So You Think You Can Dance

Season 3 Episode 5

Las Vegas Round: Call-Back Week

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 06, 2007 on FOX

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  • The preview of Hell!

    What happens in Vegas stays on Vegas... or not!

    Shane is the first one to take on the dancers by teaching hip-hop, and takes the chance to scare the crap out of them by yelling "no mistakes allowed, this is your life!"
    Someone is feeling confident and Olivia is not, shut it Olivia, you big whiner, you had more camera time than anyone in this episode you drama queen.

    The almost naked pair Ashley and Katie almost immediately get the boot, adios, together with Brianne and a lot others.
    Michael and Evita, the goofy lindy hoppers, don't do so well and have to dance for their lives, Olivia doesn't shine but is through.
    It's time to lindy hop, Mike and Eva are, of course, adorable and the judges give them another chance.

    It's samba with Mary, hello Dmitry nice to see you, Lacey looks awesome in reharsal; Janet, the girl with the prosthetic arm, is paired with ballrom Pasha, they look awesome and the prosthetic arm is, once again, virtually unnoticeable; Faina rules and Olivia is through.
    We meet Kaylin and Jay who have never done samba, Jay sucks big time, Kaylin is reasonably good, Jay gets cut and complains a lot about Kay, which isn't really elegant, so long Jay.

    A couple of noes and then we see hardass Mia taking on the dancers.
    The dancers who didn't have classical/contemporary/jazz training are struggling a lot.
    Mike and Eva keep sucking, and only Eva gets the chance to dance to stay, Yesenia, who we met in Chicago, isn't also doing good and she gets the boot.
    Hello Ricky, you are really good, Mia falls immediately in love, and the other judges compliment him as well, which he ruins all by showing off 2 inches from the camera.

    Some b-boys get to dance for their life, including Hok, and they rule, then we see Jamal who decides to do... tap? Ok, he's a lot of personality but the judges are not fooled, see you.
    Mike helps Eva in dancing for her life, not enough, sorry Eva, you're adorable but just not versatile enough, wish you well.

    Oh, what is this? Ahà i knew it, SYTYCD tries to emule the drama of AI's group night, by dividing them in groups and having coreograph and dance a routine.
    Everyone gets a random song.

    We meet, in the first group, two hip-hoppers, Faina and Jaimie Goodwin (who i love), they don't exactly click right away but work hard and don't actually look bad. The guy however is not very good and gets cut.

    The second group includes the adorable Lauren and Olivia who, surprise surprise, whines the whole time.
    In the end they do a good job anyway, however Hanna-Lee dances for her life with an injured ankle.

    A lot of other groups do a good job, apart from Jessi's who really suck, they all dance for their lives and get mixed reviews, Jessi does a slow popping mixed up with contemporary emotionality, it's good i'm just not so impressed by it as the judges are, she gets to stay anyway and, oh no, the girl i noticed from episode 1/2 goes home, sigh.

    Hanna-Lee does a solo i really don't like, the judges split up but she goes home anyway.

    Who will succeed? I already know.
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