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  • Contestants from across the country compete to be named the top dancer in this American Idol structured show.

    I'm not usually a fan of reality television, especially talent competitions. But there is just something deeply cool about seeing the different styles of dance portrayed on this show. I mean, the contemporary bench routine from a season or two ago- absolutely amazing. It is just really great to be exposed to so many different styles, danced by some of the best in the country. And for once, a competition has managed to get a likable host in Cat. She's sweet, funny, and entertaining, and both stands out while letting most of the attention land on the dancers. Overall, one of my top 10!
  • season 4 auditions: la

    im sorry, i just love sytycd! another round of fun-filled auditions. was VERY disappointed seeing "sex" and the "golden whatever" back. do they honestly think they can dance? VERY happy when nigel called out "david". lol. hopefully now he'll get the picture and wont come back. but just out of curiousity, i'd love to see the golden guy's face. =P wasnt really excited about anyone except victor kim (who made it to choreography but not vegas) and that awesome popper at the very end. they were right, they did save the best for last. i really hope he can make all the way. i agree with nigel, he's my favorite of the entire competition.... so far. it's only just begun, and i cant wait til next week!
  • SEASON 4 is here, YEAHHHHHH!!! I love this show every part of it. Dancing with the stars and any other dance shows cannot touch SUTUCD(abbreviation of the shows name). All the SUTUCD fans out there let me hear u SCREAMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!

    I started watching SUTUCD in season 2 and i loved it then and i love it now. It truly is the GREATEST dance show that ever been on tv, and i am amped and fired up about this season. As much as i enjoy Dancing with the stars, especially the season with Stacy Keibler and she's from Baltimore where im from she should of won after all those 30s she pulled, So you think you can dance reigns supreme over all dance shows. The reason why I say this is because Nigel lythgoe and the rest of the crew, gives opportunities to anyone who auditions to help their dream of becoming a pro dancer become a reality. And that's why im big on this show and with all that said, I bid you adieu.
  • Best dance show out there!

    Oh my God, I love dancing. This show is the best dance show out there. Especially for those of us who don't want to watch shows like Dancing with the Stars. This show is about new, fresh, amazing talent and I like the audition part the most. Watching al the different styles of dance, the different outfits, different personalities and different backstories. I love the music they choose to audition to and I'm amazed at some of the dansroutines the choreographers come up with. It invites you to change the way you look at a certain style of dancing or makes you listen to a song you heard a thousand times in a completely different way. I am a true fan of season 2 (couldn't download 1 so that's a shame) and currently watching the australian version. Cheers, mate!
  • Yea d o m i n i c a n d l a u r e n s i t t i n g i n a t r e e k i s s in g w h i le d a n ci n g r u m ba a n d k r u mp

    I love this show i think dominic and lauren are great thogether like the dace of rumba and krump i love krump and rumba beacuse its so great but i dont feel good when dominic and sabra danced and not lauren with neo beacuse i like dominic and lauren thogether i feeld strange of the kiss thit they gived beacuse i i i i feel like its strange but i love them thogether and not lauren with ne-o or sabra with domonic but o then is the life like that jejeje jeje j e je je je je je je je.
  • An awesome show with all different types of dancing styles ranging from hip hop to latin ballroom. They choose a cast of 20 dancers and they compete for America's Favorite Dancer!

    This show is super great!
    All of the dancers that they choose are always wonderful dancers and experts in their style. I think this show really does inspire people to dance. It also is very influencial. I love this show it is definantly in my top 3 favorite shows! I think that the choreographers do a superb job on the choreography and always deliver. Even if you don't care for dancing that much you will and can be surprised by what some of them can do. I just wish this show doesn't only air in the summer and ran through the fall season also.
  • So you think you can dance is definately not a rip-off of American Idol. This show is what we call entertainment at its best!

    At first i'm not interested in including this show as my weekly fix of reality tv shows (believe me, i have a lot of shows to watch over the weekdays). But then again, when i watch the latest installment of the show, i am sure it is worth the time watching.

    The series starts off with an audition episodes like in American Idol, where we see the talented and also the bizarre ones who claim they can dance. Then it's off to Las Vegas where they have dozens of hopefuls to be filtered out into 20 finalists.

    The finals is the part i like to watch the most. Dancers are paired up by the producers and they have to randomly choose the dance style they are dancing. Dance styles raging from hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, waltz, quickstep, disco and so much more which leave the audience excited and entertained, or emotionally drawn into the performances.

    What I like about this show is the fact that dancers who specialize a certain genre has to, and even excel the dance styles they never even heard of. This makes me so amused and in awe of their performances.

    The Judges and the choreographers play a great part to keep the show in their high standards. The judges include the occasionally funny Nigel Lithgoe, the crazy-but-lovable Mary Murphy and the other choreographers who are very professional in their dance styles.

