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  • So Weird as So Great

    I loved that show and wish it was still being shown on reruns So we could watch a good show instead of total crap like Hannah Montana and Kickin' it with that 36 year old pervert Jason Earle playing around with teenie kids all the time.
  • Great,bring it back already!

    So Weird is an excellent show.Much better then the sh*t on Disney today.It was desribed as The X-files for kids.Fi is the main character.Her family travels around the world because of her mom, a famous singer.
    Molly Phillips.Her brother, is always skeptic.Even when he knows Fi's right.It's got paranormal of pretty much everything you can imagine.It's surpising that So Weird was on Disney because it could be surpisingly dark.In every episode something weird happens.The tagline - Life is SO weird.
    However the show changes from dark and myserious to silly,predictable when Fi leaves.And Annie comes in.
    The stories in almost every episode is predicable, the actress that plays Annie was sometimes over the top.The first 2 season were amazing, dark, mysterious, and occiansly on the silly side. While the last season was pretty much a filler.
    I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys paranormal and scary,but not too scary.

    Sorry for the misspellings.
  • They should bring this back and remind kids what good tv is

    They should bring this back and remind kids what good t . v is . this show is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so cool. It makes the new disney shows look like the trash they are. They should re make it with UNKNOWN people and show it. Not like they did with that new sketch show with already known people. This is what kids should watch
  • A kid's X-file,

    when i was younger, it scared me terribly. older and wiser now i see it's pretty decent. good effects for its time. Charmed was as cool as it was kinky.

    this is a good kid show, unlike the corny, cheesy, ugly, stupid, moronic, fake, icky ,brainwashing shows. filled w/ feeble attempts at reaching popluarity or humor. the main character was a girl, like many of Disney's present day shows, but she was boyobessed or materialistic or wears 'flashionable' clothing or 'ganster' slang like 'everyday' girls do.
    plus no blonde rivals or potlitcally correct BFFs.

    i know Disney is too child(intersenting)-proof and am sorry i learned about this show so late. maybe i can get the dvds to make up for lost time.
  • A great show that deserved attention.

    This was a different compared to other Disney shows. You had Jett Jackson, the Jersey, and a couple of reruns from other networks like Boy Meets World, Smart Guy, and Sister Sister. Of course that's how diverse it was the first time I watched the Disney Channel. Anyways this show was about Fi who could contact with the paranormal. You have Molly Phillips whose the mother as well as a vocal guitarist. Then there's her brother, Jack who's usually brags his sister of those things. As the show progresses, we see some storylines continuing from one episode to the other correct me if i'm wrong. Unfortunately the Phillips Family lost their father years ago, but I have yet to rewatch the eps about what happened to him. Overall this along with the other shows I've mentioned are IMO more convincing compared to Disney's lackluster shows nowadays.
  • A show that held memories.

    I remember the old days, when it first started airing. My "kind" sister would take the TV on MY days (I'm still touchy about that) and make us watch two shows- Real Scary Stories and So Weird. So it holds memories. The one I remember the most, of ALL the eppisodes that I saw, was the one where she has to solve the mystery of the monster in the lake, and at the end finds out it was a guy who lived in the copmlex, when it was flooded. I don't know why that one stuck with me. Another one I remember one part, when she's walking down the hall in that warped little school. So Weird is a very entertaining, intersting show in my opinion!
  • I LOVE this show!

    Why did the Disney Channel have to cancel it? It was my favorite show! One day it just wasn't on, and the Disney Channel acted like it was never on. What was up with that?

    I wish the Disney Channel would go back to the way they were when they were Zoog Disney!
    Now the Disney Channel has these STUPID shows on. If I have to watch another one of those STUPID episodes of one of those STUPID shows on that STUPID channel I think I might hurl! Bring So Weird Back!!! Bring So Weird Back!!!!! Bring So Weird Back!!! PLEASE, great now I'm pleading!
  • The show is about a young girl Fioana, investigating supernatural occurences while on tour with her musician mother, and trying to find out the truth about the death of her Dad when she was three.

    This is one of my personal favorite TV shows. When it was still on Tune Disney I used to stay up late just to watch the show. I think So Weird is one of the best shows Disney has ever made, and I think it's a shame that they are practically denying its existence and not letting it come out on DVD, or even selling it to another. Anyway, my favorite character was of course Fiaona but Jack was a close second. I was really disappointed that the actor who played Fiaona left the show. But at least she got out of there before Disney did a total revamp of the channel and changed the entire plot of the show. I wish Disney would have gone with the original idea for season three, even though I did like the episodes for season three. The season three episodes would have explained more about Fiona's lineage and its ties with witch craft, Jack's past life, and Molly's drinking problem. I really liked how the show tied in with urban legends and monsters that everyone had heard of and explained them in a unique way.
  • i remember the show being about a young guy experiencing paranormal activity every episode or something along those lines

    i remember watching So Weird a handful of times and it was obviously a decent show and i really believe that it still has relevance for todays viewers and it would definitely be fun to watch again. I cant specifically remember any episodes but i would compare it to shows like goosebumps, are you afraid of the dark, flash forward, and those types of "tweeny" shows for pre & early teen viewers. fj sls sls slsl s slsls slslsls slslsls slslsls slsls skfkd djfk ddkjfa akjdie eie s sosis ssosos ssoeie r oroe eroroe roeior irrie drier eor eiroe re
  • its about a young girl, fiona who is growing up without a dad and is trying everything to try and connect with him. paranormal activity seems to do the trick.

