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  • This is Ass

    They did it for money, it's trying to hard to be entertaining,it's trying to hard to be like"All That", it sucks.
  • Never ever watch this show. Ever.

    Ok, so i'm not going to explain the plot because it's so f*cking stupid and you'd probably get bored to death with it, since the lousy scripts and writing, not to mention the bad acting, it's just so f*cking atrocious! I've watched this show on Disney Channel once and I didn't even want to live anymore. What has Disney been smoking? Crack? Are you kidding me? The writing sounds like it's been written by some crackheads, and the sketch-comedy vibe it has to it is just so terrible. It's just a carbon-copy of The Amanda Show and All That! They failed epicly and it's a disgrace to all sketch comedies.

    Okay so Demi Lovato left Disney because she was turning emo and cutting herself while making emo songs with the Jonas Brothers. Meanwhile back at the Disney Studios, The writers are like "Hey, I know! Let's make a brand new show, called So Random! The name is stupid but the terrible plot is even more stupid! We could have all the ***ed characters from Sonny with a chance to star on this show, that way we can include the terrible potty humor, and the disgraceful sound track that resumes every 5 seconds! How does that sound?"

    The others willingly agreed with no hesitation like a bunch of crackheads, then they set up the new show that was going to be one of the top 10 worst shows on Disney Channel.

    Ok, so the show is a Sketch Comedy and it shows a bunch of sketches similar to The Amanda Show. Although, I like that they were trying to go in a direction like that, they failed terribly. It would've been nice if there weren't a bunch of annoying tweens screaming infront of the f*cking camera all the damn time! What is it with these stupid rich white teens on the Disney Channel anyways? Walt Disney, get your a$$ out of your gravesite and go over to Disney Studios to pimp slap that stupid hoe Demi! What was she thinking? She was the reason that this horrible spin-off of Sonny with a chance was created! God damn Demi!!!

    Then you have the fat blonde guy that tries to make you laugh but you sit on the couch remaining emotionless, almost annoyed, by this fat*ss screaming in your god damn TV screen. Then you have the little 6 year old girl who doesn't know what the hell is going on, she just does whatever she wants, they do the most terrible skits, The Amanda Show had some really great skits, but this? This was just terrible.

    Wanna know the differences? OK. I warn you, there is a lot of sh*t i have to say about this crap.

    1. The Amanda Show had great skits such as the Spitball machine thingy, that was cool, it contributed to what a 90's kid would probably do to their teachers. It was funny. I admit, now that I think of it, it was a LITTLE CHEESY, but that was okay, it was better than the crap So Random! did. in a nutshell: The Amanda Show was quite funnier.

    Oh, but So Random! was just f*cking horrible. They have used so many cheesy jokes that The Amanda Show has already done. It's not funny at all, I find the Tantrum Skit a bit irritating, as you have that little 6 year old wh*re screaming like a little brat. That does not make you want to laugh and have a good time while sitting with your family on the couch, that makes you want to ring that little b*tch's neck.

    2. The Amanda show had good jokes, they were very clever, it was also very funny and it made you laugh. It had a strong vibe to it that made you feel good and made TV worth your while watching.

    So Random! didn't have anything special to contribute. It was very boring and it was far from humorous or amusing. The only thing I laughed at is their attempts at trying to make us laugh with their bad acting and their terrible voices.

    3. The Amanda Show wasn't overplayed, it was only played a little bit, while the other Nickelodeon Classics were played on after that.

    So Random! was so overplayed before, they would have re-runs. Literally, re-runs! It'll show So Random! at 2:00 until 3:00 or something, then from 3:00 until 4:00 they'll show the same episodes again in the same order! It is just f*cking atrocious! We do not need ANYMORE So Random! Have variety Disney, have VARIETY! It's bad enough to sit through a couple episodes, but going thoruhg that again, i'd rather kill myself with a fork.

    I'd list much much much other differences and comparisons, but I just now realized i'm wasting my time and i'm disgracing The Amanda Show! I shouldn't even be comparing such a classic to such an abomination of a Sketch Comedy!

