So You Think You Can Dance

Season 6 Episode 9

Las Vegas Round/Top 20 Chosen

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Oct 21, 2009 on FOX

Episode Recap

After a brutal Vegas week, 152 dancers have been pared down to just 38. Those 38 dancers have been flown to Hollywood where Mary Murphy, Nigel Lythgoe, Adam Shankman, Mia Michaels, Tyce Diorio and Debbie Allen will decide their fate and reveal the top 20 dancers.

First up to learn his fate is Nathan Trasoras. He actually auditioned for Season 5 but was too young. The judges were so impressed with him that they gave him a deferred ticket to Vegas for this season. Mia reveals that Nathan has made the Top 20. Highlights are shown of other dancers who receive the bad news that they have not been selected. David Hovhannisyan is called from the holding room. He auditioned in Los Angeles and wowed the judges with his ballet dancing. However, Mary reveals that he has not made the top 20. She encourages him to open up more in his dancing. The other dancers were shocked.

Katherine McCormick, who cried through her interview and at the judges' panel, learns from Mia that she has made the top 20. She cries with happiness. Channing Cooke is called next. Nigel tells her that she will need to work on her partnering skills because she will need them in the top 20. Ariana Debose and Ellenore Scott are next to learn that they have made the top 20. The girls' spots are filling up quickly. Noelle Marsh and Mollee Gray become distraught because they are afraid they will be separated as more girls make it through.

Billy Bell is next to be called before the judges. He is currently on scholarship to the Julliard School and Debbie Allen tells him he will have to put that on hold since he's made the top 20. Jake Guidry and Brandon Dumlao are next to learn their fate. They have both been cut. Amber Jackson is called next. Though she had a lackluster audition, she did very well during Vegas week. Mary tells her that she is technically gifted but needs to do more to let her personality out. She does not get a spot in the top 20. The other dancers are stunned and some cry. Russell Ferguson worries that as a krumper he doesn't stand a chance when someone as talented as Amber gets cut. He takes to the stage next to learn his fate. Mia reveals that he's made the top 20 Russell breaks down and cries as the judges clap for him. Russell is the first krumper to ever make the top 20. Kevin Hunte is next to learn that he will be in the top 20.

This year there are 3 tappers who have made it to the final group, Bianca Revels, Phillip Attmore and Peter Sabasino. They worry that there will not be room for all three tappers in the top 20. Bianca is called next to learn her fate. Nigel tells her that if their decision was just based on her tapping she would make it but they have to consider everything…and she still made it. Bianca is in the top 20. Phillip Attmore is next to see the judges. Phillip tries to explain his defensiveness from earlier in Vegas week. Mia cautions him to be a good person. Phillip makes the top 20. Pete Sabasino was the last tapper to the stage. Mary tells him to be proud that he's made it this far and that history can be made since all three tappers have made it through. Highlights are shown of the next several dancers who were all cut. Victor Smalley is called to the stage. Earlier in the week he cut off his hair after the judges commented that it was distracting them. The hair cut must have made the difference since the judges decided to put him through to the top 20. Jakob Karr learns next that he will also be in the top 20.

By 2:30 p.m., there are only 5 spots left in the top 20. Mollee Gray is called next to the stage. Nigel tells her that she dances with the maturity of a 14-15 year old and that she would need to grow since she's made the top 20. Pauline Mata, who injured herself during Vegas week after the Broadway round is next to learn her fate. She wasn't sure they could consider her because she didn't finish the week. However, Adam reveals that she had made the top 20 because they loved her performance prior to the injury. Noelle Marsh, Mollee's best friend, is called next to the stage. She was cut last season after the Broadway routine during Vegas week. Tyce reveals that this season she has made the top 20. Highlights are shown of more dancers getting the axe. Jonathan "Legacy" Perez is brought on stage to learn his fate. The judges try to trick him into thinking he's been cut but he's actually made the top 20.

There are 2 spots left for the girls and three girls left waiting. Paula van Oppen is called next to the stage. She wowed the judges and learned she has made the top 20. There are four dancers left, all ballroom dancers, including married couple Ryan and Ashleigh DiLello. There is one spot open for the guys and one for the girls. Ryan DiLello and Gene Bersten are called in together. Mary reveals that they were close and the ballroom dancer selected would have big shoes to fill. She then reveals that the dancer in the top 20 is Ryan. The last two dancers to learn their fate are Karen Hauer and Ashleigh DiLello. They are brought on stage together. Nigel tells Ashleigh that her husband has made it through and she cries. She then learns that Karen has made the top 20. Karen enters the holding room to announce she has made the top 20. Ryan breaks down and waits for his wife to come through the curtain. When she finally comes through, she announces she also made the show to everyone's shock. They then learn that Paula van Oppen was offered a role in a movie and turned down her spot on the show. Ashleigh was then given her spot.

The top 20:

Nathan Trasoras – Contemporary

Kathryn McCormick – Contemporary

Channing Cooke – Contemporary

Ariana DeBose – Contemporary

Ellenore Scott – Jazz

Mollee Gray – Jazz

Noelle Marsh – Contemporary

Billy Bell – Contemporary

Russell Ferguson – Krump

Kevin "K'Bez" Hunte – Hip-hop

Bianca Revels – Tap

Phillip Attmore – Tap

Peter Sabasino - Tap

Victor Smalley – Contemporary

Jakob Karr – Contemporary

Pauline Mata – Jazz

Jonathan "Legacy" Perez – B-boy

Ryan DiLello – Ballroom

Karen Hauer – Ballroom

Ashleigh DiLello - Ballroom