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  • Just another washed up celebrity vehicle. Please Cable suits, please stop it!

    I watched this a few times on rainy Sunday afternoons, but Im still not sure why.

    Tori is pretty weird looking - she looks like a space alien. She resembles ET as her eyes are too far apart. She had a decent body, but I just could never get past her face. The only reason she ever got anywhere was because her daddy was Aaron Spelling. She is a self absorbed rich girl who has never done anything of substance. The only reason she was on 90210 was... her daddy. Tori isnt as goofy as, say Britney Spears, but shes close. The show did have 1 good point, it shows how disfunctional alot of Hollywood celebrities and their families are.
  • Really funny

    I really enjoyed this show. It is really refreshing to see someone take the mickey out of themselves the way she does. So many people take themselves to serious now days and I liked the fact that she just didn\'t make fun of herself, she made fun of her whole life and just had a laugh at it. The writing is witty and sharp. I love the fact that she plays herself and her friends are so over the top. It makes L.A. look ao fake the way it really is. I give it two thumbs up. Way to go Donna!
  • TV is the New Art

    Sublime, perfect casting, especially Kiki. Even people who can't stand Tori love this show. It's such a shame that VH1 has suspended or cancelled it. The situations, the characters, the places they visit, the awkward situations they find themselves in are so quintessentially West Side L.A., and when you think about it, very few television shows do L.A.--that is everyday L.A.--much justice. I particularly enjoy the tension between Tori and her mother, Kiki. I suppose it's quite exaggerated for comedic effect, but so captures a particular type of difficult relationship between mother and daughter that is not so uncommon, at least among people I know.
  • This show is...ummm...mmm..ugghh..

    I tried many things to make this show better. Here are some examples:
    *Stabbed my feet with needles.
    *Ripped out my finger nails with my teeth.
    *Shoved a spoon down my throat.
    *Imagined Tori's voice was replaced with Astro's voice.
    *Poured honey on my body and then released the red ants.
    *Burned my nose hair with a hot ice pick.
    *Whacked my hand with a hammer over and over again until I went blind.
    *Spent my time dreaming of Jeanie.
    *Putting my face on a George Forman Grill.
    *Putting one of those strange sand beetle things from Star Trek 2 in my ear. (Let me tell those are hard to find)
    Of all these, the only thing that helped make the show better was unplugging the TV. Go figure.

    P.S I don't like this show.
  • I watched an episode Sunday, and I felt my IQ drop 50 points.

    I have some questions. Okay, I have many questions. Number one is: why would people waste their time watching this? Why would someone even think of watching this? Why would somebody take their time to make this show? What the heck was Tori Spelling thinking?

    If she thinks she can act she needs to get her brian checked. Whoever agreed to help her make this poor excuse of a comedy show needs to have their brain checked as well.

    The show is not funny, in fact it is very far from funny. The whole entire show is just plain stupid. Enough said.
  • No so good either

    This show should've never been put on tv, but if vh1 wants to continue thier trend of putting d list celebs on tv they can go ahead and do that. Its just really not that interesting, funny or even the least bit intertaining. Should be canceled. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a b b b bb c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  • such an awful show

    this has got to be one of the worst shows ever created. If they had negative numbers, this show would have gotten the lowest possible negative number. Tori Spelling needs to go jump off a cliff or at least get a face lift. If they were going to create a show like this, they should have at least had a hotter girl play the role. If it was at least an attractive girl, I\\\'m sure this show would have a much better review. I say that So Notorious lasts the 13 episodes before it gets deservingly yanked. can\\\'t believe my girl made me watch this. i should have jumped out the 3rd floor window.
  • What the heck is this?

    Okay, why the heck did VH1 do this? Its about a whinny rich girl who wants to be taken serious. All she does is go home and complain, go to her parents house and complain, go to other places and complain. She also tries to go out for movie roles, but she can't halp flirting with other guys. The falshbacks are stupid, and she talks the the Clueless girls. She can't do anything right, why is that? Its because shes to stupid to even try!
  • Tori Spelling does the only possible thing that could make me like her...

