So You Think You Can Dance

Season 2 Episode 23


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Aug 16, 2006 on FOX
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Through a series of dances, both new and old, the final winner of the season is revealed.

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  • loved it!!

    I loved the finale!! the week before was great and so was the finale!! I'm glad benji won!! I was very happy to see the two guys tanding up there in the top 2!! they were fantastic (allison and ivan were the best though, so was natalie) i loved seeing all the dancers again. and i enjoyed their "give it up to me" performance. they really are all talented!! it was good to see all the judges there and to see some of this seasons best dances again!! i really will miss this show and i CANNOT wait until next season!!moreless
  • I love this show. Dissapointed int he winner, though.

    I really thought this was a good season finale. My absolute favorite dance, thouhg, of the entire season (they performed it) was the one choreographed by Wade Robson, to a sang called Ramalama Bang Bang by roison Murphy. Great siong, fascintating choreography. I have it taped and i watch it over and over again. I didnt really want benji to win. I was like obssessed with travis, so he was the one that i thought was the best. *sigh* oh well.

    So this is the second season in a row that the winner has been a guy. My opinion: The only reason guys are the dominant winners is becuase mostly girls watch the show, thereofre mostly girls vote. Is that enough of an explanation?

    America may not have picked the right guy, but hey, my second favorite won, so im happy.moreless
  • Great show glad he won.

    When the top 10 dancers were announced in my mind I had already picked Benji to e one of the finalists. In my heart I knew he would win. I honestly thought it would be down to him and Heidi going head to head for the win but I was happy with him and Travis. I knew Donyelle wouldn\'t win because personally I thought that Heidi was better and that I also hoped Benji would win. Travis is such an incredible dancer, they all were but Benji definitely was very very Well rounded. He had the personality to back up his dancing and he was such a fun person to watch dance. I\'m glad Benji won!!! :)moreless
  • The two-hour conclusion where we learn who the winner is...

    This was the two-hour conclusion to So You Think You Can Dance. The top 20 were all back, and we had five judges present, although they really didn't do much other than pick dances.

    But it was a great finale. There were group dances and couple dances; each of the top 4 got to choose their favorite dance, and the judges also chose some favorites as well. This meant that we all got to see some of the best dances of the season: Benji and Heidi's mambo; Ivan and Allison's contemporary dance; Travis and Heidi's contemporary dance, and Donyelle and Benji's Broadway dance. And the entire group did the Zombie dance, which was fantastic and I'm glad that I got another chance to see it.

    I thought this would be like seeing the top 10 on tour; I'm not going to be able to see the live tour, so this show had to fill in for that. And it did. It was great; seeing the dancers who went home early; seeing the favorites again. Just marvellous!

    The only thing that they didn't do that would have made it perfect for me was to say who the top ~female~ dancer was. We know that Benji is Number 1; and we don't need to know the order for 2, 3, and 4, but if they'd just told us which girl got the most votes. As it is, we don't even really know which person is Number 2; we only know that Benji is Number 1, which is what I wanted to hear all season!

    Congratulations, Benji!moreless
  • I can't say I'm shocked with who won, and I was routing for him myself. I think everyone did a marvalous job and it was good seeing the other dancers again. I cannot wait to go to the tour and see them all perform once more!moreless

    I really loved the episode. I pretty much knew it was going to be between Benji and Travis way before the show and when I saw them highlight Donyelle's and Heidi's time there I knew they were going before it even started.

    I was glad to see Benji win. He was a great dancer and a great performer. Every dance of his was praised except for one last week (that comes to mind for me) while Travis had multiple weeks in a row where he didn't do his best, but as Travis said they were his kryptonite. I was glad to see some of the other dancers back on to dance again. It was also interesting seeing the zombie dance or whatever to Rama Nama (Bang Bang) [I believe that's the name of the song] with more dancers then the initial dancing of it.

    In some of the group dances (specially the first one with all 20 back on stage) that everyone was not together and people were missin it.

    The dances that the judges and the dancers picked as their favorites matched mine for most of them. I loved the Tranji dance, the dance that Travis and Heidi did around the bench, seeing Allison come back with Ivan was great, and on.

    I also felt bad for Benji when Cat first went to read the card and said, "I'm sorry, you're going to have to wait till after the break." I knew she was going to say this (and she did to Travis too), but poor Benji has gotten pulled around by the judges and everyone soooo many times, I think they do it cause it kinda goes along w/ who he is though.

    Over all it was great and all I know is now I can't wait to go to the tour! I have the tickets just need to wait for the clock to spin!

    P.S. Oh yea, one of the showings in NY sold out in under 11 minutes once tickets went on sale! I knew they sold fast, but never would have guessed that quick, I was guessing like 30min-an hour. Anyways, for those going to the tour, maybe I'll see you there as well!moreless
Aleksandra Wojda

Aleksandra Wojda

Season 2, Top 16 Female Contestant

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Allison Holker

Season 2, Top 8 Female Contestant

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Ashlee Nino

Season 2, Top 12 Female Contestant

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Ben Susak

Season 2, Top 16 Male Contestant

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Benji Schwimmer

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Dmitry Chaplin

Season 2, Top 10 Male Contestant

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