So Weird

Season 2 Episode 19


Aired Monday 7:00 PM Apr 01, 2000 on Disney Channel
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At a roadside diner, Fi's family and friends disappear one by one, seemingly turning into vegetables and Fi learns the owner of the diner is really a troll.

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  • Fi, Jack, Carey, Molly, Ned, & Irene appear in this episode. Astrid, an older woman who runs the Ymir's Smorgasbord. She isn't who she says she is and she asks questions to each of the characters in order to turn them into vegetables.moreless

    Fi, Jack, & Carey are having a conversation poking fun at Fi for her loving her supernatural stuff.

    The computer opens mysteriously when they get off the bus when the bus stops suddenly. Ned took a shortcut and they find out the bridge is down.

    Fi and Jack agree for one week that she won't talk about weird stuff and he won't be the annoying older brother.

    Ymir's Smorgasboard is the name of the restaurant where they stop to eat. Astrid is the older woman who is the owner and cook. Carey notices something weird about the vegetables on the shelf. He calls Fi over and asks for her opinion and Jack is there staring at her and of course she says no they are just vegetables because of their truce. Astrid pretends to call Hans to come over for help with the bridge (him being the pretend mechanic).

    One by one Astrid asks questions to Irene, Ned, Carey, Molly, Jack, and finally Fi. She tries to stump them and when she does they turn into vegetables. In order to beat the Troll you have to answer seven questions in a row.

    Irene is the first to go and then Ned goes when he tries to go to find her outside. Astrid tricks him to come inside and tries to stump him with questions. He gets 5 questions correct but fails on the spelling of some swedish diplomat's name.

    Carey tries to find out what's taking his parents so long so he goes on a search. He is outside when Astrid pops up. He gets stumped on the question about which president is on the quarter. He says FDR.

    Fi figures out something weird is going on and is definitely convinced that her friends & family are being turned into vegetables. She decides to go online and she realizes she is not the one who turned on her laptop but she forgets it when Jack comes by to tell her that mom wants her to come back inside.

    Jack dials on the phone for Irene's cell phone to prove to Fi that everything is okay. Back inside Molly notices that the ring is Irene's cell phone that Astrid previously took and hid earlier in the drawer in the restaurant sitting area. Molly answers it and talks to Fi and they are both confused. Astrid pops in and asks Molly "Now what was that doing in there?". Fi screams "NO MOM, don't answer!". Molly says, "I have no idea". She turns into a vegetable and drops the cell phone.

    Fi comes running inside and Jack and her go against Astrid in the seven question game. Jack answers in on two of Fi's questions. First one he gets right the second one he gets wrong which turns him into a vegetable.

    Fi makes fun of Ymir the first troll and that causes Astrid to get very upset and blow up into a huge troll. And Fi is asked one last question and she doesn't know the answer and tries to run to her laptop but the troll turns it into an apple. All the phones, pagers are starting to ring and beep and Fi runs over and sees they say FAITH. Fi says Faith and answers the geography question correctly. This action defeats the troll and turns her back into the old lady and gives Fi control over the troll.

    They all turn back into humans and Fi sets up rules and guidelines for the troll and they leave. Fi receives an email from Unknown. She opens it and it says "Keep the faith" and she looks up into the sky and says "Daddy?".

    This is a great episode by my opinion was one of my favorite episodes. Yes there is no storyline except the fact that you can tell someone is helping her out the entire episode in order to survive. We find out in the end that it was probably her dad helping her. I found the mythology questions and questions very cool and creative. The woman who played Astrid was very good and convincing. This episode made me laugh a lot.moreless
Cara DeLizia

Cara DeLizia

Fiona "Fi" Phillips (Season 1-2)

Mackenzie Phillips

Mackenzie Phillips

Molly Phillips

Patrick Levis

Patrick Levis

Jack Phillips

Dave Ward

Dave Ward

Ned Bell

Eric Lively

Eric Lively

Carey Bell (Seasons 2- 3)

Belinda Metz

Belinda Metz

Irene Bell (episodes 2-65)

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    • Fi: (narrating) Hey, remember troll dolls? Seems like everyone was collecting them a while ago. I had a few. My friend Candy had some. We bragged about whose dolls had the prettiest eyes, the best outfits. But we ended up with so many, it got creepy. All those eyes watching you everywhere you turned. It made me wonder if there were really such thing as trolls. What would they look like? And what would think about us playing with little troll dolls? Do you think trolls play with little human dolls? And would we like the games they play? Or would their games not be very much fun for us at all?

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