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Disney Channel (ended 2001)





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  • Great,bring it back already!

    So Weird is an excellent show.Much better then the sh*t on Disney today.It was desribed as The X-files for kids.Fi is the main character.Her family travels around the world because of her mom, a famous singer.
    Molly Phillips.Her brother, is always skeptic.Even when he knows Fi's right.It's got paranormal of pretty much everything you can imagine.It's surpising that So Weird was on Disney because it could be surpisingly dark.In every episode something weird happens.The tagline - Life is SO weird.
    However the show changes from dark and myserious to silly,predictable when Fi leaves.And Annie comes in.
    The stories in almost every episode is predicable, the actress that plays Annie was sometimes over the top.The first 2 season were amazing, dark, mysterious, and occiansly on the silly side. While the last season was pretty much a filler.
    I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys paranormal and scary,but not too scary.

    Sorry for the misspellings.