So You Think You Can Dance

Season 8 Episode 17

2 of 10 Voted Off

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jul 21, 2011 on FOX

Episode Recap

The show begins with a group dance number to Act One: On Broadway from Smokey Joe's Café: The Songs of Leiber and Stoller (Original Broadway Cast) choreographed by Josh Bergasse. Cat Deeley introduces the judges, Mary Murphy, Nigel Lythgoe, special guest judge Neil Patrick Harris (from How I Met Your Mother). Cat explains the elimination process for this week. America voted last night for their favorite dancers. The girls with the 2 lowest number of votes and the boys with the 2 lowest numbers are up for elimination. The judges will then decide which boy and which girl will be cut.

Cat begins the process of revealing the bottom four dancers who face elimination. The first three dancers, Melanie, Tadd and Mitchell, are brought out to learn their fate. Mitchell is called up first and learns he is the first guy in the bottom four. Tadd and Melanie are called up together and both learn they are safe.

The next three dancers take to the floor. Cat introduces Marko first and sends him to safety. She calls forward Sasha next and then Clarice. Of the two she reveals that Clarice is in the bottom four. Sasha is safe.

Cat reveals the 8 All-Stars that have been selected to dance with the contestants next week. They are Ivan Koumaev from Season 2, Jaimie Goodwin, Anya Garnis, Pasha Kovalev, Lauren Gottlieb and Neil Haskill from Season 3, Ade Obayomi from Season 5, and Lauren Froderman, the champion of Season 7. The judges will be joined by movie director, Rob Marshall and Lady Gaga.

Cat calls the remaining 4 dancers forward to learn their fate. Jess and Ricky are the remaining two guys. Ricky learns he is in the bottom four and Jess is safe. Caitlynn and Jordan are the remaining girls. Jordan learns she is in the bottom and Caitlynn is safe.

Special Guest Performer is Deniil Simkin, a soloist from the American Ballet Theatre. He performed a routine to the French love song Les Bourgeois by Jacques Brel.

The bottom four dancers performed their solos as follows:

Clarice – Let Me Think About it (Radio Edit) by Ida Corr featuring Eddie Le Grand
Mitchell – Time and Space by The Cinematic Orchestra
Jordan – Tonight by Lykke Li
Ricky – Battle for the Beat by District 78

The judges are sent off by Cat to deliberate the fate of the bottom four dancers while the special musical guest performs.

The Special Musical Guest this week is a group making their US TV debut, Blush, featuring Snoop Dog. They performed their song Undivided.

The judges return to their seats and the two girls are brought on stage. Nigel indicates that judges were unanimous. He calls the boys forward to stand with the girls in one line. Nigel pointed out that even though two dancers are going to be sent home, they have nothing bad to say about them. He believes they are all fantastic dancers and they will all be going on tour with the top 10. He reminded them that Twitch and Allison were also in the bottom multiple times but they are now superstars in dance and All-Stars on the show. He calls Mitchell and Clarice forwards and thanks them for competing. Mitchell and Clarice are eliminated.