So You Think You Can Dance

Season 3 Episode 4

Audition #4: Atlanta

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 31, 2007 on FOX

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  • Music Clip of " Twist and Shout"

    Great Show ! The Music clip of "Twist and Shout" was performed , sung and produced by Chris Columby and Rock Doctors. Full Version available on

    Credits were missing by no fault of the show.

    It was a great honor to have this version picked over versions by the Isley Brothers and the Beatles. The song was written by P. Medley & B. Russel.

    It was a shame that nearly 80 million viewers were not aware of the Music Artist.
  • Well this espiod was really all that good!

    Its a good thing taht Benji sister tried out for the show. It would also be a good thing if she can do ft gh jjkk nvccc ddss dsss dsss ds dds ddds fffv gggg hhhh jjjjj jjjj kkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkn jnb hb hv gh gh hvh hbvbv hjbvh hbvc gftggv gv hhb jjb jb jn jkv jij hjh jjjb jjjb jn jkk koklk jkk hh jjj jjj jj jii kk kjjn kkk jj ib i kk gvgjltu hgy yhgu ytu uty yty ghyuuc yyu yu uyihv h huihb htyhkf yui rsbtufghjuiknj gb yv y yhbghjn ub hu u uyyj g u u j ubhb ugtuj hggvjb uyhy hvyybb gy uy THE END!
  • Few great dancers, a lot of great personalities.

    Welcome to Atlanta, once again Shane joins Mary and Nigel.

    Our first contendant of the title is Caitlin, she's a stunning technician with a fantastic upper body, her performance is a little flat but she's so gifted that she deserves to go to Vegas anyway.
    Next is goofy looking teacher Christopher, he's dressed like he just got out of class and he states that: he's obsessed with N'Sync, he's got a Justin Timberlake shrine in his bedroom (no you shouldn't have said that) and he cried at his concert, which all makes me question his sexuality. His dancing, like written on Spill, actually reminds me too of SNL's Sally O'Malley, booted. I hope you don't teach in high school because you're gonna get your ass kicked if you do.

    Next is b-boy and eyebrows overplucker Tony, he's kind of cocky but likeable, he's a good b-boy and Shane goes crazy and even does a Mary and Nigel impression. Choreography for Tony.
    Time for Brandon, he's a clogger and looks like a little kid, one of those just likeable people. He's clogging and he's awesome, he also does some booty shaking which, in my opinion, is not very masculine but i guess he wanted to show he can do something else, his clogging is so amazing however that he goes on to choreography.

    Day one is over and, in the choreography, Tony and Brandon seem to do fine, Tony has a nice moment when he gets the ticket, we'll see how you do in the hell week.

    On day two we meet Brian, who has a bad case of scoliosis which ruined his growth, he's a pop-locker, and what he does is crazy to watch. Nigel applauds him for taking advantage of his conditions and Shane gets Mia Michaelsized and cries.

    Myles is next and i really like this guy, mostly because i can understand what he's going through dancing without his father's approval, his story is nice, he gave up football for dancing, just imagine the reaction of his football buddies and his cheerleader girlfriend.
    He's been dancing for eight months and he's terrific, for eight months, but just not at the level, he would get killed in the actual competition, however Nigel wants him to learn through choreography.
    Ashley Simpson is next, she's pretty and talented, love the song choice, Mary is hypnotized and wants her in Vegas, the boys need convincing and i really don't get why, i think Ashley is way better than some girls from the NY auditions who got straight through. Anyway in the end she gets her ticket.

    Next up is Kippery, and extremely large girl who's going to delight us with some "skreet" hip-hop, ok she's terrible, but this girl has clearly been robbed, 1400$ for a workshop? That is waaay too much, Nigel keeps it real and Shane gets super-harsh telling her to never go to a professional audition again unless they're looking for someone who's "overweight and can't dance"... wow.
    Kippery steals some more camera time talking about her career and... let's move on.

    Next is an enthusiastic cowboy who can entertain but can't dance.
    He's followed by Jessica, who tries to top the wardrobe choices of the Spinning Jesus Girl from day one with furry underwear, fishnet and cat ears. This is both hilarious and disturbing she does some catwoman moves with a completely dead expression. Adios Jess.

    The last audition of the show is Chris, a cowboy and plotoon leader. His dancing is not good but i wish that the contestants had half of his personality, the judges love him of course but he gets booted anyway.

    Choreography time: Brian can't keep up and, in fact, he gets the boot but Shane tells him he can get him a role in his next movie.
    Ok this is a surprise, Myles is getting to Vegas, they told him in a nice way, you're great Shane, but i bet deep down they think he's never gonna get through, his technique is lacking and, like we've heard before, Vegas week is a preview of hell (oh God i hope to get there one day) so... well he might surprise me.

    Next up: get ready for the drama that is Vegas week, someone rocks, someone cracks and i can't wait.
  • Last audition episode.

    Auditions for Atlanta! The first girl was pretty awesome. Wow a lot of choreography(sp?)! Wow! Yay for the break dancing hip hopper person. Wow. So day one was pretty good the clogger guy actually made it. Day two is next. The first guy of day two is like wow. Like I wonder if he'll survive choreporgraphy(still don't know how to spell that!) That Nigel guy I also wonder if he will make choreography? A lot of choeography this episode. The Ashely Simpson girl was good(wow Ashley Simpson...) Wow that black girl speechless wow fourteen hundred dollars then? Wow. Cowboy dude had a great personality. Yes the ballade football guy made it. Ok, end of the episode. Oh wow that ending was suspensful really for the first time I watched this show so yeah good episode. I can't wait to watch it.