    So Random! in a nutshell: It's pretty much a stupid watered-down All that! with stupid tweens writing the skits. Let me remind you, these are new generation kids, so you know the sh*t they put on there. Random sh*t that doesn't make sense. Although it's called So Random!, but i'd actually rather watch a show with an interesting plot to it. Goodbye Disney. I've lost faith in you.

    Oh and by the way that girl that makes those web shows about her stalking a guy in school: Somebody, call the fucking police! By god she is a criminal! She is a pedophile and needs her ass in jail! What is wrong with these writers? Really, if something were to amuse me, it would be them doing a skit on that stalking rapist getting sent to Jail! And she's only like 10 years old!
  • go away bad show

    wow a very bad show go away.
  • So Stupid is more like it

    A while ago I looked at Sonny with a Chance, and while it wasn't horrifyingly bad it was still terrible, but people like Demi Lovato were some of the good things in that show. Sadly though Demi Lovato left the show to not only finish rehab, but to pursue her music career as well. So to fill the gap with SwaC canceled, Disney took the skit show that SwaC had, So Random! and made it a show. So Random! is basically a comedy sketch show that also has musical numbers. So basically the show is a complete rip off of All That!, and while I do credit them for trying to do something like that show, and it had potential, but it turns out to be a watered down version of that show, and just another awful show for Disney. Every sketch on this show irritates me, and they are all so annoying. One was about a tantrum girl who irritated me beyond belie. Another was a girl who constantly shoved her face in the camera and to say it was annoying is an understatement. then there was this poor man's Billy Mays' commercial parody that was not only unfunny, but an insult to a classic TV announcer. Do these writers have no shame? The acting is also horrendously bad. Everyone is acting so over the top bad that it's not even funny, and characters scream and yell a lot. Then there's that infamous laugh track that goes off every five to ten seconds over everything whether it's "funny" or not. Speaking of the humor it's awful in many ways. It uses every bottom of the barrel joke that has been done to death, and there is nothing clever at all in this show. The musical numbers are awful as well. None of these singers can sing at all. The lyrics are awful, the voices are off key, and it makes my ears bleed. There's nothing good I can say about So Random! and I hope that Disney gives this show the boot very soon, and replaces it with a classic show like Kim Possible reruns or something. If you are looking for a good comedy sketch show then go watch All That, and stay far away from So Random! and let it get canceled.
  • So Random

    Goodness, people on here on BEYOND MEAN! To start off, Disney should have stopped when Demi Lovato departed. I mean it was so fun to watch them perform on So Random! on Sonny with a Chance. When I saw previews for this show, it looked interesting... but I was WRONG. It was not funny at all. The acting was okay. Not really my cop of coffee. Overall, it was not the worst show (Shake It Up is), but I'm glad Disney cancelled it.
  • Thank God its cancelled.

    So Random! is so done for, as Disney Channel finally trashed this fake SWAC spinoff. The sketches were obviously rushed to the last minute and then they expect people to laugh. A lot of my Disney Channel show reviews usually get a one (lowest rating possible) because they're bad.

    At the end of every episode, there is some dumb musical preformence which is where I stopped watching. Then there's that laugh track we all "love" so much that DC can't do without.

    The sketches are just....bad none make me laugh except the rufus and that p-brain one. the worst is that stalker girl who stalks that boy in her class. That's weird, not funny. The material is just stuff that only a little kid would laugh at. And some of the actors try to hard like Brandon Mycal Smith.

    I wonder if those people who are in the audience are really laughing or they're intensely bored like me, because there wouldn't need It's a Laugh Productions if there is an audience who came to that studio wasting there time watching boring sketches if they can (not!) watch it on TV for free. Instead, they get replaced by a laugh track. They are not getting their money's worth

    Bottomline: So Random! is a sad excuse for a sketch show. The acting is bad, The sketches are boring, It's not funny, and the Laugh track is on every two seconds. Watch All That, because that will make you laugh not this load of garbage. Like I said, Thank God it's cancelled. Don't watch this shit.
  • this was horrible

    this is the worst show ive ever seen in my life, i think they hired hobos off the road, and had 3 year olds write the script. whoever thought that the show was good enough to air, was ***ed.
  • Only saving grace: Socks with Sandals.