    well i like it because it deals with paranormal and i can relate to fiona sort of. i believe they needed to bring fi back for one more season before they shut down production. dont get me wrong annie was great, but it is like in the dukes of hazzard its good without the original cast but it is better with the original cast. i mean who knows maybe annie and fi could have worked on a few things together. but i guess we will never know because it ended at least one season too soon. oh well life goes on.
  • So Weird was probably one of the best shows Disney ever created.

    'So Weird' was a show about the paranormal. The kind of strange and out there TV that reminded me of such shows as 'Eerie Indiana' and The 'Adventures of Pete and Pete'. The characters were awesome and I even started reading some of the books for awhile. The biggest turning point on the show was when the main character Fiona left the show and was replaced by Annie Thelen. The fanbase was divided over this, but I personally didn't mind Alexz Johnson on the show, but none-the-less I really missed Cara Delizia. All and all this was a wonderful show. I will really miss it. One of the plot locations (Grand Junction, Colorado) was a place where I lived and grew up for 12 years of my life. Cool huh? I guess for me that is.
  • I wish this show was still on.

    This is the one show that I was truely obsessed with on Disney. It's also the show that got me into a deeper love for the paranormal. For those of you who don't know, well I'm pyschic and I can tune into things, so I really appreciated it when Disney made a show about it. And the things that Fi, Jack and Clue would get mixed up in, were so scay when I was little, but of course I love scary things. Unfourtunatly, all good things must come to an end, but for So Weird it was the ending of season 2 when Fi left and Annie replaced her. The third season wasn't as good, because Disney didn't want things dark anymore, so they lightned it up for the kids. But till this day, I wish for the dvd release of the first 2 seasons.
  • so weird was my favorite disney channel show when i was little and i'd totally watch it now.

    So weird was the show that made mysteries for little children exciting, and for adults too. I watched every episode i think. It had cool supernatural stuff like..fiona knocking her drink on the floor when she was looking at her paper and when she went to clean the mess up something had written something from the drink. that was the episode that stuck in my mind all this time. I think disney channel should do an oldies night, where all the old disney channel shows come on all day and night.. like so weird, famous jet jackson, smart guy, and the jersey. That would be really cool, and they would probably get alot of viewers that day
  • This show is about a widowed song writer named Molly Philips who tours around the country with her paranormal obsessed daughter Fi, her brother Jack, and the Bell family. During Molly Philips tour her daughter Fi runs into all sorts of weird happenings.

    This was an awesome show! It brings back that good ole' nostalgic feeling! Plus, the songs that were sung by Mckenzie Philips were very beautiful, and had a whole lot of heart. It gave my family and I the chills, and yet in the next scene it would be nice and heartwarming. The opening scenes where Fi or later Annie would talk about something weird always left me with the chills, but then had me on the edge of my seat throught the whole show. Which since I was a kid back then was hard to do. Yep, we definately need to see this on the shelves on dvd!
  • The best disney show ever! In the first two seasons, the show is centered around a family on the road because the mom is a singing star. Fi loves the paranormal and is always being contacted by the spirit world and has to solve the mystery,which she did.

    If only disney didn't cancel this fantastic show after 3 seasons, the third of which was a complete disaster. All So weird fans know that Fi should have stayed on the show and Annie should have never replaced her! After Fi's dad appeared toward the end of the 2nd season (my favorite episode) there were so many stories left untold. Once Fiona left, we didn't get a chance to see the story end and instead were left with Annie's story about a panther in the jungles of somewhere in south america. Her singing was good, but she was nothing compared to Fi. As third season progressed, Fi was only a distant memory of the past, and almost seemed as though she was never a part of the show, which was disappointing. When the 3rd season finale premiered, neither Fi nor any storyline from seaons 1 or 2 were brought up, like series finales ususally do. I understand that Disney has to end shows after 3 seasons or 65 episodes which makes sense or else terrible shows would still be on, but i just wish they would have ended the show correctly. I guess we will never know what Fi's future held for her
  • The most coolest show I've ever watched!!!!