    Overall this show is definately for the ones who love to watch dances, and also others who love quality tv.
  • A show when 20 dancers compete to become America's favorite dancer

    This show is one of my favorite shows. The dancers are amazing, but some I don't even know why they owuld want to audition and humiliate themselves so much on natinol telivision. My favorite part is when the top twenty compete. I'm a dancer so I know jazz modern hip hop lyrical and its so cool to see the choreographers type of or they way they teach their style. Because everyone has their own style and that helps in dance a lot. He dancers every season just keep on getting better and better. The judges sometimes i don't agree with. The hist Cat Deely is really annoying sometimes, but other than that it is one of the best shows. I like it better than American Idol.
  • So You Think You Can Dance, while not as good as American Idol in my opinion, still comes off as a decent summer show.

    So You Think You Can Dance is basically taking a concept like American Idol, only making it a dance competition. The show itself if fairly interesting and you get to see a whole bunch of different people and styles. For me, it lacks the grandeur of American Idol however. It feels more like just a summer entertainment show while you wait for American Idol comes back. The show is worth giving a chance though because it does have aspects which make it unique. So I'll sum this up by saying, watch the show if you want and give it a chance; if you're a diehard Idol fan like me though, you may be a bit dissapointed, simply becuase...well, few talent shows are better than Idol, right?
  • I know I can't dance, that's why I love to watch people that can.

    So You Think You Can Dance? is a really fun show to watch. I mean, aside from them showing people that really have no business trying out for the show (which in itself is very entertaining), the most impressive part of the show to me are those truley talented dancers that put their all into the competition. I do like most all of the judges as well, except for the one with the crazy laugh.... she scares me. The thing I like about the judging is that it doesn't seem staged or that people are just going with the flow of the other judges. Either you're good, mediocre, or you stink, and each one will tell you what they think. And from their decisions to the last bit of the competition, it seems they make great choices because it's always fun to see who comes out as number one.
  • I love it more than American Idol...

    In this show, dancers compete to prove to America that they are the best. Every week, two people (one guy and one girl) from the original top twenty are eliminated. Elimination generally changes every season, so I won't go into great detail with that.

    Why do i like this better than American Idol? Well, first of all, there is a less likely chance than another Sanjaya will rear its ugly head and ruin the show for me (although Cedric came close). Also, dancing is something you can only do if you enjoy it. For singing, most people just do it for the fame, but in dancing, there are lots of injuries, discouragement, and pain to endure, so only if you truly love it can you succeed. So we know that these people don't just want the $200,000 (that is how much they win, right?) and fame. They have something called passion. And besides, dancing is twice as much fun to watch as singing!!
  • this show is so cool, just ever y wekk it gets better and bettter.

    From FOX, the creators of American Idol and the producers of American Bandstand and The American Music Awards comes So You Think You Can Dance.

    In its sophomore season, this show is offering the winner a one year contract for Celine Dion's Vegas show, a brand new car and $100K cash. Contestants perform a particular style of dance each week with a partner. The audience votes on their favorite couple leaving the 3 couples with the least votes up for elimination. After each dancer performs a solo of their choice for the judges, one male and one female contestant are up for elimination.this show is so cool every week.
  • A dance show with dancers,choreographers,and cute guys.

    i love this show!!i really just started wathing it at the end of season 2 but am still a big fan.My two favorites in season 3 are Pasha and Neil because of their dancing,personalities and looks.This show has amazing choreographers who creat amazing dances.Three of my favorite choreographers are Shane Sparks,Wade Robson,and Mia Michaels.In season 3 Benji choreographed a routine for Pasha and Sara it was of the west coast swing he was funny as usual and the dance was great.The judges are really funny to me. Adam Shankman who is sometimes a guest judge and is the director and choreographer of Hairspray is pretty funny to me.This is a show that i always hate to miss.
  • The perfect example of a perfect reality show.

    I first heard about the show last year, but didn't really pay any attention to it because I'm just not into dancing.
    A few months ago, I was desperate to find the perfect summer show, so I watched the season premiere. Yeah, it was okay, just like any auditions (American Idol, America's got talent etc.), but once the performance shows started, I was simply amazed by how brilliant, smart and fun show full of extraordinary talent this is.

