So Weird

Season 1 Episode 13

Will O' the Wisp

Aired Monday 7:00 PM Apr 23, 1999 on Disney Channel
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Will O' the Wisp
While viewing the Ghost lights of Marfa, a mischievous will-o'-the-wisp takes over Jack's body and freezes time leaving Fi to decipher his riddles and guess his name or the creature will inhabit Jack's body permanently.

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  • Favorite episode!!!

    This is my all time favorite episode ever!!! This show was one of my favorite shows. This episode is great because It has Jack acting wild since he was posessed by an Irish folk tale, a will o' the wisp called Bricriu. Bricriu posesses Jack when Jack, Fi, and Clu go looking for ghost light. i forgot where. Fi realizes something is wrong and she looks it up. I liked it when he took her to that green lighted place. There is a funny quote from Bricriu, it's: "The problem with you mortals is the limited life span. Rush, rush, rush, rush, rush. Less than a century to get things done." I like the part where Bricriu tells Fi why he went into Jack's body out of all the bodies in the world. He tells her that he can let her see her father. She gets all sad. It's a great part. I love that name. Bricriu. It's so weird. lolmoreless
  • this was a very good episode. i enjoyed the parts with Jack acting in an unheard of manner.

    this was a very sweet episode. this is one of the few times that someone would see Jack act the way that he did in this episode. of course, it was Bricriu who controlled him. those were some funny sayings that he said however. that was humorous. it was not the best of the episodes, but it still was a very good episode. it was somewhat crazed when Bricriu was going through Jack\'s memories and revealing some personal moments to Fiona. it was very smart of her to use that hangman program to figure out the true name of Bricriumoreless
  • Pretty sweet finale.

    "Will o' the Wisp", the first season finale, is a great episode. The story starts in Marfa, Texas, home of the famous ghost lights. Fi, Jack, and Clu are on their way to an outlook to see if they can spot them while Molly is finally headlining in a festival. On the way, Jack becomes possessed by a ball of light that turns out to be an evil spirit called a will o' the wisp. Fi notices the changes in Jack's behavior and does research on it. Right when she's about to try to convince her mom something is wrong, he zaps them into limbo, a place between our world and the spirit world. Fi tries to make a bargain with him in order to get Jack back. The only way to get rid of the wisp is to guess his name. Fi uses a hangman game that has been rigged to guess every word combination based on the clues Fi has. Getting nervous, the wisp tries to convince her to stop, and he ends of saying too much.

    We finally get confirmation that Fi does not encounter all this weird stuff by accident. There's a purpose behind it. We also are told that there are spirits who are angry with Fiona and want her stopped. This is only a tease of what's to come in season two, and introduces many arcs that were supposed to unfold in season three...but alas.

    This was a VERY good episode and one of my personal favorites.moreless
Cara DeLizia

Cara DeLizia

Fiona "Fi" Phillips (Season 1-2)

Mackenzie Phillips

Mackenzie Phillips

Molly Phillips

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Patrick Levis

Jack Phillips

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Erik Von Detten

Clu Bell (Season 1-2)

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Irene Bell (episodes 2-65)

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • In this episode, Fi, Jack, and Molly search for the Marfa lights in a dense forest - but in the real Marfa, Texas, there are no forests.

    • TRIVIA: The character of the Will O' The Wisp returns in the season 2 episode "Destiny", where he possesses the body of Molly.

    • TRIVIA: The "Address to the Devil", performed by Patrick Levis as Bricriu, is actually a stanza of a Robert Burns poem:
      And aft your moss-traversin' Spunkies
      Decoy the wight that late an' drunk is:
      The bleezin, curst, mischievous monkies
      Delude his eyes,
      Till in some miry slough he sunk is,
      Ne'er mair to rise.

