So You Think You Can Dance

Season 3 Episode 6

Las Vegas Round: Call-Back Week

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jun 07, 2007 on FOX

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  • Top 20 revealed!

    We're down to it, tonight the 10 best boys and the 10 best girls will be revealed! Oh i'm beginning to sound like Cat, love ya Cat.

    I'm reviewing late but who cares.

    Everyone performs the last solo before the results are in, oddly, someone seems to be performing the same solo they did at the auditions, lil' time to come up with something new uh guys?
    Last up is Faina, the judges watch her with poker faces but we all know she's in! After performing her pretty little solo however, Faina collapses because of dehydration, drink more girl, you'll need it.

    Before the final decision some dancers are called on stage for what Cat calls a "surprise", of course by surprise she means boot, most of them take it with grace but... what's this? Olivia is surprisingly whining, and basically she spits on the whole experience by saying that she would rather get cut the first day because she didn't like anyone, wow you're making your mom proud, see ya drama queen.

    Let's get down to business, tension can be cut with a knife, first up Kevin Hunt, who being first is clearly getting the boot, along with other 2.

    Then we meet Danny Tidwell, the adopted brother of Travis Wall, who is a strong technician but appears to have let down the judges during Vegas week, he also appears to be a bit arrogant and takes himself far too seriously in my opinion, go get some sense of humor Danny. He's in however, and, cold as a piece of ice, heads back to the waiting room to show off unaware of the fact that the judges, particularly Shane and Mia are concerned about him, Shane calls him a mistake and Mia states that "there's nothing inside", ouch, that's gonna hurt when it airs, we'll see how it goes, usually it helps the ratings to have a "bad guy".
    Next is Ashley (how many Ashleys have there been on this show?) who looks adorable despite her hair and she's in.
    So is the b-boy Dominic, Shane totally lights up in telling him.
    Cedric has had a bad week in Vegas but his own style is so crazy to watch that the judges decide to put him through, however Nigel the almighty is already planning on his exit.
    Some more make it: Jaimie (love ya), and Sabra who looks like she's got out of Fame.

    It's now time for Janet, the amazing girl with the prosthetic arm, replays show us that she was able to melt even Nigel's little heart, she's not through however and, despite the clear cinism of this thought, i can't help to think that maybe they thought that her condition would have bought her some more votes. Still she takes it with a lot of grace, far better than a friend of hers who cries her butt off.

    Ricky Palomino is up next and he sucks up to pretty much everyone in his interview, from Cat to Mia. His talent is obvious however and i laugh my ass off when Nigel states he finds him "a little strange", he does behave ankwardly sometimes but we know Mia loves weirdos so he's in and rushes to Cat to get an hug.

    Uh, hot ballroom couple Anya and Pasha; Anya is clearly through they don't even tease her, however Pasha has had a bad week, especially in Mia's class where, as the tapes show, he sucked big time, but we're lacking ballroom men so he's in and Anya does an adorable joke by hugging him and then pushing him away saying "wait a minute, you're my competition now". Guess Pasha didn't get it because he had a pretty dumb look on his face.

    Faina is scared by their success and Mary can't resist to kick her while she's down, then when she looks on the brink of suicide she admits she's in.
    The judges do basically the same thing with Lauren, who's so in, looks like the judges wanted to be even more tricky this season, maybe they think that if they don't push them to desperation they'll figure out it's a fakeout.

    Next is a b-girl named Sara, tapes show us that she's pretty awesome at her craft and, in my opinion, she seems to have had a fairly good week in Vegas, you're in Sara.
    Then is a winning streak: Cameron, some guy, Shauna and Chuy make it and... what's this? The guy i noticed in the NY auditions actually made it, hire me Nigel, i'll spot your top 20. Heather ends the streak, she looks adorable but we don't know her so we have the right not to care.

    Jessi the oil girl has her turn now, Nigel takes it to the limit by basically kicking her off before admitting she made it, this makes poor Jessi crack under the pressure revealing she feels too old to try next year, which at the age of 25, is a statement that must have depressed half the over 30s of the country. Jessi keeps crying for about half an hour before revealing she's in to the other contestants.

    A few more cuts, which Caitlin is a part of *ouch* and then the last four contestants, ok i admit i found this last part pretty boring so i'll just say Hok and Lacey are in, Twitch and random girl will maybe be seen next year.
  • The Top 20 revealed, the Judges playing the people, and people you expected to see in the Top 20 going home. Oh My!

    Well, here it is. SYTYCD's third season Top 20. It was a very exciting episode I must say, as they could have just revealed the Top 20, but they made it suspenseful.

    First, the 50 contestents remaining have to do one final solo to show why they deserve to be in the Top 20. As usual, they show clips of all the dancers doing there solos. It looks like some people did the same solo they did for there audition (Noticebly Lauren Gottlieb and Jesus Solorio). The final solo is Faina Savich, and after doing her Latin solo, she collapses backstage because of dehydration. She recovers, and is just a little shocked. I guess Vegas Week can be a toll on your body.

    Before they reveal the Top 20, the judges bring 16 people of the 50 contestents left and eliminate them all. One of the people eliminated was Olivia Usey, who has been a total whiner from the first time we saw her. She complains, but I think alot of people in America were happy.

