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  • Kid's dancing sexy?? Creepy and just wrong

    Why??? That is what I want to know. The children are cute but it is very unsettling to see children bumping and grinding, trying to look sensual?? They are children - these types of dances are for adults who have experienced life and the emotions of life, not to mention the pure beauty of two adults coming together to tell a story. SO DISAPPOINTED - have been watching the show since the beginning and last year was so-so but at least they were adults. If I want cute children dancers, I will watch America's Got Talent. Guess I will just have to wait for Dancing With Stars. Fox, you screwed the pooch on this one.
  • RIP So you think you can dance

    stopped watching this season. who wants to see kids dance other than their parents. this is waste of time and money. once this show was the best dancing show in television.
  • KIDS??? Worst idea ever

    The minute I saw it was "kids", I removed it from my Hulu queue. Yes kids can dance, but I think of dancing more as an art form where emotions, sensuality and more complex adult expressions can make a good dancer great. Kids dancing are cute, but I expect more from a weekly show then just a "cuteness" competition.
  • Won't watch this year do not like new format

    I want to watch dancers after they've gone through all the young years once they become very good dancers hate this new format.
  • Leave our kids alone

    Kids should be spared.

    The show went down hill when Mary Murphy left
  • SYTYCD Child Abuse

    Someone needs to tell Fox and Nigel that making kids cry on TV is not entertainment, but instead, child abuse. Using our kids for entertainment is lurid and creepy, and putting them in competitive, high pressure situations where they are judged is just plain wrong. Fox, you have lost a loyal TV household this season. We will tune in again when you bring back Mary and Adam Shankman.

    What's with the kids show - on prime time of all things. DOn't call it SYTYCD Next Gen -- Tiny Talent Time is a more appropriate moniker. I've been watching the show since Season 1 - -not impressed - will take a pass on this year - hope we see an adult version next year - if you survive the ratings this year.
  • Worst Idea Ever

    It's lurid now. Just creepy.
  • See y'a next year SYTYCD, if you survive this year that is

    So this year is KIDS... WTH! way to destroy a show FOX. I am so not interested in watching kids dance. I don't understand why the idots at FOX decided on this. It's one of the worst ideas they could think-up for this show.
  • Dance

    Don't teach the world just how to dance, there are much useful things that a person needs to learn and implement in his/her life. Not just become a Nachaniya.
  • Opted out of this season

    I've been watching this show since season 2. I saw Travis Wall's audition randomly when I was flipping channels that night and I was immediately taken by his intensity and passion. I watched the rest of that season just to see him and I fell in love with the entire show. The other dancers, the choreographers, the judges, the music and the routines. It became my new favorite show and I would look foward to its return every year. Over the last couple of years, it did start to become a little stale and with the show constantly facing the threat of cancellation, I knew they would have to switch things up. I didn't expect the firing of Mary Murphy to be that change. Mary truly is the heart and soul of that show. I also didn't anticipate them changing the format and in doing so, eliminating all the different styles of dance I'd grown to love, like ballroom and disco. I certainly appreciate the fact that Twitch and Travis still participate in the show but they've been limited and this show is all about growth and range. I knew that this show would be missing that intensity and passion that I fell in love with so many years ago (and also I knew that Jason and Paula would add nothing) so I decided not to watch. It sounds like I made the right decision. I'm so disappointed that I've lost my favorite show. I don't think we'll ever see anything like it again. Thanks for 10 or so wonderful years, SYTYCD.
  • Please bring back the old format!!

    Missing the couples to root for, the fun surprise dance routines, and guest judges (and Mary). Can do without the multiple dancer routines and the many many audition episodes. They took away what made the show great and added more of what wasn't so great. I'm not sure I'll watch anymore if they do this again next time.
  • Boring Season, Boring Judge Panel

    JUDGE PANEL: The worst part about this season was the judge panel. Paula has no sense of humor and is a major downer. Jason is so monotone, he sounded the same no mater how he felt about the routine and it always took him so long to say what he wanted to say. I have to GIVE NIGEL PROPS because he attempted to add some chemistry and humor but was always promptly squashed by Paula. I miss the funny guest judges and especially Mary Murphy! Please don't make me sit through another season of the same panel next year!

