Season 1 Episode 1

Resounding Note - Streets of Dawn

Aired Monday 11:55 PM Jan 04, 2010 on TV Tokyo



  • Trivia

    • Regarding the villagers splashing each other with wine - it's most likely based on a real festival in Spain called the Haro Wine Festival, where everyone fills up various containers with wine and "attack" each other.

    • Kanata sees a "fish" figurine and reads the price as 10 yen and 25 sen. The sen is a subunit of yen (where 1 yen equals 100 sen) that, since 1953, is no longer in circulation.

    • The town of Seize is based on real world Cuenca, Spain.

  • Quotes

    • (Kanata is apologizing to getting lost again the day before)
      Kanata: Um... I-I'm very sorry about yesterday!
      Rio: Damn right, you are.
      Kanata: I-I'm sorry! But...
      Rio: I'm kidding! But from now on, don't do stuff like that. Not for something as stupid as this bell. (she holds up the bell she is wearing)

    • (Kanata is playing a wake-up reveille, although it doesn't sound very good)
      Old Woman: The girl they've got playing this morning isn't very good.

    • Kanata: Sometimes, getting lost means that something fun happens. But that's only when you meet someone new. It's no fun being alone.

    • (Rio is holding Kanata's stained and wet uniform after the festival)
      Rio: Looks like you made quite the target... Couldn't you have dodged a little?

    • (Rio points at Kanata through the window and Kanata runs off)
      Naomi: What's wrong, Rio?
      Rio: (referring to Kanata) A kitten had too much fun at the fair, and it ran off in the wrong direction.
      Naomi: Can't be helped... Cats always take their time getting places. That's why they're cute, you know.
      Rio: If it were a stray, it'd be OK. But it's a domesticated cat.

    • Kanata: (referring to her trumpet) I can finally let you sing.

    • Sergeant: Odd to see a new recruit, now that the draft's over.You volunteered?
      Kanata: Yes! I wanted to learn how to play music. I mean...
      Sergeant: An honest girl... I like that! Good luck, kiddo!

    • Sergeant: If you're nice to the trumpeter, you can hear them sound the retreat better.

  • Notes

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