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  • Paula - Your Dress!

    Girl, what were you thinking, "I can see what you had for breakfast". What's with the can fly in this skirt"? It looks like a parachute over a floor fan. Cover it up love.

    Love the show though.
  • Mediocre judges bring down the show.

    Does not compare with the US or Canadian versions of the show in either the overall quality of dancing or judging. Bonnie is incredibly boring while the others made comments and decisions that make no sense. There are some mind-boggling choices made by the judges to retain marginal dancers at the expense of better dancers. For example, one dancer always had his tongue hanging out but not a word was said by the judges. Yet this "standard" does not apply to other dancers who receive negative feedback for "chemistry" or lack of eye contact. I guess hanging your tongue out like a dog during a waltz is considered OK. It wasn't until almost the top 12 group was formed that the lesser dancers were all eliminated...finally.
  • So You Think You Can Dance would have to be one of the best dance shows out there and our Aussie version is awesome!

    So You Think You Can Dance would have to be one of the best reality tv shows out there. I learn ballet, pointe, tap and funk myself so I know how hard it is just to learn a couple of dances but the performers on SYTYCD are so dedicated and put in so much practice. They're all absolutely amazing. This season my favourite has gotta be Tahlia and Charlie. Tahlia is an amazing ballerina and does so well in pretty much every style and Charlie is so funny and cute. I can't wait till the finale and I wish all the best to all of the top four!
  • So you think you can dance is the best dance show out there!

    Oh my God, I love dancing. This show is the best dance show out there. Especially for those of us who don't want to watch shows like Dancing with the Stars. This show is about new, fresh, amazing talent and I like the audition part the most. Watching al the different styles of dance, the different outfits, different personalities and different backstories. I love the music they choose to audition to and I'm amazed at some of the dansroutines the choreographers come up with. It invites you to change the way you look at a certain style of dancing or makes you listen to a song you heard a thousand times in a completely different way. I am a true fan of season 2 of the american version (couldn't download 1 so that's a shame) and currently watching the australian version. Cheers, mate!
  • Australia's version of So You Think You Can Dance.

    Being such a huge fan of SYTYCD-usa I was totally floored to see Aussie's version of it. After having watched the first few eppys..I was soooo hooked. Though the format is pretty much the same as the states, the presentation, visuals, production, music, editting, etc I think is so much more above par. They were successful in making it more appealing...more dramatic....and in some cases....very moving and inspirational. They really seem to present it in a more empathetic light. The judges are on point but also possess a caring warmth when it comes to reaching out to the contestants. I love how they guide and support the dancers more technically rather than coldly criticizing as most of these types of shows do. By having judges that are more feeling and human I think it's made the show much more engaging. I love love love the show! Still faithful to the states SYTYCD but have to give credit where it's due...props SYTYCD-AU!! Good on ya mate!! (the aussie-speak is kinda infectious!)
  • A great fun-loving show that everyone can enjoy. Young or old this show will make you smile.

    Finally Australia gets a chance to show everyone what they're made of! This show is so entertaining to watch with a humerous, fun-loving host, interesting dance styles and a bunch of people with great personalities and of course are a great dancers that really motivate people to get out there and try their best to do something in their life!

    Just like Australian Idol this show really captures the talent that is hiding just around the corner and really brings out the best in everyone who watches this amazing show. So overall I think this show brings people's spirits up and gives everyone a decent show to watch!
  • Australia brings Professionals to Amateurs in one place. Australians will be competing for a load of money, and also fame. As the competitors move on through the series, the game gets harder. With the hose of Natalie from Neighbours who will win SYTYCD

    This is soon going to be my most favorite show yet. I'm totally excited for it to come out. When I'm 18 I'm going to enter and try get as far as possible. Iw ouldn't be surprise if my friend, Sharni, entered the comp. Well I have alot of friends that are excellent at dancing, and all. I think it will be better watching something new and not the same such as Big brother and Australian Idol, because Big brother has been on for 8 years and Australian Idol is soon to be on for 5 or 6 Years. Good-bye!
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