    So weird really rocks!! I've never watched a show better than this!! and that episode "rebecca" was sooo awesome! It was really touching!! I really miss that show and would love to watch it!!!!! Hey, people if you see it's DVD anywhere quickly buy it! It's soooooo coool!!! And Fiona was great!! So Weird deserves 10/10 and do you know here in India So weird has started again!!!! Yesterday the episode 'angels' came!! Tonight the episode 'Memory' will come!!! I sooooooo excited! I'll record it! really guys it's the most exiciting show I've ever watched!! I really love 'So Weird'!!!!!!!!
  • So Weird is about a singer mom that is on tour and brings her family along. The daughter Fi or Fiona come across pharanormal things along the way.

    This show should be brought back! It was just a great show I believe that a new generation will love it too. One thing that I loved about the show is that, I found myself saying "that's so weird" and then feeling silly for saying so weird since that was the title of the show. I guess that is why they called the show So Weird.
  • Fi investiages unusal activities.

    I use to loves this show until they brought Annie onto it. I really liked to see what kind of wierd stuff that Fi could find. I thought that it was pretty cool that she was able to go across the country in a tour bus investigating wierd activities. I wish that they would put this show on DVD i would enjoy seeing an episode again because i never see any reruns on tv anymore. I wish that they could have been a few more seasons of So wierd but only if they would bring back Fi. It did not make sense to me that they brought in Annie.
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  • Fiona Phillips explores the mysteries of the paranormal while touring with her musician mother.

    This was the best show that ever aired on Disney Channel. It had more drama than some shows directed to adult audiences. The show was extremely well-written and well directed and could have easily made it on network TV. During the second season, the writers tried to take the storyline to a darker place but Disney quashed the idea before it got going. I felt that the darker the show got, the more compelling it was. After season two Cara DeLizia (Fi) left the show and they brought in Alexz Johnson (Annie). It was all downhill from there.
  • ned irene and clu (carey kinda later on)explor like strange phenomeno

    i really liked that show!!!
    why'd they have to end it?
    i remember a lot of the episodes, i mean i remember this one with mirrors and it was really kool.
    i think the beggining episodes were the best though.
    some one should write a petition
    well actually it wasnt that good
    but now i have nothing to watch!!
    the actresses and actors are probably a lot older now
    so if they did bring it back than they'd probbably have to recast
    but i still think they should bring it back
    it wasn't a good show...
    it was a great, fabulous show!
    like a classic
    dont you think??
    'bring it back'
  • A Girl Fiona Fi travels in a tour bus and enconters strange things and people the whole thing is SO WEIRD.

    OMG if there is one thing I remember when i was like younger then 7 it was watching So Weird it was so creepy and was ahead of its time every episode wasnt just like a silly and redicoulus Comedy , but Every episode was so Heartfelt they felt like Dreams I still remember almost every episode like Troll the Mutiny and the season Final The River amd more episodes i loved this show because I couldnt relate to it flat out i was sick of so many teen shows trying to relate to me , i dont think i've ever related too a show , because i wasnt in it so it was impossible to relate to a show but because this one was shot so much like a dream i remember it so well and thinking wow , who thought of this and we could relate because every episode had a seceret message that was hidden in the plot so two tumbs up.
  • I can not express how much I used to love this show.

    This was my absolute favorite show when I was 12-13.

    I loved Fi to no end and I loved the paranormal aspect. Though, I'm not exactly sure I believe in everything mentioned on this show, I loved to watch it!

    However, I do believe that the show seriously went downhill after Fi left. Annie was okay and Clu, Carey, and Jack were still there. Not only did I miss Fi, but the storylines became downright silly. Fi's were amazing. All of them were based on ledgends and were at least probable. I loved the idea of searching for aliens and desperatley wanting to see them. Plus, she was trying to contact her dad, and find the mystery of his death.

    Bringing in the new character and changing the storylines, lead me to not make this show a perfect 10, but what can you do?

    This show also has a soft spot in my heart for introducing me to fanfiction. Though, I never read or typed it. I thought of it. My sister and I would tell each other the stories. It was a good thing to do before going to bed.

    It also had the first, and possibly only, het couple I've ever liked. You see, I write and read fanfiction. I only like slash, but I absolutly loved Fi and Clu. I really wanted them to get together. Had I written down all my stories, it might have been over 100.

    I seriously believed that they were together. I loved the subtext. Looking back, it reminds me of my now Nick and Greg ship with "CSI."

    Fi and Clu weren't my only ship, but they were the centered storyline.

    Clu was my favorite though. It stemmed to a major obsession with Erik Von Detten. I don't know how many movies I watched just because he was in it.

    So, thank you "So Weird" you were a major part of my life.

    I might watch it again in the future. If it's ever re-aired on Disney or another channel.

  • Annies talented smart and plays a girl just trying to overcome obsticles in her life and it show that she can do anything if she works hard at it!!

