So NoTORIous

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 09, 2006 on VH1

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  • Paris Hilton could never write a show this witty, but the originally spoiled celebrity shows her range.

    After years of being considered a spoiled rich celebrity mooching off of her dad's success, Tori makes a show to tell everyone..... they were right!

    Tori isn't afraid to make fun of herself in her new comedy. The writing is good, and so is her comedic acting. This is the role she should have done after 90210 ended; and I think she knows so, since the series is supposed to take place at this time.

    In this pilot Tori declares her indepedence as she moves out of her parents' mansion and into an apartment using her own money.... the money she made off working on her dad's show, she humorously admits. The show is full of similarly clever self-deprication, and Tori comes off looking like a pretty down to earth person as a result.

    I'll be watching this one in the future for sure.
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