So You Think You Can Dance

Season 3 Episode 3

Auditions #2 and 3: LA and Chicago

Aired Monday 8:00 PM May 30, 2007 on FOX

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  • Nice auditions.

    Ahà! We're heading to Hollywood first.

    Hi Cat, it's always nice to see you and... oh Wade is on the judging panel, guess he's replacing Brian Friedman, ouch, it's such a pain to have him go away for the season, but looks like he's busy over in London with a project with Simon Cowell. I like Wade anyway, he's too serious sometimes but he's a great coreographer and, i think, fair judge.

    Ok let's get down to it.

    Lauren is first and, by the time she told she had worked with Tyce i knew she would have been going to Vegas, of course she does, it's deserved tho, i love her style and her song choice (Be Be your Love by Rachel Yamagata), she doesn't show tricks but her technique shines through. She's also possibily crazy, but in the good way, i like her.
    Jessi is next, she has a very sexy style and, of course we know that works with Nigel! So she gets sent to Vegas.
    Next is EJ, he does some things i did not expect to be possible from someone that weight and the other dancers applaud him, Nigel tries to shame them but ends up sounding rude. Wade said the most true thing, EJ is feminine when he dances which makes the whole thing odd to watch, so he gets the boot.

    Hello Hollyweird, who would have thought? Supercrazy Colin is a geneticist, but i'm sure that by geneticist he means crazy. Before delighting us with some trance stuff he states that he's dancing for Anna Nicole Smith who talks to him from the grave, ok. The judges are actually a little too much kind with this guy in comparison to other contestants, Wade even thanks him for being who he is (guess you didn't see the Anna talking from the afterlife part uh Wade?) so he threatens us to come back next year.

    Looks like we'll have a lot of heartbreaking stories in this episode, and Olivia is our very first, she dances for her mom who found out she has brast cancer. Olivia is nice to watch but the years without training really show, plus she's lip-syncing which bothers me but she deserves the choreography round.

    Oh another weirdo, this one looks like a Power Ranger dressed up for prom. He's wearing a golden mask and names himself the Gold Inferno, the champion of Jump Style, self declared obviously. I can't quite figure out this guy, he makes some jokes which clearly show he doesn't take himself seriously, i bet he didn't think the judges were going to send him to the choreography, but looks like they are possibily drunk.
    Amanda is next, and she tells us she really can dance, which usually calls for disaster, and this time is no exception. She sucks big time, 15 years of training? Ok i don't believe that.

    Next up: our strangest couple yet, Dia and Kurt. Dia can't stop winking and Kurt has had the hiccup for 7 years... 7 years? Don't you just want someone to kill you? They're actually not that bad, but their bad habits show. Nigel laughs his ass off about the winking and Kurt hiccups so there goes Mary, and Wade, and me... ok that was probably the funniest/odd couple so far, choreography for them.

    In the choreography round we see Olivia, Dia and Kurt going on, love Mandy Moore's choreography by the way. Goldie goes home, is he angry for real? Don't think so.

    Jesus kicks off day two in L.A. and he rocks! He's also a lot of fun, hope he goes all the way.
    Welcome back Hok! I love this guy, always a lot of fun to watch, hope he makes it also.
    D-Trix is another B-Boy who, for some reason, i thought would suck, but actually doesn't, he actually rocks. Vegas.

    Brianne is next, pretty girl, who wanted to grow up dancing on a cruise ship, i'm pretty sure that by growing up she meant have sex. Love her song choice, Elisa rocks, her dancing is nice to watch, but not at the level of some others, choreography round.
    Joshua on the other hand sucks, he's doing a... ballroom solo? Ok. And he's looking at the floor, bad thing. Nigel is trying not to be mean and it looks very hard for him! Booted.

    Benji is back, he goofs around a lot and he brought his sister Lacey, she looks EXACTLY like him and Heidi, but is prettier. Ok i will copy this from the SYTYCD Live Blog on Spill: "Her costume is hilarious, it looks like she has a muppet on her boob". The Schwimmers routine is a little bit too much like what Benji did last year, Lacey pulls her face around but rocks none the less, i like her and she gets sent to Vegas, i'm worried tho because Anya and Faina are a tough competition for her to beat. By the way it was classy of Benji to not hang out for the applause.

    After choreography, Brianne gets sent to Vegas.

    Off to Chicago, hi Shane.

    Morgan is a cute little thing, she has an awesome and strong body, her dancing is interesting but i don't see maturity in it, still she has some great tricks and shows a lot of potential and energy, so Vegas.
    Phillip is next, he's a popper, and not just a popper, he's THE SICKEST popper so far, in another league to Ashley and Jamal, he doesn't make eye contact tho, which bothers me. Vegas.
    Next: the Wack montage, and the worst tapper yet, who agrees to be the worst... uh?

    The Gomez brothers look wrapped up for disaster but they're actually not bad. Isauro gets booted because he's not ready, but Yesenia is such a performer, she lacks in technique but boy, does she make up for it with her edge! Choreography round and she goes on.

    Day two starts with goofy Lindy Hoppers Evita and Mike, i don't really dig Lindy Hop so i won't critique their dancing, Mary praises them, Vegas.
    Next is some awesome people montage, ok there's this girl who was shown also in the NY episode she's really pretty and they keep showing the judges praising her and Shane telling her she's one of the best, i'm so gonna keep an eye on her.

    Janet is next and she's quite nice, not great, i was about to say that her left arm looked bad when Nigel said it was prosthetic... what? I would never have noticed, i applaud her. She gets through choreography round and to Vegas.

    Quincy is the last one of the episode, his story is heartbreaking, i won't even comment on it because i think he deserves better. Good luck to him.

    Atlanta is next.
  • Nice audition night.

    Okay, Los Angelos. First, Benji's sister Lacy was awesome! Probably my favorite of Los Angelos. It was oh wow. Others that asian guy that made it Hollywood last year... well yeah I can't remember people's names ok? The other girl who's mom had a transplant or something, I'm glad she made it. Oh yeah and that hiccup and wink pair yeah that was funny but the guy stopped hiccuping *laughs*. The Pussycat Dolls choerography(how do you spell that?) was amusing to watch. Chicago next. The first girl was really good with the Girlfriend song was real good actually with the cartwheel split thing. What the heck was with the second guy though? How did he make it? (I hope this is just some joke that I didn't get). Oh my gosh the Gomez girl wow I was like wow when they told her she was going to Vegas lol. The "couple" that wasn't really the "couple" did well, even though I am not a fan of swing. The girl with the prostetic arm I would have no clue but her story is really sad I wish the best for her. Glad she made it after that. Also I am sad for the guy with the metal leg and everything, must be real harsh. So, it was a good night overall.