    Man, I bet Walt Disney is in heaven scoffing at how awful these 'shows' are. Seriously was this their attempt at making a GOOD skit show for kids. Well, SPOILERS it didn't work!!

    Now I love skit shows. 70's and 90's SNL and Monty Python are some of the funniest stuff out there. But this show is a disgrace. It's an over scripted skit show with horrible actors and bad skits.

    The skits really are bad. It's not funny, sure there's the occasional good one like, Rufus the excuse kid, Socks with Sandals. But other than those two that's it, they're the only 2 that made me laugh. The others include Bedazzle Zit which made me frown. There's a parody of Pirates of the Carribean. Which I actually yelled 'WHAT THE HECK!!'. Then Grammar, only the name was clever, the rest just made me facepalm. Finally there's the worst of all. It's this Middle School girl stalking a guy in her class and making a web show about it. O_O I'll go watch JonTron or AVGN instead, thank you very much.

    The worst part is the music. Now, I may be biased since I listen to Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, Doors, Rolling Stones, the Who, Led Zeppelin etc. But still it isn't good. They don't get actually talented people today like Adele. No, they get Mindless Behavior, a bunch a rapper wannabes and Justin Beiber, who is the worst musician in recent years.

    Okay this is a total rip-off of SNL. Instead of humor it has overexaggerated un-funny skits and music that is abysmal still to today's standards. Now I can ALMOST see why a 6 year old could like this but as for any one over 10. Stick to Monty Python and SNL.
  • Wonderful show that takes me back to the All That days! Just ignore the bad reviews by reatarded people who don't have enough brain cells to comprehend what an actual good show is.


    Wonderful show that takes me back to the All That days! Just ignore the bad reviews by reatarded people who don't have enough brain cells to comprehend what an actual good show is. Generally, people who don't know what an actual good show is shouldn't be allowed to write reviews of any sort.

    Another wonderfully made Disney Channel show and this show was really needed since a similar show All That was cancelled several years ago after Nickelodeon became gaay. Also ignore the bad reviews as they're by a recent swarm of generally retarded users who like horribly abysmal Nickelodeon shows like Spongebob, Big Time Faags and iCarly and hate great shows like this. Just look at the profile of the reviewer that's 3 reviews below me and you'll see gaay Spongebob all over his profile and with good ratings on abysmal Nickelodeon shows and bad ratings on some of Disney's currently-running great shows, and the fact that the person was too stupid to to know how to use the favorite feature just shows how "credible" his rating actually is.

    While I do miss Sonny with a Chance (not sure why they didn't explain why she inexplicably disappeared), So Random was just meant to be. Also while So Random will never be as good as the classic All That, Nickelodeon was never going to bring back any good family oriented comedy sketch shows so it was up to Disney to step up to the plate and make the fake "So Random" into the real show it is today, and they did a great job at it.

    So Random features various randomly funny sketches such as the "coolest kid in school" which is a very funny parody of some liquor ad on TV, the "Rufus: Kid with Excuses" where some guy named roofus does things that annoy others around him while making ridiculously funny excuses why he did it which somehow come true at the end and "Harry Potter in the Real World" where Harry has to learn how to fit into the real world. So Random also features funny music videos at the beginning of every episode like "Socks with Sandals," "MC Gramar" and "Ketchup on Everything."

  • Not very intertaining

    The worst thing ive ever watched. What haappened to disney. At least they dont make it anymore. The farty part was the only thing good but not great. This is the worst show ever
  • What the Fudge is This?

    I swear, this show is just like MAD, that show on Cartoon Network. It's not random, it's annoying.

    The jokes aren't funny, and neither are the sketches, unlike MAD. The characters are bad actors, and when they're doing different scenes and sketches, their wigs and costumes are really stupid.

    I have nothing else to say. It's a copy of MAD, which has been playing for over a year. This is just like a Disney-fied version of it.
  • worst skit show ever made.