    34 people left, 17 boys and 17 girls. Thats a coincidence if I ever saw one! So, the judges have a chat to decide the Top 20 while the remaining contestants sweat backstage. It looks like some people were ready to pass out.

    Now we get to the results. One by one people will go out where the judges will say Yes or No. First person up is Kevin Hunt, who feels confident that he can make it to the Top 20. Mia tells him he is good, but not good enough for this season. Bye Bye Kevin. The next two people up get the same bad luck as Kevin and are booted from the competition.

    Next person up is Danny Tidwell, the older adoptive brother of last year's runner-up Travis Wall. He auditioned in New York and blew the judges away with his contemporary solo (Probably like Travis). During Vegas week, Mia was dissapointed with him and Shane did not like his attitude saying he was too cocky. They tell this to Danny, but he is in the Top 20! As he walks off, Shane shakes his head saying that he thinks its a mistake. Danny came off a little to cocky for me, so it looks like he won't do so hot for the populartiy part of the competition.

    Contemporary dancer Ashlee Langas is up next, who had impressed the judges throughout Vegas week. She is in, and she can't even speak! B-Boy Dominic "D-trix" Sandoval is up, and Shane says he better show people what he can do besides Hip-Hop because he is in the Top 20! Hip-Hop/Popper Cedric Gardner is up next, who is split by the judges. See, he hasn't done good during the Contemporary or Samba parts of the week, and the only thing that keeps saving him is his solos (Which always impress Mary, Shane, and Mia). Nigel thinks he will just bring the girls down, but he is in the Top 20! I like him, I just hope he can do partner dances.

    Two more people get put through, where they only show there reactions. Contemporary dancers Jamie Goodwin and Sabra Johnson. I wish they would just show the whole thing, but Sabra gets my vote for best and funniest reaction ever. "Oh my God!!!!!"

    Before I continue, let me just say that the judges just plain out miliking it to the contestants got boring after...the first one. It just makes you want to punch Mary Murphey in the face for nearly scaring them half to death.

    Janet Bombard (The lady with the Prothestic Arm) is up next, who seems to have touched the judges in dance and soul. She made Nigel cry! Unfortunately, she is not in the Top 20. I am sad, she defintely would have won if she got through.

    Ballroom dancers Anya Garnis and Pasha Kovalev are next. Judges love Anya and put her through. They question Pasha being able to do different styles, but he is through as well. With two Ballroom dancers already in, it looks meek for Ballroom dancer Faina Savich (Sister of Stanislav from last year's Top 20). But she is in! More excitement! Lauren Gottlieb, Contemporary dancer who helped Tyce Diorio last year, is in! The judges tell her that there was some controversey putting her in, but they don't care.

    The only B-girl in the competition, Sara Von Gillern, is hoping she can make it. The judges give her the whole "Its been tough for the Top 10 girls this year" case, but she is in! I am glad, because it gives a variety from the majority of girl Contemporary dancers.

    Of course they have to show some tear jerkers, as they eliminate some more people. Noticebly Caitlin Cuchara (Spelling Problem) from Atlanta and Heather from last year who GF to Top 16 dancer Ben. I was shocked they didn't put Caitlin through. She could do one hell of a solo.

    More people in without showing them except for 15 second clips. Contemporary dancers Kameron Bink, Jimmy Arguello, Neil Haskell, Jesus Solorio (Everyone in America was probably going CHUY!), and Shauna Noland made it through!

    Jessi Perlata (Baby Oil lady)makes it. Not suprised, her performances are really good, some may disagree though.

    Ricky Palomino, the Contemporary dancer who auditioned in Atlanta and made Mia nearly fall over her chair, is through. Nigel calls him strange, and is the only he thinks about is Sex? Cat better watch out.

    4 people left, two guys and two girls. First the guys, which include Breakers Twitch and Hok (The one with the bad visa from last year). The judges say they are both unique, but Hok is the one going through. I was not suprised at all, and neither was anyone in America. He has been a judge favorite this whole time.

    The two girls now, Kristen and Ballroom dancer Lacey Schwimmer (Benji's little sister). Suspense, but of course Lacey makes it. They say she barely scraped through, so she better watch it.

    So there they are, the Top 20. Some interesting choices, but I seriously think Danny, Faina, and Lacey are going to have trouble because they have siblings that have been in the finals before. I am just glad they showed the whole Top 20! The producers did something right!

    Top 20 list: Girls:

    Anya (Ballroom) Ashlee (Contemporary)
    Faina (Ballroom)
    Jamie (Contemporary)
    Jessi (Hip-Hop)
    Lacey (Ballroom)
    Lauren (Contemporary)
    Sabra (Contemporary)
    Sara (B-girl)
    Shauna (Contemporary)


    Cedric (Popper)
    Danny (Contemporary)
    Dominic (B-boy)
    Hok (Breaking)
    Jesus (Contemporary)
    Jimmy (Contemporary)
    Kameron (Contemporary)
    Neil (Contemporary)
    Pasha (Ballroom)
    Ricky (Contemporary)