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Welcome + Audition Dates

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    [1]Oct 10, 2007
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    Hello and welcome to the newly requested So You Think You Can Dance Australia!

    These are from the ten website!!!


    Date: Sunday 7 October 2007

    Venue: Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

    Grainger Studios,

    91 Hindley Street, Adelaide, SA. 5000


    Date: Saturday 13th and 14thOctober 2007

    Venue: RNA Showgrounds, Coffee Club Auditorium

    Gregory Terrace, Bowen Hills, QLD. 4006


    Date: Sunday 21st October 2007

    Venue: Burswood Theatre

    Great Eastern Highway, Burswood, WA 6100.


    Date:Saturday 27th and 28thOctober

    Venue: Melbourne Olympic Park Function Centre

    Swan Street (via Entrance D), Melbourne, VIC 3000


    Date: Saturday 3rd and 4thNovember 2007

    Venue: Entertainment Centre

    35 Harbour Street, Darling Harbour, NSW.2000

    • You Must be between the ages of 18 and 35 on February 1st 2008 to be eligible.
    • Auditions are open to all professional & amateur dancers
    • You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
    • Contestants must be available exclusively to the production for the following periods:

    - 1 week between 13/11/07 & 07/12/07

    - 04/02/08 - 04/05/08

    • You must bring to the audition the following:

    - 2 commercially available CD's purchased from a physical store, no downloads or remixes allowed. You may have to dance to these

    - ID - Driver's License, Passport or Birth Certificate

    • Full Terms and Conditions of the competition are available at the audition as part of the Agreement/Release. You will need to sign this agreement in order to participate in the competition.

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    [2]Oct 25, 2007
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    Yay! We finally get one! Although the downside of this is that we may not see the American version aired here anymore, and that Aussie versions of American shows are often a let down, but hopefully this is not the case, and all our wonderful Aussie talent steps up ad shows what they can do!
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    [3]Nov 8, 2007
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    Hmm, interesting. Too bad I don't live in Australia
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    [4]Nov 16, 2007
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    titiembe wrote:
    Hmm, interesting. Too bad I don't live in Australia

    I haven't seen you in a while!
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    [5]Dec 30, 2007
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    Yay!! I went to the Adelaide auditions. now I understand how the dancers must feel. It's soooooooooo long. But, I didn't audition. I just waited for my sister who did audition.

    Also, if the Australian series begins here in February, and it goes for about 12 weeks or whatever, it will be finished by the time the American one usually shows here anyway. Hopefully that is the case. Coz I don't want to miss out on the American one. Lol.

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    [6]Mar 15, 2008
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    Being such a huge fan of SYTYCD-usa I was totally floored to see Aussie's version of it. After having watched the first few eppys..I'm soooo hooked. Though the format is pretty much the same as the states, the presentation, visuals, production, music, editting, etc I think is so much more above par. They were successful in making it more appealing...more dramatic....and in some cases....very moving and inspirational. They really seem to present it in a more empathetic light. The judges are on point but also possess a caring warmth when it comes to reaching out to the contestants. I love how they guide and support the dancers more technically rather than coldly criticizing as most of these types of shows do. By having judges that are more feeling and human I think it's made the show much more engaging. I love love love the show! Still faithful to the states SYTYCD but have to give credit where it's due...props SYTYCD-AU!! Good on ya mate!! (the aussie-speak is kinda infectious!)
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