    This excuse for a skit show needs to be cancelled. Nothing makes sense whatsoever and even Sonny with a Chance was better than this crap. The rating for me should've been a 0 for no effort whatsoever.


    The costumes are ridiculous and the characters are crap. The acting in this is so poor that I would change the channel or even watch anime on YouTube and even anime is 1000x better than most of the shit produced by Disney today. The acting looks fake and forced and it's like nobody's even trying anymore. I don't understand where these actors were hired from because they seem cheap to me!

    The plots:

    Nothing makes sense and it seems that Disney has gone high whilst creating this shit. These excuses for 'skits' are no better. There's no explanation of anything and I can't understand anything that's going on. The plots look like the same thing recreated over and over again but with minor 'changes'.

    The jokes:

    The jokes are as corny as hell. And don't even get me started on that dumbass laugh track! That laugh track 'forcing laughs' thing shouldn't have been created, it's like there's a fake audience doing the laughing when something is 'laughable' to Disney when really, nothing is laughable about these low-budget jokes. It's like they spent 5 mins max creating the same overused, old jokes over and over again.

    The set:

    The sets are pretty much the only good thing about the show. At least they don't look 100% fake like other Disney shows and at least the green screen isn't being over used.

    So: Here's my ratings overall:

    Characters: 0/10. No effort whatsoever.

    Plots: 0/10. No sense whatsoever

    Jokes: 0/10. The laugh track is overly used and the jokes are the same thing recreated over and over.

    Sets: 10/10. That's the only reason why I would even give a 1.0 for this shit. If the sets were fake and there was a 0 rating, then I would have given 0. Disney, you're fucking lucky I even gave this shit a 1.

    Overall summary:

    Disney really needs to get rid of this and all it's other shit, nonsense shows like Austin and Ally, Jessie, ANT Farm, Shake it Up and there's a few others and replace them with re-runs of classics like Lizzie McGuire, Sister Sister, Recess, Kim Possible, That's so Raven, Famous Five and more plus the old Mickey shows cos all it seems is that people in our generation today are going to remember this shit instead of Mickey and Minnie and other classics.

    Summary for channels:

    Disney Channel = A channel that went downhill since 2005 and is now a pre-teen channel with no values and morals except: Dress like sluts and date, date, date!

    Disney XD = A shit channel which shouldn't have replaced Toon Disney/Jetix which shows programmes for 'boys'. So, it's a shitty boy version of Disney Channel.

    Disney Cinemagic = The only channel in Disney Corp. Which even tries. At least it has old classic movies and some old classic programmes but we need more than that!

    Disney Junior = A shitty, cheap, washed down version of Playhouse Disney with ONE, yes ONE Mickey Mouse related show which really isn't that good and shit like Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Plus, the name and channel in general is a 100% cheap rip-off and knockoff off Nick Junior, which has been there LONGER.

    Disney corp. Needs to realise what they're doing since they only care about money and if this continues, this equals Disney viewers tuning out, and Disney getting money, money, money. Also, Nick and CN are beginning to go down the same route Disney is, but still I have to give credit for them for trying to bring back classics on their channels. Disney, cancel this and let Disney go back to how Walt Disney ran it!

  • Its Cancelled, right?

    This show SUCKS! They shouldve stopped at Sonny with a Chance so they at least ended a good show and are remembered for that!
  • So Random

    Okay first, what the heck is this show really about? I mean, the only part I get is that there is always someone who is singing at the end of the show, like someone famous from other DC shows. First of all, it's not funny it any way and just annoying and weird. When I watched one episode I was automatically bored. Putting random stuff in the episodes does not make it funny, it makes no sense and no one can understand it. When every it's on and I'm waiting for a show after it to come on, I just get my laptop and stare at that until it's finally over. I hope this show gets cancelled, it makes absolutely no sense and it is not funny whatsoever. The acting is poor, and there is no plots. I mean yeah, a five year old could enjoy watching this, but anyone over 10 would be bored out of their mind watching this baby show. Maybe it should at least get CANCELLED ASAP, or go to Disney Junior, so they could add something more to Disney Jr. other than stupid cartoons.
  • So randomly ret@rded.

