So Random - Season 1

Disney Channel (ended 2012)


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Episode Guide

  • Christina Grimmie
    Christina Grimmie
    Episode 19

    Christina Grimmie stops by and performs her song "Advice."

  • Justin Bieber
    Justin Bieber
    Episode 18

    In this holiday-themed episode, Justin Bieber stops by and performs his hit holiday single "Mistletoe."

  • Pia Toscano
    Pia Toscano
    Episode 17

    The Garlic Garden serves breakfast to its patrons in an unconventional family style way in "Garlic Garden Breakfast." Special guest star Mia Talerico gives Donald Trump his toughest interview yet in "Why? With Mia." Anime Bros., Billy, Skip and Lorraine all try out for the cheer squad in "Cheerleader Tryouts" and guest star Leigh-Allyn Baker plays a teacher embarrassed by the items she purchases from a cashier who is also her student in "Awkward Moments." The episode will also feature a special musical performance by "American Idol" fan favorite Pia Toscano performing her debut single "This Time."

  • Bridgit Mendler
    Bridgit Mendler
    Episode 16

    Chester is way too shy to talk to most girls except guest star Bridgit Mendler in "Talking To Girls." Mark and Leyla campaign for class president and vote for each other in "Class President Ads" and a Scottish nanny arrives just in time to help corral two unruly kids in "Manny McPhee." Bridgit Mendler, Adam Hicks and Hayley Kiyoko from the Disney Channel Original Movie Lemonade Mouthperform hit song "Determinate."

  • Iyaz
    Episode 15

    Hush Puppy and Footy Scent rap about the perfect candy pants for trick-or-treating in "Candy Pants Rap;" unfortunate trick or treaters encounter Rufus on Halloween in "Rufus: Halloween;" and in "Fly Guy (Superhero)" Fly Guy's upset stomach prevents him from going after Pumpkinface. Platinum selling recording artist Iyaz, featuring Mann, perform "Pretty Girls" in the episode.

  • Miss Piggy
    Episode 14

    The "So Random!" kids try to convince Miss Piggy to be in their sketch in "Pitching to Piggy;" Cindy and Beauty visit Rapunzel in her new tower in "Princesses – Rapunzel;" and in "Holey Moley," the Donut King and the Bagel King fight over which food tastes better.

  • Hot Chelle Rae
    Episode 13

    Voldemort is a greeter at a shopping mart and scares all the customers off in "Volde-Marts;" Chelsea Kane guest stars in a sunglass competition in "Sunglass Sass-off" and as a new girl getting advice from Nolan, the hand, in "Nolan Knows Best;" and a couple breaks into dance mode whenever they hear certain words in "Dance Fever." The episode features a special performance by Hot Chelle Ray performing their hit song "Tonight Tonight."

  • Dave Days
    Episode 12

    Magical students Harry Potter, Gollum and the Twilight Trio are contestants on "Wheel of Fortune Magic;" ice heels are the new fashion trend in "Styling with Ice;" cuddly kittens show their dark sides in "Vampire Kittens;" and in "Chilly Slab Ice Cream," employees at Chilly Slab Ice Creamery sing their thanks for tips. The episode features a special performance by Dave Days performing his hit song "What Does It Take."

  • Kicking Daisies
    Episode 11

    Crazy Carson puts everything he has up for sale in "Lost and Found;" an employee orchestrates a flash mob in "Flash Mob: China Shop;" "Simple Country Boy" lands a plane and performs surgery; and in "Project Airport Runway" models test their skills at landing planes. The episode features Kicking Daises performing "Keeping Secrets."

  • Far East Movement
    Episode 10

    Viewers meet "Harry Potter – Fry Cook," who attempts to find a job in the real world as a fry cook; Buzz and Neil pull pranks on one another during their voyage to walk on the moon in "Moon Landing Outtake;" and "Zombie Man" helps Andy get an "A" on his science project. The episode features a special performance of "Rocketeer" by Far East Movement with special guest, Miguel.

  • Colbie Caillat
    Episode 9

    Middle-aged women shop at a boutique that only has teenage clothing in "Your Daughter's Closet; "Gila brings her Australian supermodel boyfriend home for dinner in "Angus Comes to Dinner;" pirates are introduced to a new high-tech IPatch that they can wear in "The IPatch;" and Billy, Zombie Man and Julia try out for cheerleading in "Cheerleader Tryouts." The episode includes a special appearance by Colbie Caillat performing her hit, "Brighter Than The Sun."

  • Mindless Behavior
    Episode 8

    Pig works hard to lose his stutter in "Pig's Speech;" The Platowski Brothers sing about sibling rivalry in "Platowski Brothers;" Ben's trip to the dentist turns out to be a commercial for dance school in "This May Hurt a Bit;" and Mr. McNamara, mispronounces "forty" in "Mr. McNamara." Mindless Behavior performs their song "My Girl."

  • Jacob Latimore
    Episode 7

    Rufus runs into his principal and teacher at the movie theater in "Rufus: At the Movies," Victoria and Lyla talk to their dogs as a way to insult people in "Passive Animal People," Jack Sparrow encourages his siblings to venture outside the nest in "Jack Sparrow I" and Tomato Sue raps about putting ketchup on everything in "Ketchup on Everything." Jacob Latimore performs his hit song "Like 'Em All."

  • Coco Jones
    Episode 6

    "Bracey Girrlz" raps about life wearing braces, "Sally Jensen: Lawyer" wins a case against yearbook fraud, "Nolan," a face drawn on a hand, offers advice to students and "Angus: Supermodel" from Down Under, models his shin. The episode features Coco Jones performing "Stand Up."

  • Coco Jones
    Coco Jones
    Episode 6
  • Tony Hawk
    Episode 5

    Viewers meet "Braggy Benson," who is confident about all the wrong things, Lori Bedletter, who in "Let's Touch Animals," hosts an interactive show with her hook hand and "Tantrum Girl: Recess," who hates seeing her food touch other food. The cast performs these skits and more! The episode features a special guest appearance by Tony Hawk.

  • Mitchel Musso
    Episode 4

    Strawberry Shortbread defends Strawberryland from attacking aliens in "Strawberry Shortbread," Prince Carmine recounts how Fairy Godfather gets Cindy to the ball in "Princesses," and "Roadkill Reba" serves up possum. Mitchel Musso performs his single "Get Away."

  • Selena Gomez
    Episode 3

    MC Grammar makes grammatical corrections during a rap battle in "MC Grammar," "L'il Texters" are the new "it" dolls, and a rock band looks for a new member in "Teen Rage." Also, boys at school compete to have the lowest riding pants in "Sag Down Smackdown." Musical guest Selena Gomez and The Scene perform their smash hit "Who Says."

  • Greyson Chance
    Episode 2

    Rapper Footy Scent raps about a new fashion trend in "Socks with Sandals," Reynaldo Rivera teaches Spanish in an unconventional way in "Spanish with Reynaldo" and Jack Sparrow ventures outside the nest in "Jack Sparrow." The cast performs these skits and more! The episode includes a special appearance by Greyson Chance performing his song "Waiting Outside the Lines."

  • Cody Simpson
    Episode 1

    "So Random!" features an ensemble of talented young actors portraying an array of characters in comedy sketches. In the episode, viewers meet "Helmet Ninjas" who fight crime, but not before putting on their headgear, "Zombie Man," who helps Andy get a date for the school dance and "Tantrum Girl" who loses her mind over a glass of crushed ice. Also featured is a parody of "Wheel of Fortune." The episode features a rocking performance of the hit "All Day" by Australian music sensation, Cody Simpson.