So NoTORIous

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 02, 2006 on VH1
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Tori meets Scott, a hunky gaffer, at the set of her latest f-movie. Her mother Kiki is auctioning stuff off on eBay without her knowledge.

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      • Nanny: Honey, if he's as nice as you say he is, he'll give you another chance anyway.
        Tori: You really think so?
        Nanny: You're a sweet girl, with some brains, a good heart and a rich Daddy. Boys like all that.
        Tori: Thanks Nanny!
        Nanny: And you got those big, big boobies. Boys like those, too.

      • Kiki: I don't understand all this emotion. You never liked that capelet, you never liked anything I ever bought you, I was just clearing out some space.
        Tori: You have 64,000 square feet!
        Kiki: 64,500 and it's getting tight. We might have to move Nanny to the basement.

      • Tori: She bought my capelet on eBay!
        Kiki: Well let me tell you she got a steal and she stiffed me on shipping. I gave her negative feedback.

      • Tori: That stain is from my Shirley Temple barf.
        Sasan's Mother: It's from MY barf.
        Sasan: Mom, you barf? How chic, I thought you were just dieting.

      • Janie: You're tall. I love tall guys. I bet you've got really big...
        Sasan: ... nuts?

      • Ruthie: Don't give him any right away. The minute they get what they want, they disappear. You know, I kept Philip waiting for six months so when we finally did it, meant something.
        Tori: Oh, are you still seeing him?
        Ruthie: Who?

      • Sasan: It's ok, I'm gay. So Tori and I can sleep in the same bed and the only thing that happens is giggling... depending on what Tori's been eating.

      • Tori: We've all been friends since Junior High.
        Scott: I wasn't even sure you if you went to school. I mean, other than the one on TV.

      • Kiki: I've built and eBay room. Isn't this fun? I'm getting rid of all this clutter and making a little mad money.
        Tori: Mom, a bottle of Vitabath!?
        Kiki: Well it's been in the bathroom for two years, it might not even be good anymore.

      • Nanny: Damn girl, look at those boobies. They get bigger every week. That can't just be about a bra.
        Tori: Nan, these are mine.
        Nanny: That's right. you pay for something, it's yours.

      • Aaron: That's great angel, but wouldn't you rather have a series on network television? There's always room for another witch on 'Charmed'.
        Tori: No thanks Daddy. I think it's better if I get my own work. Unless of course you want to buy me a studio. No Daddy, don't, I was just kidding.

      • Security Guard: Can I help you?
        Tori: Oh hi! It's me, Tori. Just here to see my parents.
        Security Guard: I'll need to see some ID, and check if the animal has clearance.

      • Sasan: He'll never evolve if he uses shampoo and conditioner in one.
        Pete: And your parents don't know you're gay.

      • Janey: Talk about his work. Guys who work love that. What's a gaffer do?
        Tori: Oh, you know he does all the...gaffing needs and erm...I'll google it.

      • Tori: Why is it so hard to believe that I don't take handouts from my family, that I live off my own money...that I earned from being on my Daddy's TV show.

      • Janey: Maybe because he's so busy bringing home hookers.
        Tori: Ok that, not his fault. Charlie Sheen overbooked one night and gave him the overflow for free. Pete just thought he lucked out.
        Janey: With women who look like hookers?
        Tori: Hun this is LA, we all look like hookers.

      • Pete: Did you eat my last energy bar?
        Tori: Pete, I'm playing a hyperglycemic, why would I eat something with so much sugar in it?
        Pete: Er, so you can all hopped up and then crash right before your big scene?
        Tori: I'll get you a one tomorrow.

      • Tori: It's probably just another jerk who's gonna ask me for a hummer.
        Janey: Ah jee, what's the big deal.
        Sasan: She means the car.
        Janey: That's appalling.

      • Guy: I figured you would be all stuck up and only eat at places like 'Spago'.
        Tori: Are you kidding? I love the food here.
        Guy: Yeah I figured after the third burrito.

    • NOTES (1)

      • In reality Farah was actually Tori's neighbor for a number of years and the party storyline involving her here was a true event.

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Charmed:
        Tori's father says there is always room for another witch on Charmed, a TV show running on TheWB from 1998-2006.

      • Charlie's Angels:
        Tori communicates with her father via intercoms and cameras, like on the show Charlie's Angels. Charlie's Angels was the brainchild of producer Aaron Spelling. It aired on ABC from 1976-81.