So You Think You Can Dance Canada

Season 4 Episode 21

4. Top 8 - Results

Aired Tuesday 8:00 PM Aug 30, 2011 on CTV

Episode Recap

Leah welcomed the audience to the show, and the Top 8 took the stage to dance a number choreographed by Sean Cheesman to "Vogue" by Madonna. She called Sean Cheesman to the stage to take a bow. She then informed the audience that the Top 4 would be revealed tonight, and welcomed the judges: Mary Murphy, Blake McGrath,Tré Armstrong, and Jean-Marc Genereux. She then called the Top 8 to the stage:

1. Jordan
2. Denitsa
3. Lindsay
4. Melissa
5. Christian
6. Adam
7. Matt
8. Shane

She informed the dancers that they would all be performing their solos tonight, but this would not affect the outcome as the voting results were already in, and the dancers with the lowest number of votes would be going home.

The Top 8 all danced their solos, then Mary said that we had seen some amazing dancing this season, Blake said that he was proud of all the dancers, and all of them would have a bright future after this,Tré said they were the most fantastic Top 8 to grace the stage, and it had been an honour to watch them dance, Jean-Marc said they were all true artists, and the thanked all of them. Leah said there had been almost 1 million votes, then turned toTré, who said Denitsa would be the first girl leaving them tonight; she said they had all become her family, and it made her so proud and happy to be in the Top 8. A recap of her time in the competition was shown. Jean-Marc told Christian that he had made it to the finale. Tré told Jordan that she would be dancing next week. Jean-Marc told Adam that he would be leaving them tonight. Adam said that he'd become close with all the dancers, and he wanted to thank them all. A recap of his time in the competition was shown. Jean-Marc told Matt that he had never been in the bottom three, and he still wasn't, he'd made it to the finale, and then told Lindsay that she was the second girl to be in the finale, leaving Melissa and Shane as the final two on the stage, and Jean-Marc told them that since this was season 4, we were going to have a Top 6 for the finale.

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