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The Original Season Three Plans

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    Okay, even though I'm only eleven, I still remember this and thank God for youtube for having every single episode up there so I can remember it even clearer. Anyway, the original plans look awesomely fantastic! I was not really disappointed in the season three that they did decide to air since I really liked Annie, but it could have been so much better. It would be cool if they used the original plans and somehow added Annie to it all. It kind of pisses me off that Cara/Fi quit on the show. I know she wanted to do bigger and better things and get the hell off Disney since it wouldn't get her anywhere big, but WTF?! The original plans for S3 would've made her like one of the biggest actresses of all time or something. But, it still wouldn't matter since Disney being retarded and scared that they'd "frighten" children such as myself decided to go with a more kid-friendly S3. You know, if children got scared, then they would stop watching it and watch something that was all happy or gay like Mickey Mouse. Then, the adults, teens and kids who were brave enough to actually watch the original S3 who watched So Weird would watch it and love it. But Disney chickened out. They should write a book for the original S3 so at least we'd get to know what happened full-circle. But I have to disagree with most people on here who say today's shows suck, because they rock, but the old 90s shows such as "So Weird," "In a Heartbeat," "The Jersey," "Secret World of Alex Mack," "Space Cases" and more rocked way harder. Pisses me off that Disney did such a stupid thing that could've made them even awesomer than they already were/are. Somebody tell me what Disney's email address is so I can cyber-yell at them for being complete morons!

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