So You Think You Can Dance Canada

CTV (ended 2011)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • 4. Finale
      4. Finale
      Episode 23

      The Top 22 are back to recreate some of the favourite dances of the season for the full panel of judges before the voting results are revealed to tell us who will win the money, the car, and the title of "Canada's Favourite Dancer."

    • 4. Top 6
      4. Top 6
      Episode 22

      The final six dancers vie for the title of "Canada's Favourite Dancer" in the final performance show of the competition this season. Duets, solos and group dances are the order of the night as Special Guest Judge Mary Murphy joins the panel, and choreographers Mia Michaels, Sabrina Matthews, Stacey Tookey, Sho-Tyme, Gustavo Vargas, and Melissa Williams give the dancers routines that could make or break them.

    • 4. Top 8 - Results
      4. Top 8 - Results
      Episode 21

      Sean Cheesman choreographs the Top 8 group number before the voting results reveal who will be in the final performance show of the season and who will go home.

    • 4. Top 8
      4. Top 8
      Episode 20

      The Top 8 dance duets, solos and a group number in order to win enough votes to continue on in the competition for the chance to win the title "Canada's Favourite Dancer."

    • 4. Top 10 - Results

      Sabrina Matthews choreographs the group routine before the voting results reveal who will move on to the Top 8, and who will go home.

    • 4. Top 10
      4. Top 10
      Episode 18

      The Top 10 must dance not only their duet, but also a solo in order to win votes. The judges weigh in with their opinions, but it is the voting alone that will determine who will continue on and who will go home. Guest Judges Mary Murphy and Stacey Tookey join regular judges Jean Marc Genereus and Tré Armstrong.

    • 4. Top 12 - Results

      The Top 12 take the stage to dance a routine choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux and his wife and dance partner, France Mousseau. After the voting results are revealed, only the Top 10 are left to fight for the title "Canada's Favourite Dancer."

    • 4. Top 12
      4. Top 12
      Episode 16

      The Top 12 dance to stay in the competition and make it to the Top 10, doing the jive, hip-hop, afro-jazz, contemporary and samba. Special Guest Judge Mary Murphy joins the panel to weigh in on who should continue on and who needs to step it up.

    • 4. Top 14 - Results

      The Top 14 dance a contemporary number choreographed by Guest Judge Melissa Williams. Two more dancers are sent home after the voting, leaving only 12 to vie for the title, "Canada's Favourite Dancer."

    • 4. Top 14
      4. Top 14
      Episode 14
      New partners and new dance styles face the Top 14, but they are up to the challenge as they dance hip-hop, contemporary, jazz-funk, cha cha and samba. Guest Judges Rex Harrington, Melissa Williams and Dan Karaty join the panel to help Canada decide how to cast their votes.
    • 4. Top 16 - Results
      The Top 16 take the floor to dance a number choreographed by the Boot Camp Sergeant himself, Blake McGrath. After the voting results are announced, two more dancers go home.
    • 4. Top 16
      4. Top 16
      Episode 12
      The Top 16 once again have new partners to deal with as they dance the tango, house, quick step, hip-hop and contemporary. Guest judges Sergio Trujillo and Dan Karaty join the panel.
    • 4. Top 18 - Results
      The Top 18 take to the stage with a unique routine choreographed by Sergio Trujillo. After the results are revealed, two more dancers go home, leaving on 16 to vie for the title, "Canada's Favourite Dancer."
    • 4. Top 18
      4. Top 18
      Episode 10
      The Top 18 get new partners and have only a short time to learn the paso doble, krump, jazz-funk, mambo, and hip-hop, among other dances, for the panel of judges. Guest judges Mary Murphy and Nico Archambault join the judges to voice their opinions on the performances.
    • 4. Top 20 - Results
      The Top 20 perform a Bollywood number choreographed by Longinus Fernandes of Slumdog Millionaire fame. Two more dancers go home after hearing the results of Canada's voting.
    • 4. Top 20
      4. Top 20
      Episode 8
      The Top 20 take to the dance floor, doing everything from ballroom to hip-hop to dancehall in an effort to impress the judges and win Canada's votes. Guest judges Mary Murphy and Rex Harrington join the panel.
    • 4. Top 22 - Results
      The heartbreaking news is in for two of the twenty-two dancers who performed last night; they will be going home, but 20 dancers remain to vie for the title "Canada's Favourite Dancer". The group performs a hip-hop number choreographed by Luther Brown.
    • 4. Top 22
      4. Top 22
      Episode 6
      The Top 22 take the stage for the first time to dance for viewers' votes and the judges' approval in order to remain in the competition. Heartbreak comes early for one of the dancers.
    • 4. Top 20 Revealed
      After travelling across the country to choose the finalists to send to Toronto, and a week of stiff competition, the judges come to their decision and reveal who will be in this year's Top 20.
    • 4. Finals Week
      4. Finals Week
      Episode 4
      Contestants from all over Canada have made it through the difficult audition process, and now face a week of gruelling challenges in Finals Week in Toronto. Guest judge Nico Archambault joins the panel to choose the finalists.
    • 4. Auditions 3
      4. Auditions 3
      Episode 3
      The final stop for the fourth season auditions is Montreal, where more hopeful dancers vie for the chance to be in the Top 20 and compete for the title of "Canada's Favourite Dancer".
    • 4. Auditions 2
      4. Auditions 2
      Episode 2
      The judges head off to Vancouver B.C.; Edmonton, Alberta; and Saint John, New Brunswick in order to find contestants worthy of this year's Top 20.
    • 4. Auditions 1
      4. Auditions 1
      Episode 1
      The judging panel screens dancers in Toronto in the first round of auditions for the fourth season.
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