    Having never been particularly concerned with any of her output, I checked out the pilot out of morbid curiousity and was very pleasantly surprised. Clever writing, interesting characters, great dialogue, zany flashbacks and a uniquely skewed angle on LA celebrity life all add up to some very refreshing viewing. Nice one. Too bad she's got a head like a horse...
  • Former nepotistic teenage sitcom star is mocked by her friends and loved ones while trying to find a small amount of respectibility a decade after her intial stardom.

    Simutaneously funny and pathetic, this oddball half hour neo-reality show misses it's mark more than it hits it. However, it must be said that when it hits it's mark it's devastingly funny and satirically nasty beyond belief. Show details the current escapades and humiliations former teen queen, Tori Spelling, endures on a regular basis. Most people associate her as the spoiled brat whose famous TV producer father made her the star of her own TV show (BEVERLY HILLS 90210) way back in the early 1990's. Sadly her stardom, even then, was overshadowed by her famously caustic and tempestous co-star Shannen Doherty and her weekly national headlines of inappropriate and sometimes downright absurd bad behavior. Show picks up a decade after 90210 with Tori refusing any help from her famous father trying to make it out in the tough streets of Los Angeles on her own. The show's main gimmick is that Tori not only gets mocked by everyone around her but makes fun of herself as well. Her self-esteem is so low she just accepts it as though she somehow deserves it for being who she is. As hard as she is on herself, her family and friends are even nastier. They are so blithely vicious that they have actually passed the point of mocking her to feel better about themselves. They now just do it out of habit. Everyone's delivery is so nonchalant and matter of fact it's as though they've been transplanted from some forgotten classist British comedy. She's literally the black sheep of the industry. Merely tolerated and used by everyone around her, even her beloved nanny whom she often turns to for help manages drop in hateful bon bons along with her special brand of advice.
    Unusual show was intially to be aired on NBC but they passed immediately after viewing the first few episodes stating something along the lines like, "There is no audience for this show" -- Actually that's not quite true. People who enjoy mean spirited comedies or liked/hated BEVERLY HILLS 90210 will probably come away with some affection for it as it's hard not to feel bad for Tori. VH1 wisely picked up the show from NBC banking on it's main target audience tuning in to see how Miss. Spelling has fared since her initial heyday. Here's hoping it makes it past season one.
  • Tori spelling is finally playing her dream role... herself. She spoofs many facets of her and her familiy's lives. Aren't everyone's family naturally funny, it just happens that her family is hella-famous in hollywood. Tori is using what she knows best

    Okay, ladies and gentlemen I did have my doubts, but this is a funny show. This show is supposed to be a mix of fact and fiction about Tori's life, I don't know if any of these events occurred, and frankly I don't care, the show is funny, it's obviously working, and I like it. Although it does kind of have it's flaw, which is the reason it gets an 8.7, but it's a sitcom, a situation comedy, and it's doing what it needs to be doing.
  • I wonder what vh1 showing that made em show this?

    This is a perety decent show. It's not one of my favorites but i'll think about adding it in due time. It's funny but i really don't understand why it's a realtiy show when there no reality in the game. Sure it's a comendy but it didn't happen right? Or did it?
  • In her new show, Tori Spelling shows what it's like...well, to be Tori Spelling.

    I felt that I just HAD to watch this, seeing as I have a sad but wonderful addiction to all things VH1. I'm thrilled to say that SO noTORIous does not disappoint (unlike Flavor of Love..but that's another story). Tori shows the lighter side of what it's like to be Tori Spelling, complete with her crazy and distant mother, intercom father, and scary dates. I love that Tori is able to make fun of herself and her family, especially the 90210 jokes (although they're a little bit before my time...). All in all, I can't wait to see what else this show has to offer, I know it'll be great!
  • Great show. Funny filled with hilarious one liners. I have found a new respect for Tori Spelling.

    Great show. Funny filled with hilarious one liners. I have found a new respect for Tori Spelling. Never been a fan of her, but this show truly has potential. I was honestly surprised to have liked it. You should totally check it out. Don't understimate it because it is really good.
  • none

    This show is laugh out funny!!!I laughed about most of it.It is awsome how they mix fact and fiction.On the show she has bunch of people portrading her famil.I love the whole Charlies Angel's deal with her dad.This show is amazing.I glad Tori Spelling is proving everyone wrong,and says she is a good actress without her dad.It is a very awsome show!