So Weird

Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Monday 7:00 PM Jan 25, 1999 on Disney Channel
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Enroute to Tulsa, Fi and the gang visit a town in Oklahoma where it seems that aliens have repressed the memories of everyone in the entire town after their ship crash landed the previous night.

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  • Close Encounters of the So Weird Kind...

    Fi and the gang arrive in a small town called Steveston, Oklahoma, and there is a monster of a heat wave. Much to their disappointment, the town's power grid has overloaded: which means no a/c in the motel, after a long trip with no air conditioning on the bus, either. To add to the disappointment and strangeness, the motel pool is filled with a strange jelly-like, smelly substance. Fi also realizes that people can't seem to remember what happened after six o'clock the previous night.

    During their search to find a clean swimming pool, Fi, Jack, and Clu meet a local kid named Cole, who takes them to the city pool - only it is filled with the same gunk as the motel's pool. Cole is confused - the pool was fine yesterday. He also reveals that he cannot remember anything after six. Fi realizes that something weird is definitely going on.

    She tries to get Ned and Irene to remember, since they got into town before the others, but they get sick when they try to remember. Eventually, Irene, Ned, and Cole begin to remember things. A crash, mysterious people who seemed to communicate without speaking...all signs of a UFO crash. Using clues, Fi and Clu figure out where the UFO would have crashed. They run to find it, and Fi gets there first. But all she finds is a burned field. Looking up into the sky, she sees a disc-shaped object disappearing into the sky.

    Meanwhile, Molly works on her song "More Like a River".

    I loved this episode. It was a well-written mystery, and it didn't depend too much on visual effects. I loved how Fi didn't get to see what she was looking for at the end, but you get the feeling that the aliens will return. There is also important character development between Fi and Jack, and they become a little closer as siblings. I am continually amazed at how this show defies everything you'd expect from a Disney show...this is like a complex primetime drama...although Disney Channel aims it towards children, it is something teens and adults can appreciate.moreless

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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • TRIVIA: The gunk in the pool would have been discovered as ship fuel in the original season three. Also, it would have been learned that the aliens had come to see Fi.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Fi: It's high noon for Fi's theory of weird stuff.

    • Fi (narrating): Scientists say that memory is a result of an actual physical process that takes place within the brain. Billions of neuronal connections burying words and images deep in our minds. But if everything's really in there, how come we can remember something so clearly that happened 10 years ago, but not what we had for dinner last night? Scientists say they may be able to help us recover lost memories. But it still makes you wonder. Why did we lose them in the first place?

    • Jack: Why do you insist on looking for trouble?
      Fi: Why do you insist on looking for a swimming pool?
      Jack: Because it's hot out!
      Fi: Exactly!
      Jack (whispers): Exactly?

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    • Title: Memory

      The title of this episode refers to the plot in which Fi tries to get Irene, Ned, and a local boy to remember what happened the day before.

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