So You Think You Can Dance Canada

Season 4 Episode 22

4. Top 6

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Sep 05, 2011 on CTV

Episode Recap

A brief recap of the competition was shown, starting with the Top 22, and continuing down to the Top 6. Leah welcomed the audience to the show, then introduced the final six dancers and the judges: Jean-Marc Genereux,Tré Armstrong, Blake McGrath, Luther Brown, and Special Guest Judge Mary Murphy. She reminded the audience that the winner and runner-up would win a Chevy Cruze, and the winner would also take home $100,000 and the title of "Canada's Favourite Dancer."

1. Lindsay and Matt danced hip-hop, choreographed by Sho-Tyme, to "Like That" by Memphis Bleek.
Mary said they really brought it, it was brimming with energy, Matt was fantastic and Lindsay annihilated it;
Luther said Lindsay was in the pocket, and Matt did his thing and held it down;
Blake said they killed it, Lindsay ate the stage alive, and Matt made him proud with how much he'd accomplished on his journey over the season;
Tré said Matt danced like a man, he was tight and danced the stage off, and Lindsay had fire and there was nowhere for her to go but up;
Jean-Marc said Matt was amazing, and Lindsay deserved votes.

2. Jordan and Christian danced contemporary, choreographed by Stacey Tookey, to "All In Love Is Fair" by Stevie Wonder.
Mary said it was a gorgeous piece and they gave it wings, and they had amazing chemistry;
Luther said Jordan was a star, she moved like nothing was around her and made everything look effortless, and Christian saved the routine when it could have gone wrong;
Blake said we are human and we all make mistakes, and they saved it and continued on, Jordan made things look effortless and could win it all, and Christian handled the routine well;
Tré said Jordan picked herself up and continued, and Christian had helped her, and they needed to keep going because there was a lot more to go through tonight;
Jean-Marc said he was so proud of Christian, he has the strength and he cares for his partner, whoever that is, and Jordan was a show-stopper and she gives her heart and soul to the performance.

Leah reminded the audience that the results show would air on Sunday, September 11th at 8 p.m., then pointed out that the Top 22 were all in the audience tonight watching.

3. Shane and Melissa danced salsa, choreographed by Gustavo Vargas, to "Salsa Y Sabor" by Tito Puente.
The judges gave them a standing ovation.
Mary said she loved it, Melissa and Shane had so much fire, she was in awe of Shane's talent, and she had never seen a girl go after the Latin movement the way Melissa did;
Luther said there was nothing that Melissa could not do, and Shane had so much talent and did everything well and they were both destined for major success;
Blake said they clearly stole the show, they were two of the strongest dancers on the show, it was a flawless performance, and Shane killed every single week, and Melissa shows Canada exactly what it means to be a dancer;
Tré said it was the best performance of the night by far, Shane would have a great career after the show and he was meant to be a winner, and Melissa had had the hardest journey on the show and had done it well;
Jean-Marc said they were completely outside their genre, Shane owned the salsa and he is dance, and Melissa dances like a winner every time.

The top 3 girls danced a number choreographed by Mia Michaels to "What About Us" by ATB.
Mary said it was probably the most memorable moment of the entire season, she was glad that Mia was done with the movie and here to choreograph this, the top 3 girls did it so well;
Luther said he was proud of all three of them, all of them were a beast, and they were phenomenal;
Blake said it was the best routine this season, because of the three dancers and Mia, he said this routine was exactly why it was going to be a girl to win this season, he would be happy and proud if any one of them were to win;
Tré said this is why she loves to dance, this is why she started, why all of them started dancing, that Melissa would be a star, Jordan had "winner" in her eyes since week 1, and Lindsay had evolved into a beautiful quiet bombshell and was amazing;
Jean-Marc said Lindsay was liquid, Melissa was mad and talented, Jordan was joy and freedom, individually so unique but together so strong.

The top 3 guys danced a jazz number choreographed by Melissa Williams to "We Will Rock You" by Queen.
Mary said the guys had brought it every week;
Luther said they had all worked really hard to make it to this point, they should be proud of themselves;
Blake said they would all have bright careers after the show;
Tré said they were all fighters and had come so far, they'd done a great job;
Jean-Marc said they were three solid and accomplished dancers.

The Top 6 danced a contemporary routine choreographed by Sabrina Matthews to "Sail" byAWOLNATION

The Top 6 then performed solos. Shane danced to "Fancy Footwork" by Chromeo. Melissa danced to "Commander" (feat. David Guetta) by Kelly Rowland. Lindsay danced to "Beautiful" by Me'Shell Ndegecello. Matt danced to "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers. Christian danced to "Beautiful People" (feat Benny Benassi) by Chris Brown. Jordan danced to "This Woman's Work" by Greg Laswell.

A recap of the performances was shown, then the judges spoke. Mary said that the six of them gave it everything, she adored them all. Luther said that they were all stars, and they were all destined for greatness and they'd made season 4 amazing. Blake said that because of dancers like these six, Canada was a leading country in dance, he was honoured to watch their journey and they were an inspiration. Tre said it had been an honour to be here for the last four years to see the journey, these six dancers all deserved a standing ovation. Jean-Marc said they were true athletes, real warriors and artists, they had written every story of the season, and they all deserved the votes of Canada. Leah reminded everyone that their votes would determine who would win, and to tune in for the results show on Sunday.

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