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  • Disappointed

    Still love the show but am glad I have a mute button when Mary Murphy talks (screams). I also like the addition of the crews but am sorry that Fox felt they needed to use a self indulgent punk with no moral compass to promote SYTYD to a younger crowd. Surely there are more relevant and positive role models who could accomplish the same goal.
  • SYTYCD Canada is the best reality/talent show to come to Canada.

    Canada doesn't always get the chance to prove how awesome it is and how talented the Canadians are. Dancing is not just music videos and tours, behind the singers, it's a true art that should be up front and centre. And over the last couple of years, dancers have started to get the recognition they deserve. SYTYCD has done that for many different styles of dance. Although I'm not a huge fan of DWTS, it has really made ballroom cool(speaking of the professionals). Both shows have given a boost to dancing and shown that it's not only for females. It doesn't judge by gender or sexuality, it puts everyone on even ground and allows the best dancers to come out on top. As a kid I tried every type of dance that my studio offered and loved it all. My favourite to dance was always tap and I regret the day I stopped dancing as a teenager. With SYTYCD on TV it has truly brought back my love for dance and now in my twenties, I would love to take classes again. I have been to SYTYCDCan Season 1 tour show, SYTYCD Season 5 tour show, and a taping of the results of SYTYCDCan Season 2. I will also be going to the SYTYCDCan Season 2 tour show in December. I get to enjoy watching amazing dancers do amazing choreography on a regular basis and don't even have to get dressed up and drive downtown for a production, I just get to turn on my TV!!!!
  • This is a show about dance - not judges or hosts.

    Ok, Leah Miller isn't quite as polished as Cat Deeley (although seems much more sincere). The judges obviously aren't as experienced (sorry Luther & Tre', but you're weak links there, especially Luther), and the incredibly annoying Mary Murphy had to show up a few times. But here's what it boils down to:

    - The majority of the choreography is as good or better than the US version of Dance.
    - The top 20 Canadian dancers were better / more interesting than the top 20 US dancers.
    - The entertainment value (quality + personality + choreography + uniqueness) was simply better than the US version.

    US Dance was a 10. Therefore Canadian Dance has to be a 10.
  • Best Dance Show Ever. Also watch the American/Australian/ Holland version!

    Oh my God, I love dancing. This show is the best dance show out there. Especially for those of us who don't want to watch shows like Dancing with the Stars. This show is about new, fresh, amazing talent and I like the audition part the most. Watching al the different styles of dance, the different outfits, different personalities and different backstories. I love the music they choose to audition to and I'm amazed at some of the dansroutines the choreographers come up with. It invites you to change the way you look at a certain style of dancing or makes you listen to a song you heard a thousand times in a completely different way. I am a true fan of season 2 of the american version and also finished watching the Australian and Holland version. Canada's version is as good as al the other ones and I highly recommend it
  • Good dancing but . . .

    Good dancing but the host is really really annoying. I can barely stand to hear her speak. Not only does she sound like she's yelling all the time, but she always like "oh my god your so good." Okay I'm done ranting about that. So, if you block your ears when the host is on the show is really good. The dancing is great and as someone used to the American version it is fun to see some different choreographers then are on the American version all the time. I do miss Mia being crazy and Mary screaming on the Judges pannel, but overall quite good.
  • So You Think You Can Dance Canada is a reality dance show based on the American "So You Think You Can Dance" tv show.

    The show attempts to follow in the footsteps of the original SYTYCD, complete with an identical stage. It falls very short of that goal. While the dancers are very talented and can hold their own against their American counterparts, the judges and the host leave a lot to be desired. Kat Deeley, of the original show, is warm, charming and has a natural rapport with the contestants on the show. Leah Miller, on the other hand, is awkward and her attempts at witty banter is grating. The choreographers so far have created amazing routines and that, plus the immense talent of the contestants is the only reason I can sit through the rest.
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