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CTV (ended 2011)





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  • SYTYCD Canada is the best reality/talent show to come to Canada.

    Canada doesn't always get the chance to prove how awesome it is and how talented the Canadians are. Dancing is not just music videos and tours, behind the singers, it's a true art that should be up front and centre. And over the last couple of years, dancers have started to get the recognition they deserve. SYTYCD has done that for many different styles of dance. Although I'm not a huge fan of DWTS, it has really made ballroom cool(speaking of the professionals). Both shows have given a boost to dancing and shown that it's not only for females. It doesn't judge by gender or sexuality, it puts everyone on even ground and allows the best dancers to come out on top. As a kid I tried every type of dance that my studio offered and loved it all. My favourite to dance was always tap and I regret the day I stopped dancing as a teenager. With SYTYCD on TV it has truly brought back my love for dance and now in my twenties, I would love to take classes again. I have been to SYTYCDCan Season 1 tour show, SYTYCD Season 5 tour show, and a taping of the results of SYTYCDCan Season 2. I will also be going to the SYTYCDCan Season 2 tour show in December. I get to enjoy watching amazing dancers do amazing choreography on a regular basis and don't even have to get dressed up and drive downtown for a production, I just get to turn on my TV!!!!