    I liked the show better with Annie in it, she is a very talented songwriter and she brought life to the show. she is awesome. My fvorite show was "Rewind" and "carnival" both where she was singing in the show. Her lyrics are very original. I used to stay up late at night just to watch the show on Disney and me and my friends would always talk about it the next day! I would really love for the show to come back on air, I would still even watch reruns. My school mascot was even a black panther. Bring Annie Back!!!
  • Bring it back!

    Fiona had a knack for running into paranormal happenings. Her mom Molly was a musician and she had an older brother who was always accompanied by his friend Carey(so cute). Then later on Fiona left and Annie took over. I used to love watching this show. I really hope they put it into syndication. I was so upset that the year I finally got to watch cable in my house they decided to cancel the show. Before then I was only able to catch the show at my cousin's house. Every episode was an adventure. My favs were the one where her mom was under that trance and the one with the leprechaun.
  • I really do miss this show. It was awesome.

    I watched this show every night when i was about 8-10. It was great. Disney should really make a similar show. I think i can safely say this was my all time favorite disney shows. Fi was cool, i was sad to see her go and Annie take her place. But Annie was alright. I liked Fi alot better, but im glad Annie took over and not someone else. My favorite episode was the one were Fi and her crew goto this place that is run by a old lady, who is actually a troll. And everyone started turning into vegetables. That was good fun. I wish they would put this show on dvd or something, i really wish i could watch it again.
  • it revolves around a 13 year old girl named Fiona who is traveling with her rock star mom. along the way she encounters various paranormal adventures, in hopes of trying to figure out more about her father's death

    This show is super awesome. i wish that they would bring it back. if only Cara didn't leave the show. i heard that i proposed third season would be super wicked. why did they have to cancel it!!! i know that it was a regular action to cancel shows, no matter how popular they were, but why this one. this is one show that to me should have remained on the air until forever. the first two seasons were miraculous. i would always watch it every time that it came on. season 3 was pretty good, even though there was the change in lead roles from Cara Delizia to Alexz Johnson. then of course it went from dark theme to lighter theme.
  • My son, now 12 years old, says, "Though 'So Weird' was on when I was young, it still amused me. I wished that it would have gone on more than 2.5 years. And, if it is possible, I'd wish that it could come back."

    My son, now 12 years old, says, "I thought this was a good show. Every time that I could watch it, I would. I think it was a very good show. And that the performing was GREAT! I also liked the large variety of different types of scarey stories, instead of sticking to one topic. I think the show should have continued for more than 2.5 years. The show always kept me on the edge of my seat ~ trying to figure out what was going to happen next. The last five years I've been wondering where the show had gone. And, I wish it would come back on the air."
  • So weird, One of the great shows we had back in my day.

    Have you ever heard your parents or grandparents say that famouse line "back in my day"? Most of you have and then just rolled your eyes at them. Well now more then ever I find that Line to be true, back in my day the shows were better. Back then we had great shows like so weird.

    Fiona, or Fi for short, is a fourteen-year-old who attracts the paranormal. She is traveling on a tour bus with her rock singer mother, Molly Phillips, her fifteen-year-old brother Jack, Neil Bell the bus driver who is also the teacher for the kids, Neils wife Irene, and their fourteen-year-old son Clu. Fi's father , who had also been a rock musician, had died and left her mother to carry on the act alone. Fiona would often get messages on her computer telling her of events before they would happen. No one would believe her especially not jack. But when she starts predicting events that occur the next day, they have to start accepting that something strange is going on.

    There were many lovable things this show had to offer, one being how it had a magic to it that made disney a little bit darker. Also they had charicters that teens could easily relate to. I truly believe that we need more shows like that today. Shows like So Weird, or Are You Affaid Of The Dark. I'm not going to name names but the shows on t.v. now are just too corny to buy in to. All we can hope for is either those old shows to be brought back, or for some wonderful wrighter to come out and turn our T.V land around. Except if that did ever happen nothing would ever get done becouse everyone would be glued to the tube.
  • Fi has a amazing ability to atract the paranormal.

    I loved this show. Brin g it back! Disney blew it in the third season when they replaced fi. The original third season would have put disney in history. If anything like so weird were to be on disney now it would make disney sewed by people because disney is so for babies now. Regardless, this show is so phenominal and so fun to watch. Some episodes even gave me nightmares! It is such a joy to see it. It is not on dvd and is not on television. Bring it back!!!! It makes me want to cry, you know? It so sad how disney goes and ruins good shows. Why do they do that. Disney is the loser. They stink now. They have a a few good shows, but it is so inocent. Hopefully this new show called the amazing o malleys wil amount to the witchcraft and funness of so weird. I really hope so because if It is an inocent show about wizardry, or if they try to make it funny. It will tick me off. Not all comedy, a little bit though. This is my favorite show, so weird.
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