So Little Time

Season 1 Episode 22

Trading Places

Aired Unknown Mar 09, 2002 on ABC Family
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Trading Places
When Chloe and Riley team up with Larry for a school project, he ruins their first attempt and then tries to redeem himself by constructing a state-of-the-art weather station.

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      • Teddie: (To Macy) Listen, I'm pulling out the big guns - bubble bath. All right, now I want you to run the water and don't come out until you're as wrinkled as Anna Nicole Smith's next husband.

      • Jake: Now, we just have to keep this from Macy. Sh-She's been sticking her nose into everything, poking around. I-I-I can't seem to get her to relax.
        Manuelo: Maybe it's time now to bring in a professional.
        Jake: Oh, that's good. Okay, let's think. Who do we know who's an expert at doing nothing all day long?
        (Scene changes, Teddie arrives to help Macy)

      • Manuelo: I've got good news. My cousin, Jamie, got the buttons out of Havana.
        Jake: Oh, see, that's great. Everything's going to work out fine.
        Manuelo: If it weren't for the trade winds.
        Jake: What trade winds?!
        Manuelo: The trade winds that blew the raft with the buttons to Guam.

      • Manuelo: We got a big problem. We got a big, big problem.
        Jake: Right, Manny, Manny, we're trying to keep Macy calm, okay?
        Manuelo: The buttons never made it to Seattle. And it's a $100,000 order.
        Jake: Okay, now is not a time to panic, it's a time to find the buttons.
        Manuelo: I know where the buttons are.
        Jake: Okay, then we're fine. Sure, it'll cost a little more to overnight them, but there's no reason to panic. Now, where are the buttons?
        Manuelo: Havana.
        Jake: Okay, now, see, that's a reason to panic.

      • Macy: (Answering cell phone) It's Macy. Dan, don't worry, the Capri pants are coming. Yes. Can you hang on? Okay. (House phone rings, answers) Hello? Sidney, where the hell are the Capri pants?! No, I said, "ship the Capri pants." I did not say "ship the pants to Capri."

      • Riley: (About Larry's "cloning" project idea) We're not cloning a sheep.
        Larry: Fine, make it a human. As long as it's not the lunch lady.

      • Riley: Well, maybe we can work with Poc Voo. Last year, didn't he discover a new fuel?
        Chloe: Yeah, Voo-seline. It's $500 a gallon.
        Riley: I hear Madonna heats her house with it.

      • Miss Westmore: (To class) Well, people... it's your favorite time of year again. I'm talking about the annual Technology Expo. I'll be dividing you into small groups, and this year, your project will count for 25% of your final grade.
        Chloe: (To Riley) 25%? That's almost one-fourth.

    • NOTES (2)

      • Jake wears glasses with a yellow outline for the first and only time in the series in this episode. All other times, he's worn regular glasses with a black outline.

      • Based on the in-character intros, the twins' hairstyle, and the presence of both Teddie and Miss Westmore, it is apparent that this episode was "held over" from season one.

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