So You Think You Can Dance Australia

Network Ten (ended 2010)





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  • Australia's version of So You Think You Can Dance.

    Being such a huge fan of SYTYCD-usa I was totally floored to see Aussie's version of it. After having watched the first few eppys..I was soooo hooked. Though the format is pretty much the same as the states, the presentation, visuals, production, music, editting, etc I think is so much more above par. They were successful in making it more appealing...more dramatic....and in some cases....very moving and inspirational. They really seem to present it in a more empathetic light. The judges are on point but also possess a caring warmth when it comes to reaching out to the contestants. I love how they guide and support the dancers more technically rather than coldly criticizing as most of these types of shows do. By having judges that are more feeling and human I think it's made the show much more engaging. I love love love the show! Still faithful to the states SYTYCD but have to give credit where it's due...props SYTYCD-AU!! Good on ya mate!! (the aussie-speak is kinda infectious!)