So Weird

Season 3 Episode 16

Pen Pal

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Mar 16, 2001 on Disney Channel
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Pen Pal
When two parallel worlds collide, Annie enlists Fi's help to correct the collision and learns that only one Annie can survive in the world and must fight for her rightful space.

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  • It's a Memorable Episode

    The supernatural concept of this episode draws on a belief that for every decision with multiple choices, there is a universe where each outcome exists. Whether the choice is significant is a matter of perspective.

    This concept is illustrated in the introduction when Annie is presented with a choice of beverages for breakfast. One choice is uneventful and she goes off to school happy. We then see a universe where she chose the alternative beverage that leads to her spilling it on herself, having to change her clothes, and being late for school.

    The episode continues into a plot where there is a group of rebellious kids at Annie's school and one day their leader comes over and asks Annie to start hanging out with them. Annie refuses and continues her path on the straight and narrow. Some time goes by and report cards are being mailed out. Molly receives Annie's and reads that it is full of D's and F's with notes that Annie has been cutting classes.

    This leads Molly to confront Annie about her behavior. Annie denies all wrong-doing and is sent to her room. Her room is already occupied by another version of herself, clearly made-over into a bad girl image with a leather jacket, heavy make-up, and several piercings. From an alternate universe, this Annie is the outcome of saying, "Yes," to hanging out with the rebel kids. She has somehow crossed over into the universe where Annie said, "No."

    The rebel Annie has been informed that only one version of Annie can exist in each world. She seems confident that it will be her who exists in a world where people still trust her. To settle the conflicting reality, the two Annies must touch. Right before they do, original Annie senses her Spirit Panther behind her and gains confidence that she will be the remaining self. Rebel Annie loses confidence and pulls up her sleeve to reveal that the only panther she has in her life now is a tattoo on her arm.

    They touch. Original, good-girl Annie remains and Rebel Annie is gone. Another report card arrives and Molly reads that Annie is maintaining good grades and behavior. She questions Annie about the confusion and Annie merely says the school must have made a mistake the first time.

    In a show that is quite hazy in my memory at times for wishy-washy episodes, this episode was actually quite strong for one without Fiona; strong enough for me to remember it this many years later. It might not explain much about Annie's mysterious past in South America, but we do see that the Spirit Panther is only with Annie as long as she remains good-natured. I'm not sure what that suggests as a whole, but the concept is cool. As was the concept for the episode.moreless
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