    And why is that? First of all, who doesn't like Cat Deeley? Okay, maybe someone thinks she isn't a great host, but she is a person you just can't hate. Then you have the panel of jIdges ( :D ), and they are everything a panel of judges should be: They're experienced, they're not annoying in any way, they're lovable and funny. Yeah, okay, the third judge is always a different person, but they're all great: Dan Karaty, Shane Sparks, Mia Michaels, Wade Robson, Adam Shankman, Debbie Allen... :) Finally, you have the extraordinary talent. Every single dancer in the top 20 was special, unique and deserved their spot. There are no Sanjayas in this competition, and that's what I simply love about this show. It's all about talent and personality. I really hope SYTYCD won't become like American Idol - the judges there and Seacrest - they're full of themselves because Idol is the biggest hit on television right now, and it's really not just about the singing anymore - it's about Simon Cowell and it's about Sanjayas. Season 3 ends in less than 2 weeks. What really scares me is the fact that I won't have my regular fix of SYTYCD until next June! And that's 10 months away! :(

    People, watch this show! :)))
  • Various dances, various point of views!

    I like "So You Think You Can Dance" because of the various types of dances that are in it. You never know what to expect, especially with the live performances. As you watch it, you just kind of think to yourself, "Did they just mess up?" But they just keep going. A lot of them, after getting kicked off the show, are like, "Just thank you for the opportunity." A lot of them are pretty young and you get a chance to see them mature on the show. However, there are a few who you can't help but wonder how they made it as far as they did.
  • I LOVE this show!

    This is a great show. Very entertaining. I'm not usually a big fan of "reality" shows per say, but I do like this. I'm a big fan of dancing. And to be able to see all of these different routines, and different types of dance that I didn't know existed? It's great. It's also an added bonus to be able to see the "Dance for your Life" solos. To be able to see each take on their own style that the dancers have. I like how even though the dancers may claim to dance the same style, but their solos are completely different. I joined the show late (season 2), but I will definitely continue to watch it.

    Plus, who couldn't love all the attractive people they seem to have on the show? Contestants and Choreographers alike.
  • wow, i could never do that, that is good!!!

    okay, how can they learn that in only five hours, c'mon how can it be done, all i hat is the super long commercial, it's like okay GET BACK to the SHOW!!!! like now, i dont care if you can wire money into my accont, or it 199 down delivers, or even if bones is on at 8 on friday, i am watching So you think you can dance, how can you expect me to care, ya know what i mean. it is hard to tell who will win because every one ROCKS!!!! (i want Hok to win, he's cute!!)
  • I love this show!

    This show is really my summer love.( In the name of Justin Timberlake.) This show brings together the best of the best. And, they dance. I love it. Personally, I think this show is way BETTER than American Idol! The judges are much better too. They're better at spotting talent I mean! This show IN season 3 has had the best Top 20. Dancers like Lacey + Sara. Are the pure reason why I watch this show. They pour out personality, and flair, and TALENT! I hope that the show keeps running. Because, I look forward to this every week!
  • Wow they are good!

    I love this show because I love to dance. It is so fun and I think that hip hop dancing should be an Olympic sport. It is really cool with all that motion and such stuff like that. I could watch a class of hip hop dancers all day maybe. Probably. Most definetly! Yeah I really think this show is cool and hey producers. I have something to say. Yeah I think I can dance! I love dancing it rocks. But I like other sports more though. Sorry. But dancing is still one of the greatest sports ever. Bye bye!
  • From the same producers of "American Idol", this show focuses on dancers. Based on a similar format as "Idol", SYTYCD enables the viewers to vote for their favorites.

    "So You Think You Can Dance" is produced by the same people who brought you "American Idol", only obviously, this show is for dancers. Does this mean that you will see your share of bad auditions? Absolutely. Unlike AI, however, those brought into the top twenty are undeniably talented in their own style of dancing. Then again, that could be my lack of dancing knowledge speaking. Dancers are paired together randomly, and draw a style of dancing out of a hat. All dancers must show that they are skilled and can dance other genres, not only their own. Contemporary, jazz, waltz, and hip-hop are only a few genres that the dancers will do week after week. Many choreographers are given the chance to work with the contestants, and pure magic is sometimes formed.

    Viewers are given the chance to vote for their favorite (not necessarily the best) to keep them in the competition. The bottom three couples will then "dance for their lives". The three judges will make a decision based strictly on their twenty second solo, and decide who will be sent home.

    Reality talent show junkies such as myself will enjoy this show.
  • not very entertaining...

    I tried a couple of times to watch this show, but I couldn't watch it for more than a few minutes each time. The host is so annoying and her voice is just irritating. The judging part is mildy intersting. The dancers dance,'s just boreing to me. It's another American Idol show and I'm just tired of it. The only thing I actually liked about it was Benji, which I think won last season. He was pretty interesting and funny and made the show a bit interesting. Overall, though, the show is just unorigonal and irritating and I'd honestly rather watch nothing than it.
  • It started three years ago and ever since has grown. It's about twenty dancers competing for the prize of America's Favorite Dance. In the show the contestant's battle it out with different styles of dance until they find America's Favorite dance.

