, didn't I?
        (Manuelo continues glaring at Jake)

      • Riley: Now, we're going to have a little contest here to see who brings in the most business in the neighborhood. First prize: a new bicycle. Second prize: you're fired!

      • (At Manuelo's date at Neptune's Net)
        Jake: Oh, man, who can say no to Alaskan crab legs?
        Manuelo: Hopefully, you.

      • Jake: So... weekend's coming up.
        Manuelo: (Mopping) That comes at the end of every week.
        Jake: I know what you mean. Come the weekends, I just got to get out a little.
        Manuelo: Well, uh... (Hits Jake's feet with mop) ... don't let me stop you.
        Jake: So... got any plans?
        Manuelo: I have a date at Neptune's Net.
        Jake: A date? Neptune's Net? Great! (Sadly) I'll probably be in my trailer... alone... watching the candle wax... burn.
        Manuelo: I'd ask you to come, but -
        Jake: Really? Oh, great! Thanks, Manuelo!
        Manuelo: But I have a date.
        Jake: (Jokingly) You sure do. Pick me up at 8.

      • Larry: Have you ever heard of the term "accessory"?
        Chloe: Yeah, like you get a dress and get a purse, or bag, or some really cute shoes to go with it.
        Riley: He's not talking about that kind of accessory!

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