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  • If you spare your brain cells, never ever watch this.


    This show is so pathetic, that if you actually watch it, you can't finish a episode. But I see why people like this, because of the guest stars. Good music is the only reason to watch bad shows like this. Let's talk about the worst show ever to come to Disney along with Ant Farm. Plus, everyone's voice is annoying. Just with some sketches...

    All Star Wheel of Fortune - Really? Couldn't they get people who look like the celebrities. Plus, Willow Smith does not always "whip her hair" and Taylor is okay, and Fred is accurate. 2/10 (Annoying)

    Rufus: Kid with Excuses - When I saw the promo I laughed at the "oh, you're not gonna believe this" thing. But then it found a way to fail and did. 3.5/10

    Bedazzle Zit - Stolen from MAD and is BAD. 0/10

    Schooled by Grammar - Really? 0/10

    All I can say is "Mitchell Musso" is the worst episode of the series so far.