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VH1 (ended 2006)


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  • Former nepotistic teenage sitcom star is mocked by her friends and loved ones while trying to find a small amount of respectibility a decade after her intial stardom.

    Simutaneously funny and pathetic, this oddball half hour neo-reality show misses it's mark more than it hits it. However, it must be said that when it hits it's mark it's devastingly funny and satirically nasty beyond belief. Show details the current escapades and humiliations former teen queen, Tori Spelling, endures on a regular basis. Most people associate her as the spoiled brat whose famous TV producer father made her the star of her own TV show (BEVERLY HILLS 90210) way back in the early 1990's. Sadly her stardom, even then, was overshadowed by her famously caustic and tempestous co-star Shannen Doherty and her weekly national headlines of inappropriate and sometimes downright absurd bad behavior. Show picks up a decade after 90210 with Tori refusing any help from her famous father trying to make it out in the tough streets of Los Angeles on her own. The show's main gimmick is that Tori not only gets mocked by everyone around her but makes fun of herself as well. Her self-esteem is so low she just accepts it as though she somehow deserves it for being who she is. As hard as she is on herself, her family and friends are even nastier. They are so blithely vicious that they have actually passed the point of mocking her to feel better about themselves. They now just do it out of habit. Everyone's delivery is so nonchalant and matter of fact it's as though they've been transplanted from some forgotten classist British comedy. She's literally the black sheep of the industry. Merely tolerated and used by everyone around her, even her beloved nanny whom she often turns to for help manages drop in hateful bon bons along with her special brand of advice.
    Unusual show was intially to be aired on NBC but they passed immediately after viewing the first few episodes stating something along the lines like, "There is no audience for this show" -- Actually that's not quite true. People who enjoy mean spirited comedies or liked/hated BEVERLY HILLS 90210 will probably come away with some affection for it as it's hard not to feel bad for Tori. VH1 wisely picked up the show from NBC banking on it's main target audience tuning in to see how Miss. Spelling has fared since her initial heyday. Here's hoping it makes it past season one.