    Nonsense at it's finest.

    Concept: No plot, no concept, always random, (no pun intended) it's okay to be random. But this one is random in a bad way. Their scripts and acting are poor!

    Characters/Actors: Really bad, and they don't know how to act and move. They don't know how to dramatize. They just hired low priced actors. The characters are forgettable and always they act ret@rded. And there's that stalker who creates web series about her stalking agenda. I want to slap that girl in the face, or punch her in the arm. I hope she gets jailed.

    Show Value: No value since they fail at jokes and they really suck at acting. They should have named this show "The ADD Show" for being so randomly brain-dead.

    Other Problems: Yeah, they hire guests, "artists" and "singers". Now, the problem with guests, most of them has issues. Few are fine and good. The artists and singers are fakes, they can't even sing well that they use autotunes. And they lyrically suck. They should have hired some talented singers around like David Archuleta, Ozzy Osbourne, or talented guitarists like Saul Hudson, Dave Mustaine and other talented people that needs recognition.

    Overall: 0. Good thing this show is going to be canceled.
  • Please cancel this NOW.

    I don't like this one bit.All the characters got worse(even Zora)the only chracter who is still funny is Chad and they copied ICarly even though I hate ICarly.Thias show is the worst show by far that disney made.Cancel this and bring back Sonny with a chance and Life with Derek.
  • Cancle this now.....

    I don`t know why this rating system stops at 1 they need a 0 and they need it just for this show becuase it deserves the worst rating I can give it. For trying to pass this off as Sonny with a Chance and making a bad show amazinglt worse. There is never a plot never a funny joke never a good point in the episode. Cancle it thats what the future is for it.
  • If you spare your brain cells, never ever watch this.


    This show is so pathetic, that if you actually watch it, you can't finish a episode. But I see why people like this, because of the guest stars. Good music is the only reason to watch bad shows like this. Let's talk about the worst show ever to come to Disney along with Ant Farm. Plus, everyone's voice is annoying. Just with some sketches...

    All Star Wheel of Fortune - Really? Couldn't they get people who look like the celebrities. Plus, Willow Smith does not always "whip her hair" and Taylor is okay, and Fred is accurate. 2/10 (Annoying)

    Rufus: Kid with Excuses - When I saw the promo I laughed at the "oh, you're not gonna believe this" thing. But then it found a way to fail and did. 3.5/10

    Bedazzle Zit - Stolen from MAD and is BAD. 0/10

    Schooled by Grammar - Really? 0/10

    All I can say is "Mitchell Musso" is the worst episode of the series so far.

  • Worst show ever... cancel immediately

    Hate it!!!! this is horrible. I've never laughed at any sketches. all the characters are horrible. save viewers some pain and have disney cancel it. it makes me so bored that i...don't even remember what i did.
  • Ehh...not great.

    Seriously, who writers this stuff. Anyways, So Random has dumb comedy skits that no one will ever laugh at. For example - in a one to be released today, it has a SCANTRON-thingy DANCING. The writers just made fun of an EXCELLENT school feature. Way to go. The characters are just dumb and the writers also might be sadists. For example: there's a skit where people get food, but other PEOPLE "the losers" steal their food. The first one has a kid's CAKE being stolen. Not funny. Next one. Prisoner's food get stolen. No! But the last one is really the icing to the cake for stupidity. A man stranded on the desert finds some food. But the biggest losers steal it. They just made a man's life span drop...considerably. Wow. They expect US to laugh at that? My god. NO. The writers here are the same negativity level as SPONGEBOB's FOR SEASON SEVEN. But it can be good at times.
  • Alright. It is sometimes very annoying and not very funny.

    At first, I really liked this show and I would have given it a rating of 7.5 but now, it's not very funny and the jokes are getting quite stupid. It is getting really boring as well. I gave it 6.5 because of the older episodes. If I was to give it a rating based on the newer episode, then I will give it a 5 or 5.5
  • eh. This show is alright.

