So You Think You Can Dance

Season 1 Episode 12

And The Winner Is...

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2005 on FOX

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  • One of the best shows I have seen so far! I hope they do it again.

    This is my second favorite show to watch. (First being Friends) I loved watching the dancing. I think that it would have been better if one girl and one guy won because that was how they were judged for the whole competition. Either way I love the top two dancers!
  • The final episode of the 1st season ends with a bang. All 16 finalists return to dance, and show American they have what it takes to find themselves a successful career in dancing. But only 1 will walk away a winner. Nick, Melody, Ashle, or Jamile?

    This show was my American Idol fix for the summer, but surprisingly, So You Think You Can Dance? is even better.
    Since the beginning of the season, I have been routing for Blake McGrath to win. He is an amazing dancer. I might be a little bias since he lived in my town once apon a time.
    Anyway, I was very surprised Blake was voted out, Jamile should of been leaving that night. But proved to myself and the country that he has what it takes to be a dancer. Not just technique, but performance, and popularity which is crutial to a successful career.
    Hooray for Nick for winning. Well deserved. I loved the fact that him and Melody came into the auditions together, and ended up standing side by side at the finale.
  • I love dance and loved this show. I hope they will air it again. I happened to miss the begining of the series, so I thought that there was going to be one female winner and one male winner. It weird to have so much couple dancing, then choose one.

    I think the results were very intersting. I do believe that the 4 deserved to be there. They all had something that really set them apart from the others. Jamile was not very good with technique in most of the dance styles but he absolutely had presence. While presence is something that is needed for performing, I\'m not sure how important it is for dancing. I must admit that I did keep voting for them because he tried so hard and didn\'t have advantages with the variety of dance lessons like the others. Ashlee is a very exceptional dancers. She can do any style that is placed before her and do it well. I was shocked that her vote was so low. I did, however, agree that she lacked that stage presence that Jamile has. I think that Melody and Nick had a great combination of Jamile and Ashlee: technique and stage presence. I was surprised that Melody didn\'t win. But, they both were so good (it might be that they studied under the same master). But, they both deserved it. It was really hard for me to vote for the last show. I chose to vote for the underdog (Jamile) because I thought he deserved representation. But, I was shocked that he beat Ashlee.
  • Well, the best man won. However, this turned out to be more of a popularity contest than a dance contest. Ok, one of the best dancers won. However, one of the best dancers came in number 5 because he was arragont. The best female dancer came in number 4.

    Nick and Melody came to the auditions together. It is fitting the pair left the competition as the number 1 and number 2 dancers. I am guessing the demographics of this show skew more towards young females than thirtysomething males like myself.
    There was a wide variety of dance styles in the season. This finale show did a good job of retrospect on those. It also had a few surprises. Seeing host Lauren Sanchez dance was an unexpected occurence. Bringing back the guy with the twirling banner baton was totally unneeded. Then there was a dance supergroup who came out to play. If they were the professionals, then the contestents on the show should be pleased. The contestents were every bit as good as they were.
    Finally, the hosts were all dressed up for the finally. The show did a good job in getting outrageous personalities for hosts. No one can ever forget Mary's "Wooooo."
    Congratulations to Nick. He gets $100,000 and the opportunity to be forgotten in a year by millinos of Americans.
  • Nick won

    While I started watching this to be with the family (wife and kids love the show) I found that I enjoyed it and root for some people (the finalists) and against others (Blake and Camilla - booo! Someone get that girl a brass pole!)

    The good guys won. Not sure how lucrative a dance career can be, but the $100,000 and the aprtment in NY aren't anything to sneeze at. I'm sure all the contestants will have careers and be happy with talk shows, book deals and the movies acusing bad judging and the requisite "the judge promised this for that favor" accusation.

    Still, all that said, it was a fun ride.
  • YES! HE DID IT! GO NICK, GO NICK! In case you can't tell, I'm very, very happy. Something I never expected to happen happened: when the guy I was jaded into thinking was going to win was cut, the guy who I wanted to win did.

    If you read my previous review, let me explain it to you:
    At the very beginning of this competition, I fell in love (figuratively speaking) with several dancers, but my favorite guy and girl happened to be Nick and Melody. However, when Blake entered the picture, I resigned myself for the longest time that he was going to be the winner of the entire competition. I had Nick labled in my head as the close second. Furthermore, as I've never backed the winner, I was also certain that he wouldn't win either. When Blake was cut, I was upset, thinking that even though Nick was up there with Melody too, Jamile or Ashle would win. I did not like Jamile at all and Ashle was nothing special in my eyes. I didn't dare to dream of what I wanted to happen because it obviously wouldn't.
    It did.
    First, Ashle was cut. I was pleased but didn't get my hopes up. I waited for Nick to go next. Whe nhe didn't and Jamile got the boot, I hit the ceiling. However, I settled down once more, assuring myself that Melody would win.
    She didn't.
    I did a lot of jumping, dancing, and silent cheering (I live in a dorm now, that sort of thing is not really appreciated - at least while sober or not on a weekend). I was ecstatic. I was thrilled. I was stunned. And I was happy. I am so happy I can't believe it.
    In the midst of all my glee (Go Nick!) I still have only one little nitpick. I wish that there had been a bigger celebration or something when Nick won. The winning celebration on American Idol was so much bigger, I was expecting maybe some lasers or those firework things. I was hoping for better music, maybe some more strobe lights, a group dance with everyone, and maybe a more tearful acceptance speech.
    But, whatever. Nick won. There is justice in this world after all. I am happy. That doesn't happen often and when it does, I'm thrilled.
    Congrats, Nick. You won. You deserved it. Congrats. Good for you.
    GO NICK!
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