    CHOREOGRAPHY: The choreography was seriously lacking this year. Seemed very below the quality it has been in the past. The ones I love art Stacy Tookey, Travis Wall, NappyTabs, Sonia Tayeh and Christopher Scott.

  • Choreography

    I felt sometimes the dancers received low scores because the choreography was not 100%. You can only dance (sometimes) as good as your choreography. Nice to try a new format to see what works and what doesn't work. The votes are in. Hopefully the producers will do the right thing to get their ratings back up. Congrats to the winner! (I ain't hating)! :0)
  • Terrible format

    This years format of stage vs street horrible. Judges gave tough and terrible criticism to the stage performers. Jim was the best talented dancer and didn't get to the finals???? It was alwYs about the street dancers . Seemed like that was all we were watching. And even numbers going home from each team???? Should have best dancers and highest votes. And the finale was almost all street dancing. I want the emotional graceful dancing, ball room dancing and more trained dancers back! Not saying that street dancing shouldn't be on too but not 90% street and not given advantages or being favored. If this is format and judges for next year won't be watching. And glad that Gabby won! I thought her or Jim would have taken it. Loved Jaja and Vurgil but not to win.
  • not even the same show anymore

    SYTYCD used to be something I looked forward to every week. This year it felt like a chore to watch it. I kept hoping that the next week would be better but I was constantly let down. Firstly, the judging panel was absolutely terrible. There was no chemistry whatsoever, and it was painful to listen to Jason and ESPECIALLY Paula try to sound like they knew what they were talking about. Mary's energy was desperately needed. Also, the whole format of stage vs. street was a total let down. All it succeeded in was degrading the street dancers and making excuses for certain dancers not to live up to the standards and technique of specific styles. There should have been two separate shows, or they shouldn't have combined the stage and street dancers for weekly routines. Throughout the season, I wasn't extremely attached to any of the dancers, whereas last year I knew from the first episode that I would wholeheartedly rout for Ricky and Jessica. All of the dancers were pretty bland and no one ever stood out to me. The one dancer who did was Jaja, and I was very disappointed that she didn't win given that Gaby is such a typical contestant and someone that won't be remembered in 2 months from now. Lastly, the choreography completely lacked this season. Where were the life changing Sonya Tayeh and Travis Wall routines? This show used to have me crying over countless routines and this year I didn't shed a tear. There were good dances, don't get me wrong, but nothing really moved me this year. I miss the SYTYCD that inspired me to become a better dancer. This season left me with a sour taste in my mouth and a relatively negative view on the dance world. If nothing changes, don't count on my view for next year.
  • Please bring back guest judges!

    Jason Derulo is horrible! Bring back guest judges and ballroom. This is by far the worst season ever.
  • This season of sytycd is totally boring.

    The 2015 show is just boring. Bad idea: stage and street. Sorry Nigel, you need a couple of upbeat judges for your repartee. Paula can't talk and is a total yawn week after week. So is Derulo. Mary's energy is much needed. Guest judges Or another upbeat energetic person. Think this might be the swan song.
  • So Sad - This show has gone downhill fast this season!

    Miss the old format, actual judging (can't stand Paula; she's the reason I stopped watching American Idol), and dance variety. Now it's all hip-hop (really get tired of all the crotch-grabbing; it's so stupid), more hip-hop, contemporary and, oh, hip-hop. Hip-hop is so boring, nothing seems to be new. Where's the ballroom and other variety this season? It got a little better towards the end, but where are the costumes? Did you spend all the money on the new set and have nothing left over for talented choreographers, costumes and valid judges? Probably won't watch next season, if you can manage to bring it back. Congrats to Cat!
  • Nigel, What ARE YOU Thinking?

    If a massive back wall of lights & criss-crosses overtake 2 little dances - I can't see the dance & can't FEEL the story!!!!! When I don't feel much I change the channel.

    This show used to be full of dances that transported me & inspired me, the guest choreographers were fabulous! and so was Mary!

    Cat talking like a mother hen is a bit too much for goodness sake.

    I like Jason & Paula, especially Jason but you don't have fun or chemistry with them.

    Please come back to the golden era of SYTYCD & wait 'till the end of the show to tell dancers & us who has the least votes. I can't enjoy it no more. Plllllllllllllllllease bring back the original format.
  • Love this show - this style - these dancers - HATE PAULA!!

