So NoTORIous

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 09, 2006 on VH1



  • Trivia

    • The mini-monologue Tori had to say about the movie "Stolen Lola" was always messed up. The scene was edited to make it look like she said it right, but she really only said parts of it at a time. Tori only said it right once, which ended up being in a deleted scene for this episode.

  • Quotes

    • Sasan: It is time to say goodbye to Dori Tori and say hello to Tori... Tori.

    • Sasan: Tori, you did things last night that I didn't even think possible. You ran, you yelled, you assaulted balls.

    • Tori: He's blowing me off! "Please stop emailing me, showing up at my premieres, sending me topless photos"?
      Sasan: (gasps) The pictures from the skybar! Oh my god, do you think the guy that stole your blackberry sent them to everyone on your email list?

    • Tori: Oh my god... I just assaulted someone's balls.

    • Tori: Just look for someone who looks like a criminal.
      Sasan: Tori, this is Hollywood. They all look like criminals.

    • Tori: Janey, it's one of your benches.
      Ruthie: What a fantastic picture! Oh look, someone drew you smoking a cigar.
      Sasan: A cigar with testicles...

    • Sasan: Tori, you shaved!
      Tori: It was a premiere!

    • Janey: How do we get out?!
      Sasan: The doors only open 2 inches. Quick, Tori, run for help!

    • Sasan: Is that menu supposed to be following us?

    • Tori: Hi. I'd like one spicy quesadilla and a bean and cheese burrito.
      Sasan, Janey, and Ruthie: NO BEANS!
      Tori: Fine. Make that a macho taco.

    • Janey: Where are you going to get 300 dollars from? Your butt?
      Sasan: She'd have a better shot there than in her purse.

    • Ruthie: Why would you steal cheese? The government gives it away, you just have to fill out forms.

    • Tori: Okay, yelling at this guy? Really fun.
      Sasan: Let me! I wanna try... This is Sergeant Bill... O'Reilly and we are tracking your location via satellite and we intend on prosecuting you to the fullest extent of the law, bitch!

    • Tori: $300 is a lot of money.
      Janey: How much were those shoes?
      Tori: That is so not the point.

    • Tori: Cops are supposed to help you, not mock you.

    • Tori: I just wanna catch the guy.
      Cop: You're kidding right?
      Tori: He stole my blackberry. I want it back!
      Cop: Ok, I'll tell you what. You just take a seat, and we'll call in S.W.A.T. And if that doesn't get him, we'll get Starsky and Hutch on it. And maybe the Mod Squad.

    • Tori: I'd like to report a crime.
      Sasan: A really, really bad one.
      Tori: Some jerk stole my blackberry.
      Ruthie: Now this is a sensitive situation. My client can't have any negative press so if perhaps you have some sort of celebrity division...

    • (Sasan drops shackles into Tori's shopping basket)
      Sasan: What? I met somebody.

    • Tori: I'm not going to be able to sleep unless I can start getting into Lola's head and experience the pain of a Brazilian street whore.

    • Sasan: I mean, how many more times can he cast Julia Roberts?
      Janey: Yeah, she's old and has babies.

    • Ruthie: Look at you. You're a fantastic whore!
      Tori: Ruthie. Not trying to look like a whore.
      Ruthie: But you do anyway!

    • Sasan: Nothing says desperate like an e-mail from Tori Spelling!

    • Sasan: You stepped on his foot and made him spill his drink on Sara Gilbert.
      Tori: He made me self-conscious.
      Janey: You wussed out.
      Tori: Sara Gilbert could kill me! I'm trying to convince Steven Soderbergh I can play a street-smart whore and I'm afraid of Roseanne's daughter.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • When Tori pulls up to her parents gate, they show an S emblem on the gate and a shot of the top of the home like the show Dynasty, and when she enters her parents' home and hear the Charlie's Angels theme after her father's voice come through the speaker. Both shows her father Aaron Spelling produced.

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