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So Weird

Season 1 Episode 9


Aired Monday 7:00 PM Mar 15, 1999 on Disney Channel
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Episode Summary

When Molly meets up with her old time friend, Rebecca 's daughter, Fi discovers a mysterious secret.The girl is actually the Rebecca from Molly's past and is immortal which is the reason why she mysteriously disappeared many years ago.

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  • 13 Going on 1300.

    This is another one of my top favorite episodes of the season. We get to relate to Molly much better, and learn a bit about her childhood.

    Fi is doing her homework while Molly and the band are setting up for tonight's show, when a pretty young girl who appears Fi's age comes in. The girl begins inquiring about Molly, and seems to know who Fi and Jack are. Molly comes over and is shocked to see the girl: she mutters "Rebecca" under her breath. The girl quickly explains that she is Rebecca's daughter. Rebecca seems to be Molly's old childhood friend.

    The girl seems to know a lot about stuff that happened when Molly and her "mom" were little, and Molly asks her if she can meet Rebecca. The girl tells her she will call her - that she's working at the museum but instead she leaves.

    Fi and Molly use the phone book to find the museum, and do some snooping, and discover that the girl's name was Rebecca. Fi begins to have her doubts about the girl, and, after getting a photo of 13-year-old Molly and Rebecca, she convinced the two Rebeccas are the same. She hunts down the girl while we learn from Molly (talking to Jack) that she had a troubled childhood, and Rebecca was her very best friend, but one day she just disappeared, leaving Molly all alone).

    At Rebecca's house, the girl explains that she ages extremely slowly - it takes her 100 years to age 1 year. She says it runs in her family. She explains that her family keeps moving so no one will find out their secret, or get suspicious when they see Rebecca doesn't age. Fi convinces Rebecca to come see Molly later and tell her something, but when Fi leaves Rebecca is confronted by her parents.

    Sure enough, Rebecca never shows, so Fi takes Molly to her house. We cut back to the club, where Molly sings her song "Rebecca" for sound check. During the song we see scenes of Molly's childhood - Molly taking a cake to Rebecca for her "13th" birthday, but finding her house empty, and present day Molly and Fi finding her house empty as well.

    As Molly performs, Fi fights back tears. No one sees Rebecca in the doorway, watching the performance with tears in her eyes. As Molly ends the song, Rebecca walks off.

    This episode was incredible. I actually cried. That's how sad it was. The actors were very believable, and the actress who plays Rebecca did wonderfully - we actually believed and could see how Rebecca wanted so bad to have a normal life, and to tell Molly her secret, but she couldn't. This episode was chock full of emotion, but still maintained the element of weirdness that makes this show what it is.

    Also, the song "Rebecca" is excellent.moreless
  • Fi meets a girl who she and her mother believe is the daughter of Molly's long lost friend, Rebecca. They later discover that the girl IS Rebecca, who is actually over 1300 years old, even though she appears to be only 13.moreless

    I really enjoyed this episode. It's a perfect example of what made So Weird so much fun to watch. You never really quite know what is going to happen until it happens. They did make it a little too obvious that Rebecca's "daughter" wasn't quite who she claimed to be. But the song "Rebecca" was great, and was written so well, you could feel the emotions that were attached to the friendship. The writing was also very good. This episode is a prime example of why the Disney channel should still be airing So Weird. Definitely one of the best episodes of the series.moreless
Cara DeLizia

Cara DeLizia

Fiona "Fi" Phillips (Season 1-2)

Alexz Johnson

Alexz Johnson

Annie Thelan (Season 3)

Mackenzie Phillips

Mackenzie Phillips

Molly Phillips

Patrick Levis

Patrick Levis

Jack Phillips

Erik Von Detten

Erik Von Detten

Clu Bell (Season 1-2)

Dave Ward

Dave Ward

Ned Bell

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    • Molly: (lyrics) Rebecca moves across the world,
      she's a sirrocco on the sand.
      She is the Nile that flows forever, cutting a wound across the land.
      She'll be your friend before you know her,
      she'll have your trust before it's earned,
      But like any nomad, she will wander,
      breaking the hearts of all concerned.
      History clouds what we remember,
      the one that you wanted her to be.
      Mystery shrouds her like an island,
      it is an island in a lonely sea.
      Oh Rebecca.
      I was 13 going on 40, wasting my summer on the beach.
      Burned on the outside, raw in the middle.
      That Molly's just too hard to reach.
      Rebecca moved in, yeah, she moved me.
      She was the best friend I'd ever had.
      And then one day she went away,
      didn't think I'd ever feel that bad.
      Where did you go?
      Why did you lie?
      Why did you leave without saying goodbye?
      How about the promise that you made me?
      Was it really so easy to trade me for another town, another friend, another beginning without any end?
      So many times I would have called you,
      if I had your number in my hand.
      You were the one I would have turned to when things didn't go the way I planned.
      I never got a chance to tell you, things didn't go the way I'd planned.
      History clouds what I remember, the one that I wanted her to be.
      Mystery shrouds her like an island.
      Does she still remember me?
      All my life is like a turnstile, so many strangers passing through.
      There have been more than I can number, but I still remember you.
      Oh Rebecca.
      Oh Rebecca.

    • Fi (narrating): Ever since there's been life, the question has been, "How can we avoid death?" From the physicians of ancient Greece to the Native American shamans. From the medieval barbers to the giant medical establishments of today. As long as man has lived, man has wanted to live longer. But nobody's ever stopped to ask the question, "If we could live forever, would we want to?"

  • NOTES (3)


    • Title: Rebecca

      This title refers to Molly's lifetime friend who turns out to be able to live forever, she is also featured in this episode.