    Having Paula on this show is so useless. Just record her telling everyone how great they are and then making rude comments to Nigel. Bring back Mary Murphy - she was a joy even when she screamed all the time. I personally liked Jason and found that he gave useful criticism to all dancers.

    I do miss the old format in that there seemed to be a better variety of dance styles. This year MANY of the dances were rather tasteless - I didn't want my children watching some of the routines and this has always been our family favorite.

    The dancers are amazing -- where are all of the choreographs?? There was such a great variety of dance and styles because of these people. They should be there making this show as awesome as it should be. I enjoyed seeing them as judges - Adam Shankman? Mia Michaels? where are you? Doesn't the show want to pay for these guest judges?

    Please make changes -- and Paula should be the main one - get rid of her!
  • Missing all the ballroom dance styles

    Really disappointed this year. Missing all the ballroom dance styles. Tired of contemporary and hip hop the entire season. Please go back to the old format and old judges. We want Mary back!! Go away Paula and Jason!
  • I miss ballroom, salsa, disco, etc.

    I personally would like to see the past format, more ballroom, salsa, Latin influences, disco, less street. More balance.
  • worst season ever

    I'm so disappointed with this season! Always one of my favorite shows, this season just didn't cut it! The dancers were amazing, but the format and judges just ruined it! I love Paula, but not for this Jason?????? Even Nigel wasn't the same without his sidekick Mary! BRING BACK MARY MURPHY!!!!!!
  • Judge4

    Ever wonder why you are losing your audience. final 4 and the judges are acting weird and competing against each other with good comments for their favorite dancer or negative to bring down another dancer WOW
  • I hate this season

    I really don't like the stage v street!! I try to watch but I'm really disappointed that there isn't a variety of dances, like salsa numbers, disco, ballroom; etc. Now those are a real challenge!! I don't care to watch anymore!!

    I really, really don't care for this new format. There is NO MAGIC in the show this season. The choreography has been great, but just don't see any true, wholehearted jumping into character for the dancers. This is not to say that these are not great dancers, they are. But are they STARS?? Where are their personalities? Ew... and the judging panel - I don't want to hear what my 12 year old could say. Paula and Jason need to go. I am utterly bored period. I had to go back to the other seasons to be excited and entertained.
  • And the final judge from Team SYTYCD...

    Our new judges may have experience in dance, performance, and choreo, however, their judging skills aren't up to par. No of the judges have chemistry. Kat and Nigel's jokes aren't funny, or smooth. It's starting to get embarrassing. I'm used to Nigel's comments and critique, but lately he keeps reiterating why street should be part of the dance industry. It's starting to sound more like an, "I told you blah blah" and a way to promote street dancing rather than just being happy that street is being recognized. And now back to Jason and Paula, they stumble so much on their words that it makes it hard to listen to them. Sometimes, it sounds like they are trying to watch their words and not hurt anyone's feeling; making it into a bunch of jarbled words that make no sense. I don't know but I think the judges need to start getting voted off. Bring in the guest judges, take out Jason and Paula. I actually loved it when it was Mia Michaels and the other pro choreographers critiquing. Oh and one more thing, the camera and stage doesn't help the dancers this year. Did they fire people? What's going on at SYTYCD?
  • USED to be a rabid fan! Am so mad about new format I can barely watch the show and now don't care who wins each week.

    HATE the new format! New stage is too small. Camera work is still bad. Amateurs shouldn't have to compete with Pros as partners because they will always look unpolished/bad. I used to care about partnerships and individuals and now I don't because my eye is always going to the pro - except in the case of Comfort who I can't believe they brought back cause she looks sloppy and sluggish. They used to praise the choreographers to choreographing to the couples strength. So how does that happen now when the pro is in their strength area and the contestant isn't?
  • hands down, worst season

    With Jim gone, there is no reason even to vote this week.

    Having to keep an equal number of street and stage dancers is ridiculous. The street dancers cannot compete without that contrivance.

    I look forward to the SYTYCD season every year, but this one is a huge disappointment. The All Stars and Jim were the only bright spots.

    Travis and tWitch have been diminished and trivialized by their roles this season.
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