So You Think You Can Dance

Season 3 Episode 1

Auditions #1: New York

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 24, 2007 on FOX

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  • My favourite talent show is back!

    Let's start enjoying public humiliation with the NY Auditions, nice intro by the way, spotted some people i will remember to keep an eye on.

    Nigel, Mary (who is permanent judge now, congrats!) and Dan are on the panel.
    I'm so happy the show is back, did i mention how much i like it?
    Hello Cat, missed you, you look hot as always.

    And we're up to the very first weirdo of the season: Dancing Derrick! I love how Cat humors everyone who tells her something absurdly unbelievable.
    The guy did leave up to the expectations: not only is he dancing to the Madagascar soundtrack but he does look like a jumping monkey, then he almost feints, poor fella, remember to have breakfast before auditioning.

    Next, an ankward moment with: no advice for the girl in green, and well... there are no words to describe this audition... or at least there are some, the girl is wearing lingerie and a tiara... ok, the weirdest fashion choices so far with the Spinning Jesus routine.

    It's time for ballroom with Pasha and Anya, the two are seriously hot (I suspect Nigel wants to do Anya) maybe even hotter than the Stanislav and Julia audition, Mary has already forgotten Benji and Heidi and calls them "the best ballroom dancers ever had on the show", ouch! A well deserved ticket.

    Great moves montage is next. Way to go, we see some good moves, some beautiful leaps and... was that Anthony, the ribbon dancing guy from season 1?

    Heather is next and she has some medical history, poor girl, the dancing isn't fantastic but i like her, she's a lot of spice and she's going on.
    Ballet terms montage and... Dancing Derrick's moves montage...

    Next girl is a disaster waiting to happen, it's sad because she clearly had training and yet still sucks; she's dancing to 80's music and, after she got butchered by Dan and Mary, she defends herself by saying she's a dance teacher, ouch girl, big mistake, everyone watching the show knows Nigel HATES unprepared teachers, so... just lie and don't hurt yourself (Nigel has longer hair by the way, is he getting more into fashion?).
    Hello Chasmar, how did you dress up? Is this a bad dressing contest? Sorry, the tiara girl still holds the award. Anyway the guy is standing still for the whole beginning of the song, i'm just gonna say: no.
    Ok Nigel just promised not to be mean and called a girl Ugly Betty, don't make promises you can't keep Nigel, plus we all like our mean brits, and he shows how mean he can get in the disaster montage.

    Hanna is next, she is adorable and has a heartbreaking story to share, she can move, i'm confused i thought she would be doing contemporary, wow Dan, quick no, coreography round for the other two.
    Breakdancers: Earnest rules, Jamal doesn't, you do swing? "Sorta" this will be interesting.
    Next : Bad swinging with Joel and Carmen, they are both not pretty and Joel scares me a lot, oh the judges are dancing silly, i love them. Oh my gosh another dance instructor vs. Nigel; Mary doesn't wanna hurt Carmen's feelings but well, she does, it's deserved tho, the girl has a lot to work on.
    Next is the "almost naked pair" Ashley is nice with very long lines, not great in my opinion, but the judges overwhelm her with praise, same deal with Katie who teaches Ashley.

    Yay! Stanislav is back, he got the boot way too early last season, and he brought his sister Faina, their routine is very, very good, Vegas! I hope she does well to bring honor to the Savich clan!
    Jamal is back, starts swinging and the judges start laughing, so do i, the guy is hysterical.

    Sex is back! And has a new motto! Are you real Sex? Let me know i beg you! Yay baby, i like it like that, i'll just think of Heidi dancing to that song.
    Ok they literally laugh in his face, i see where this is headed, at least mom is not here this season.
    I don't understand it when people complain about the judges being rude, if you audition in front of them you are basically asking for their opinion and if they think you can't dance they're gonna tell you.
    Oh my lord i was wrong, mom IS here and she takes the fight!

    Ok, during the coreography round there's a blond guy in brown short pants, he's really good and he's the one who did some of those leaps in the montage, i'm totally going to keep an eye on him, don't get why he didn't get straight to Vegas but, then again, they didn't show the whole audition, they probably thought he could be one-dimentional.

    Hanne is going to Vegas, uhm, don't know if she will last long, and so is "sorta" swinger Jamal.

    Yay! Next week Wade is on the panel, and Hawk is back!

    See ya wensday.
  • SEX IS BACK!!!!

    I am glad the show is back. It is a perfect time for it to start now that American Idol and all the other shows have gone through their season finales. The show is full of energy and Nigel is at his best again. I don't think Nigel is a bad guy, he just tells it how it is whether you like it or not. Some of these people need to get some real friends that can be honest with them and let them know they are HORRIBLE. There were two contestants what were absolutely hilarious. The first contestants was the guy who had to came back after performing a hip-hop number and perform a swing number. Second, was the guy who goes by "Sex"? This guy is absolutely delusional and I think his mother is worse. This is going to be an interesting season.
  • First episode I've seen of this series, I thought it was pretty great.

    This is the first time I watched this show ever, because American Idol is over. First three pretty much did terrible. First guy I thought he was going to die or something. Oh wow the fourth two the couple they were amazing! Wow. The girl with two hip surgery's were also pretty good, I mean it must be a miracle to dance again. Also, I've noticed that in the Auditions, it's pretty easy to tell the bad from the good but it's not like that in American Idol. I mean it's just the auditions, but hey they haven't shown any that they weren't sure of yet. It's my first time watching do don't kill me for saying that. Oh my gosh this girl name Hannah Lee is trying. Wow she suffered such critical injuries! I can't believe she didn't get to Hollywood! I cannot believe it. After all of that. I feel sorry for her. The guy who did the dangerous things were also really good. I can't belive he went to the choreography room as well(how do you spell that?) The group that broke up couple could've done so much better if they were like... more together. That Ashely Keigen girl the student was good. The teacher also made it and I think a lot of pressure was on her. The sister of the guy who made it into the top 20 was really good as well. She was good and deserved to make it. Oh wow that guy and his friend... were like... yeah. Oh no, comerical full of suspense! Oh no this you know what guy(this word would be censored). Oh wow. This guy is just, *palm to the forehead*. I can't look anymore... jeez. Stop the music please! Too much! *eyes fall out now* Oh my gosh. Oh jeez. *breathes* Jamal and Hannah made it! Yes! Go Hannah! Anyway, this was a pretty good first episode. I spaced the paragraphs a lot so I hope the format is ok. Thanks for reading this!