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A spin-off to the show Sonny With a Chance. Focuses on the show within a show known as So Random! a musical sketch comedy. Chad Dylan Cooper of the rival show Mackenzie Falls has joined the cast of So Random! while the former star Sonny Monroe is no longer present.

Broadcast History:

So Random! originally premiered on Sunday, June 5, 2011 at 8:30pm (ET). The next new episode aired a week later at a new time of 9:00pm (ET). The following episode premiered at its normal time of 8:30pm (ET). The fourth episode premiered at a special date and time of Saturday at 8:00pm (ET). The fifth episode premiered at 9:00pm (ET) on Sunday. The sixth episode premiered at the series' new time of Sunday at 7:30pm (ET). New episodes continue to premiere Sundays at 7:30pm (ET).


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    • This is Ass

      They did it for money, it's trying to hard to be entertaining,it's trying to hard to be like"All That", it sucks.
    • Never ever watch this show. Ever.

      Ok, so i'm not going to explain the plot because it's so f*cking stupid and you'd probably get bored to death with it, since the lousy scripts and writing, not to mention the bad acting, it's just so f*cking atrocious! I've watched this show on Disney Channel once and I didn't even want to live anymore. What has Disney been smoking? Crack? Are you kidding me? The writing sounds like it's been written by some crackheads, and the sketch-comedy vibe it has to it is just so terrible. It's just a carbon-copy of The Amanda Show and All That! They failed epicly and it's a disgrace to all sketch comedies.

      Okay so Demi Lovato left Disney because she was turning emo and cutting herself while making emo songs with the Jonas Brothers. Meanwhile back at the Disney Studios, The writers are like "Hey, I know! Let's make a brand new show, called So Random! The name is stupid but the terrible plot is even more stupid! We could have all the ***ed characters from Sonny with a chance to star on this show, that way we can include the terrible potty humor, and the disgraceful sound track that resumes every 5 seconds! How does that sound?"

      The others willingly agreed with no hesitation like a bunch of crackheads, then they set up the new show that was going to be one of the top 10 worst shows on Disney Channel.

      Ok, so the show is a Sketch Comedy and it shows a bunch of sketches similar to The Amanda Show. Although, I like that they were trying to go in a direction like that, they failed terribly. It would've been nice if there weren't a bunch of annoying tweens screaming infront of the f*cking camera all the damn time! What is it with these stupid rich white teens on the Disney Channel anyways? Walt Disney, get your a$$ out of your gravesite and go over to Disney Studios to pimp slap that stupid hoe Demi! What was she thinking? She was the reason that this horrible spin-off of Sonny with a chance was created! God damn Demi!!!

      Then you have the fat blonde guy that tries to make you laugh but you sit on the couch remaining emotionless, almost annoyed, by this fat*ss screaming in your god damn TV screen. Then you have the little 6 year old girl who doesn't know what the hell is going on, she just does whatever she wants, they do the most terrible skits, The Amanda Show had some really great skits, but this? This was just terrible.

      Wanna know the differences? OK. I warn you, there is a lot of sh*t i have to say about this crap.

      1. The Amanda Show had great skits such as the Spitball machine thingy, that was cool, it contributed to what a 90's kid would probably do to their teachers. It was funny. I admit, now that I think of it, it was a LITTLE CHEESY, but that was okay, it was better than the crap So Random! did. in a nutshell: The Amanda Show was quite funnier.

      Oh, but So Random! was just f*cking horrible. They have used so many cheesy jokes that The Amanda Show has already done. It's not funny at all, I find the Tantrum Skit a bit irritating, as you have that little 6 year old wh*re screaming like a little brat. That does not make you want to laugh and have a good time while sitting with your family on the couch, that makes you want to ring that little b*tch's neck.

      2. The Amanda show had good jokes, they were very clever, it was also very funny and it made you laugh. It had a strong vibe to it that made you feel good and made TV worth your while watching.

      So Random! didn't have anything special to contribute. It was very boring and it was far from humorous or amusing. The only thing I laughed at is their attempts at trying to make us laugh with their bad acting and their terrible voices.

      3. The Amanda Show wasn't overplayed, it was only played a little bit, while the other Nickelodeon Classics were played on after that.

      So Random! was so overplayed before, they would have re-runs. Literally, re-runs! It'll show So Random! at 2:00 until 3:00 or something, then from 3:00 until 4:00 they'll show the same episodes again in the same order! It is just f*cking atrocious! We do not need ANYMORE So Random! Have variety Disney, have VARIETY! It's bad enough to sit through a couple episodes, but going thoruhg that again, i'd rather kill myself with a fork.

      I'd list much much much other differences and comparisons, but I just now realized i'm wasting my time and i'm disgracing The Amanda Show! I shouldn't even be comparing such a classic to such an abomination of a Sketch Comedy!

      So Random! in a nutshell: It's pretty much a stupid watered-down All that! with stupid tweens writing the skits. Let me remind you, these are new generation kids, so you know the sh*t they put on there. Random sh*t that doesn't make sense. Although it's called So Random!, but i'd actually rather watch a show with an interesting plot to it. Goodbye Disney. I've lost faith in you.

      Oh and by the way that girl that makes those web shows about her stalking a guy in school: Somebody, call the fucking police! By god she is a criminal! She is a pedophile and needs her ass in jail! What is wrong with these writers? Really, if something were to amuse me, it would be them doing a skit on that stalking rapist getting sent to Jail! And she's only like 10 years old!moreless
    • go away bad show

      wow a very bad show go away.
    • So Stupid is more like it

      A while ago I looked at Sonny with a Chance, and while it wasn't horrifyingly bad it was still terrible, but people like Demi Lovato were some of the good things in that show. Sadly though Demi Lovato left the show to not only finish rehab, but to pursue her music career as well. So to fill the gap with SwaC canceled, Disney took the skit show that SwaC had, So Random! and made it a show. So Random! is basically a comedy sketch show that also has musical numbers. So basically the show is a complete rip off of All That!, and while I do credit them for trying to do something like that show, and it had potential, but it turns out to be a watered down version of that show, and just another awful show for Disney. Every sketch on this show irritates me, and they are all so annoying. One was about a tantrum girl who irritated me beyond belie. Another was a girl who constantly shoved her face in the camera and to say it was annoying is an understatement. then there was this poor man's Billy Mays' commercial parody that was not only unfunny, but an insult to a classic TV announcer. Do these writers have no shame? The acting is also horrendously bad. Everyone is acting so over the top bad that it's not even funny, and characters scream and yell a lot. Then there's that infamous laugh track that goes off every five to ten seconds over everything whether it's "funny" or not. Speaking of the humor it's awful in many ways. It uses every bottom of the barrel joke that has been done to death, and there is nothing clever at all in this show. The musical numbers are awful as well. None of these singers can sing at all. The lyrics are awful, the voices are off key, and it makes my ears bleed. There's nothing good I can say about So Random! and I hope that Disney gives this show the boot very soon, and replaces it with a classic show like Kim Possible reruns or something. If you are looking for a good comedy sketch show then go watch All That, and stay far away from So Random! and let it get canceled.moreless
    • So Random

      Goodness, people on here on BEYOND MEAN! To start off, Disney should have stopped when Demi Lovato departed. I mean it was so fun to watch them perform on So Random! on Sonny with a Chance. When I saw previews for this show, it looked interesting... but I was WRONG. It was not funny at all. The acting was okay. Not really my cop of coffee. Overall, it was not the worst show (Shake It Up is), but I'm glad Disney cancelled it.moreless

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