So Little Time

ABC Family (ended 2002)





  • Season 1 Episode 24: Look Who's Talking

  • When the cable first goes out, Macy appears to be calling the cable company to report the outage and inquire when the reception will return. Most cable companies will have the caller give their name and address to find the location of the blackout to help find the problem. Wouldn't the operator have informed her that their bill wasn't paid? In addition, if Jake and Larry were there, why didn't they go back over to their own homes to see if the TV came back on?

  • Season 1 Episode 23: Larrypalooza

  • When Riley's in the cat fight with Tonya, she says that Larry has made her miserable since preschool, but in "Dog Day Afternoon," Larry says the first time she saw her was in the fourth grade.

  • Riley has a fit over Larry having Tanya as a groupie and jumps up and down on her guitar, breaking it. Yet when it's time for the band to play at the concert, her guitar is back in one piece, showing no signs of being repaired. Since the kids entered the contest to win some money, how did Riley afford to get her guitar either repaired or replaced?

  • Who won the big "Battle of the Bands" competition? The viewers are never shown the outcome of the contest, just Larry singing in the competition.

  • Season 1 Episode 19: The Job

  • Manuelo's mother throws the scone on the ground after she gets a bad fortune, but when the girls get the plate back there is a new scone on it. Then the scone disappears when they sit on the couch.

  • Season 1 Episode 15: The New Guy

  • In this episode, they show how on Larry's birthday, when Riley and Larry were little, she would give him his present. But in a previous episode ("A Dog Day's Afternoon"), when Larry comes to apologize to Macy for jumping up to Riley's window, he talks about how he saw her for the first time in the 4th grade. The kids in the little flashback were too little to be in the 4th grade! Plus, in the episode "Larrypalooza," when Riley is fighting over Larry with Tonya, she talks about how Larry tries to kiss her in pre-school!

  • In this episode, Macy and Jake are re-creating their 10th anniversary. When Jake is standing at the lifeguard stand, he throws his watch into the water. In a previous episode, it is said that Jake got a new hair-cut. It is the same type of hair-cut that he just got instead of the one that he had when the show first started.

  • A running gag throughout the episode is how Chloe can't get her regular blueberry muffin every morning at the News Stand because Lennon keeps buying the last one. If this is such an anal retentive part of Chloe's routine, then 1) Why doesn't the coffee shop owner set aside a muffin for Chloe in anticipation of her arrival, or 2) Why doesn't Chloe skip the coffee shop entirely and have Manuelo bake her a batch of muffins at home?

  • When Chloe gets her Mocha from Lennon, the cup is actually empty.

  • The little girl who played young Ashley or Mary-Kate did not look anything like Mary Kate and Ashley when they were younger.

  • Season 1 Episode 9: True Lies

  • When Manuelo tries to defrost some of his frozen pre-packaged food because he thinks Chloe's dish is really awful and doesn't know that she's replaced it with the restaurant food, he tells Macy to put the food in her dress to "heat the food using our body heat," since he broke the microwave drying out her pantyhose. Did it ever occur to him to TURN ON THE STOVE? Chloe was cooking her awful food on the stove, so it must be working. Was the regular oven broken, too?

  • Season 1 Episode 6: You've Got Mail

  • When Macy is making her "I only wish..." speech to Jake at Neptune's Net, the shot alternates with the camera focusing on her, and then at Jake. But the continuity between her arms being folded and in front of her chin changes from them being flat on the table.

  • Season 1 Episode 5: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

  • When Chloe and Riley come downstairs after the party, wouldn't they have changed because there mom or Manuelo would have seen them and questioned why they looked like freaks?

  • Chloe and Riley come downstairs after sleeping through their party and read in the morning paper about how it was busted. If the party was a midnight rave, as Riley said it was, there was no way the story could have been printed in the morning newspaper in time.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: A Dog Day Afternoon

  • When Chloe is at school and she follows Travis into the guys' bathroom accidentally, she's wearing orange flip-flops. Later in school, when Travis returns the dog training book, she's wearing the same outfit, but her flip-flops are black.

  • In this episode, the dog that Jake gives the girls is named Macy, but in the book he is named Pepper.

  • The girls are discussing how men are like dogs in Macy's kitchen, and Riley calls for Larry, who sticks his head in through a doggy door to illustrate her point. Why would Macy have a doggy door if Jake is the one who owns the dog?

  • In this episode, Jake gives Chloe a pet dog, a small terrier he names Macy, which leads to the whole plotline about the girls trying to get their boyfriends' attention using the dog training techniques. After this episode, we never see the dog again for the rest of the series. Where did it go? Riley told Larry they were getting rid of the book, but did they get rid of the dog, too?

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