    • When Fiona is hugging Jack after Bricriu is out of him, she is hugging around his stomach but when Jack gives a look at Molly, then the camera goes behind him and Fiona is around his neck and it didn't look like she moved.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Jack/Bricriu: Uh, I will offer one final bargain.
      Fi: There's no more bargains. You've lost.
      Jack/Bricriu: Turn off your machine and I'll let you speak to your father. You're desperate to know, aren't you? Think of all the questions you could ask him. Why he died, where he is now.
      Fi (shakily): Y-you're lying.
      Jack/Bricriu: There are things he wants you to know, Fiona. Things you need to know. Look into your heart. You know I can do it. Shut off your machine and I'll let you speak to him. Shut it off. Shut it off. Shut it off!
      (Fi's hand reaches up towards the computer to turn it off.)
      Fi: Daddy?
      Jack/Bricriu: You have to decide now! Shut if off!
      (Fi suddenly stops)
      Fi: NO!

    • Jack/Bricriu: The problem with you mortals is the limited life span. Rush, rush, rush, rush, rush. Less than a century to get things done. No time for laughter. No time to sit back and enjoy life. (in Irish accent) I weep fer ye, I do. (laughs) On the inside.

    • Fi: Bricriu?
      Bricriu: That's my name Little Duck. But remember it, because I'll be back. (Ball of light fades away)

    • Jack/Bricriu: Do you really think I chose your brother by accident? Out of all the bodies in the world? They know about you. They know what you're up to.
      Fi: They?
      Jack/Bricriu: Those in the Spirit World. They've been watching you sniff around, following the lay-lines like a little blood hound. They want you stopped. And believe me, I'm a saint compared with that lot. Talk about no sense of humor.

    • Fi: Face and hair? I thought Will 'o the Wisps were just balls of light?
      Jack/Bricriu: So they are! I must have made the whole thing up! Really child, what was your next question to be? "Oh by the way Mr. Spunkie, what name did your mum give you?"

    • Molly: I take it you had a good hike last night?
      Fi: Actually it was kind of a bummer. We had to walk really far to get to the scenic overlook, and the Marfa Lights didn't even show.
      Clu: Jack sure loved it though, he skipped the whole way there, right man? (Jack nods)
      Molly: Skipped?
      Fi: Yeah. And he didn't even get tired.

    • Clu (frustrated): Doppleganger? Fi. Why do you program this thing with such hard words?
      Fi: I have to do something to keep Jack from winning all the time.

    • Fi: What happened?! What was that flash?! I saw a flash!
      Jack/Bricriu: Perhaps it was merely my heart combusting with joy over the knowledge that I have a caring little sister to look after me, should I lose my way. (tousles her hair and she backs away)
      Fi: Combusting with joy?!

    • (Clu and Fi see Jack acting strangely)
      Clu: I guess someone didn't miss us.
      Fi: What is this? Body-By-Jack Workout?
      Jack/Bricriu: Just enjoying the feeling of my heart speeding up! The more I do this, the faster it goes. It's amazing!
      Clu: Okay.

    • Fi: How am I supposed to guess your name... it could be anything!
      Jack/Bricriu: My hint, it is not Rumpelstiltskin!

    • Fi: What are you?
      Jack/Bricriu: Why don't you consult your mirror?
      (Fi opens up her laptop and the screen says her search results are Will 'o' the wisp)
      Jack/Bricriu: My, this mirror does reflect well.
      Fi (screams): Mom! Mom!

    • Jack/Bricriu: Quack Quack, Little Duck.

    • Jack/Bricriu: Perhaps I'm a genie. Three wishes for the lucky girl that bottles me. Or a leprechaun. I want me gold.

  • NOTES (0)


    • When Fi is guessing Bricriu's name, Bricriu gives her the hint his name is not Rumpelstiltskin.

      This a reference to the well-known fairy tale about a dwarf who spins straw into gold for a girl in exchange for her first-born child. After the birth of the child the dwarf returns to claim it. The girl begs to keep her child and the dwarf agrees to give up his claim if, and only if, she can guess his name. She does and Rumpelstiltskin is never seen again.

    • Title: Will O' the Wisp

      The title of this episode refers to Bricriu, the evil spirit she meets which are also known as Will O' the Wisp.

    • Jack/Bricriu: Perhaps I'm a genie, three wishes to the girl who bottles me.

      This is a reference to the legend of Aladdin, in which a genie gave Aladdin 3 wishes when he rubbed the lamp. When Aladdin used one of his wishes to set the genie free, in return he was given all the wishes he wanted. It was made into a Disney animated movie "Aladdin" and followed by sequels.