    This show is not that good, the jokes are so corny and cheezy, now there are some good sketches like Rufus, the coolest kid in school, and Cheerleader tryouts (with Billy) I really don't have much to say its kind of self explanitory so that my review. Overal 5.5/10.
  • Ehhh...

    I would like it if it wasn't so corney/ chessey. Plus now it has Chad, instead of Sunni? Thats so stupid!
  • Very very very bad and horrible i miss Demi!!!


    Demi is the best and they just cut her off for medical reasons. This show is completley now nonsense. I love Sonny with a Chance but this So Random is just crazy and is worse than Sicky Vicky! Here there is all only skitsand songs.At least on Sonny with A Chance there was more laughter and fun. I miss you Demi Lovato it will never be the same.

  • Probably the worst Disney Channel show I ever watched


    It is a spinoff of Sonny with a Chance which featured the So Random sketches in that show. Every episodes often features musical number at the very end. For my opinion, I wasabsolutelybored with this show. As I said in the intro, it is the worst Disney Channel show I ever watch. I rather watch Shake it Up than this. Shake it Up is a poor show to me. I watched one episode of it (the one with Cody Simpson) and I was super bored at it that I didn't even laugh a single moment of it. Also, some people here in my hometown had been talking about this show and they kinda liked it. I don't. The musical guest are long and boring. I hate wasting 3 minutes of my life for a musical number. Overall, I think the show iscompletelyboring and a waste of time and it the worst from DC. Avoid this show. It's the reason why I gave it a 1. There's nothing positive in this show whatsoever. 1/10

  • This show is a discrace to all decency.


    Many have no idea what true humor is. True humor has no need to ruin other shows or popular media such as the rude and unnecisary use of "Harry Potter" only because they can leach off the concentrated media interest. Then they draw kids in with celebrities whom songs I understand how a lot of material seems apropriate for kids but the humor is lame and is mostly puns. It would make a better show of insulting then skits.

  • Better Than Sonny...


    With A Chance by far. Although you can scroll down and read what all the people have to say about this show and it's not looking good. I mean on average this show is a 6.7 which is close to my 7 but really that's a shame this show should be better then fair. This brings me back to the days of All That. I find the two very similar. But I do think this show could improve in a way. Instead of doing parodies of all the sketched maybe they can make an original one from scratch.

  • This show is so awful! What was Disney thinking?


    I was switching through channels and I found some spoof of T-Pain. It was awful and unfunny! The Vital Information sketches from All That are funnier than this! Even That's so weird (A mediocre Canadian sketch comedy) is funnier. This is the worst thing Disney has released and they should be ashamed of themselves!

  • Are they trying to make a kids Saturday Night Live or something?


    After the infamous Demi Lovato bailed out of Sonny With a Chance to go down to the rehab center, this show decided to take a turn and change the name to "So Random". In this show, there is an "audience" that watches them as they perform a series of putrid, awful shorts that are not funny in any way possible. The show gets worse with the fact that the audience is obviously fake. They laugh on cue with every pathetic joke a cast member tells. The show also has musical guests and features a wide variety of crappy singers like Cody Simpson, Greyson Chance, and a bunch of spazzy kids with greasy hair named Mindless Behavior. The only thing that I can think of that is good about this mess of a show is when the credits roll and the cast walks away.

    This IS worse than Sonny with a Chance (wow, that's bad....) and I would HIGHLY reccomend you stay away from this show.

  • Wow so bad.

    Who knew that once a lead actor leaves a TV show, that the show would get so bad, so fast. That is what has become of "So Random!". Let me just say that when "So Random!" was a show-within-a-show on "Sonny with a Chance", the sketches weren't all that good, only a handful. As for "So Random!" the show, almost every sketch is totally unfunny. The only sketch that is hilarious to me is "Tantrum Girl", that's it. I could understand Demi Lovato not wanting to do the show anymore, but the writers could do a way better job than this to compensate for her departure. All in all, this show is certainly no "All That".
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