Season 1 Episode 2

First Campaign - Story of the Chairs

Aired Monday 11:55 PM Jan 11, 2010 on TV Tokyo
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First Campaign - Story of the Chairs
Kanata settles into her new assignment under Sgt. Rio with the 1121st Platoon in Clockwork Fortress and receives her first mission. What is this mission and how well will Kanata do?
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  • It's morning and Kanata is blowing her trumpet again... with everyone at Seize and everyone watching flinching. Then an owl joins the party.

    In an interesting opening where we see Kanata trumpeting the morning call (which is where we left off in the first episode), Sureha confirms what we've been thinking: she sucks. In this one episode, I get a strong feeling for the characters each soldier of the unit fits.


    - unit at breakfast: quick cuts in three seconds, and I'm already counting more than four hilarious and unique facial expressions. The sight of Noel yawning to Kanata's sweatdrop reaction to chest size, to Kureha's scrunched up mouth. - again, a normally typical feature of one character is turned into an entertaining arc that just happens to feature Kureha because she is designated as the tour guide for Kanata. From the literally seventeen seconds (yes, seventeen.) of awkward silence in front of the emergency phone to Kanata's guess on bath order with Kureha's reaction in the mirror instead of an immediate cut... amazing. Oh, and Noel's reaction to the ghost.

    - we're treated to a sudden sci-fi-ish moment with the tank that seems like future tech compared to the archaic-like rifles that the unit uses, and - the ruins (torn up school, ceilings and walls; the use of a basketball court for the tank). I'm feeling a foreboding in terms of the state of the world (is this alternate reality?) even while the cuteness and relax attitudes of the senior soldiers continue to make me smile.

    - cut to lightning in the old school.

    The introduction of the owl is pretty epic, especially when we realize that the first episode's owl was the very one that now has decided to be the unit's pet. The ten minutes of watching Kanata and Kureha, armed and nervous, with short scenes of the three other soldiers looking concerned in the meantime, turn from thriller to "oh! This really could be just about really cute characters in a military setting!". I love it.

    9.0 for mouse stampede, talkative Kureha (truly a convincing act by both A-1 and her seiyuu Kitamura Eri), and old-school-means-what-happened-to-the-world?moreless

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    • (Rio and Kanata are walking down the hall after Rio has played a wake-up reville)
      Felicia: (to Kanata) That was Rio this morning, wan't it?
      Rio: We'd start getting complaints from the town if Kanata did it every day.

    • Kureha: We're just a useless troop in the middle of nowhere. Our tank doesn't work, and they forget to supply us a lot of the time. We never get any real missions. We're all so lax...
      Kanata: But you love it, don't you?

    • Kureha: The second floor contains the captain's quarters and the briefing room. Under normal circumstances, entry is... Well, it's perfectly all right. But make sure you knock first!

    • Kureha: Beyond the mountains is a no man's land. But the borders of Helvetia only extend this far, so this is a national border! The front lines!An important base! So we must always keep watch. The five of us, throughout the night. Sleeping during watch is absolutely forbidden.

    • Rio: Soldiers and trumpeters both need stamina. Eat a lot and grow strong.

    • (Kureha is carrying a sleepy Noel into the mess hall)
      Kureha: Come on, Noel. You can sleep after breakfast!
      Noel: I'll do my best... (she falls back to sleep)
      Kureha: That's not doing your best.
      Noel: (barely wakes up) I'm doing my best...

    • Rio: I'll have you practice with only the mouthpiece for a while. (Kanata hesitates) Any problem with that?
      Kanata: No! But, umm... I want to be able to play songs like you...
      Rio: I won't make it easy for you.
      Kanata: I'm ready for anything!

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