    So you think you can dance started out slow and with the new found popularity, it has started to become one of the best Reality shows to date. Thousands of dancers are chosen from five cities in America to go to Las Vegas, where the Judges, along with the Choreographers, help cut it down to the twenty best. Once the top twenty are chosen, they are given a famous choreographer each week as they create a routine that is later preformed on stage live all over North America. Many dancers end up learning different styles of dance and is one of the most entertaining shows on television. as the process continues, only one dancer will be called America's Favorite Dancer. Who will it be this year?
  • Another reality show.

    I have to say although this is another Amercan Idol type of show these guys can really dance. I especially the hip hop dancers and break dancers they are awesome. This is however the only bits i like to watch and i think the rest of the show is a complete waste of time. Stop making trashy reality shows because they are sooo boring. Like look at the search for the next pussycat dolls - absolutely boring. I do like watching a couple of reality shows but not too many. So 2 thumbs up for all the hip hop and break dancers!
  • Ok... it's American Idol for dancers. So?

    In the entertainment world of reality tv and game shows, SYTYCD is just Idol for dancers. But that is perfectly fine with me.

    Certainly the concept if very clear. Ask for all the good dancers in the US. Pick the top 20. And then week by week, eliminate those that don't perform.

    The best angle on the show is the viewers don't get to make the final decision. The judges choose who goes home each week from the three lowest-scoring vote getters. This is a good idea because it helps keep the "good quality" dancers there, and avoids the fans from completely screwing with the contestants.

    However, the one thing I dislike (which is unavoidable) is the winner goes off, never to be scene again. For Idol, you'll end up hearing about the winner on the radio, and their new songs get played. But here, the dancer is never to be heard from again, at least not until the show comes back the follow season. But, I guess where would you see any "popular" dancer.
  • A Great Show in television.

    This show is a great one, and when I first saw this show I thought that it wasn't a good one. But then I started watching a few episodes of it and then thought that it was one great show. Also in this show the people dance and I like that because their moves look awesome and enjoyable to watch. I think that the people that participate in this show might have sacrificed themselves to do all those moves that I think of them as really cool ones. The show is great even though some people have gotten eliminated, but the show is still enjoyable and fun to watch.
  • I just can't belive this show !

    I can't belive they kicked of Jesus and kept cedric . That is BS ! He does not know how to dance Jesus did know how to ! I am a dancer and that is not fare just because he is black and everyone was sorry for they voted for him ! I just can't belive that ! That means they kept him and kick off good dancers ! I just can't belive people would vote for him . Jesus was so good ! I feel bad for him ! I hope goes somewhere else ! Cedric gives dancers a bad name !
  • Love this show!

    When American Idol was over, I was like, hey there's a new show and it's made by the same person Simon Fuller so I decided to check it out. I loved it by the first episode even the auditions. This show is amazing! The winner gets a quarter of a million dollars, a brand new car, and the title of America's favorite dancer! First off, the judges are awesome! And the choreographers as well. I mean, Mia Michaels is an amazing one I dislike contemporary but she is just amazing! And the dancers that make it, there also amzing I mean when people say it can't compare to AI there wrong cuz it can! One thing that I like about it better is that the judges kinda get the final say in the whole thing, there placed in the bottom two/three by America, but the judges get to decide who goes home. All in all, love it! Ten.
  • This is a nice family show.

    I like this show because I love to see these people dance. The passion that they dance with is so beautiful. They all look like professionals, kind of. It is a family type of show good for kids. I really really really really really really like it a whole whole whole whole whole whole whole whole whole whole whole whole whole whole whole whole lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot lot. It's really that nice.
  • Wow amazing show

    Wow this show is so amazing. I don't think I have ever enjoyed watching a 2 hour premiere this much.Unlike American Idol you have to be very good at what you do not just have a great personality.It was almost like it went by to fast. When I first watched this show in the first season I couldn't get in to it. But now watching it they all dance with such feeling it hard not to enjoy it.You can tell when they are enjoying themselves or not. I also realized that you can actually be moved when watching someone dance.
  • Not the best choise!

    really enjoyed the show; however, again another disappointment like American Idol this is a show of personality and not talent. Travis by far is the better dancer than Benji - He is a natural - it was very obvious when you watched him. Either the majority of people are not very rhythm oriented or they vote on personality alone. Also Natilie was by far the best female dancer - her moves were natural. They both were like plants - nature - flowing in the wind and it is too bad votes are cast on personality and not talent - as that is what these shows are about talent. The judges were way too harsh on Natalie; however, I do believe she possibly wanted to be voted off, as she could have ruined her leg for dancing and she is such a beautiful dancer it would be a shame for that to happen. They said she had gone downhill the last three weeks; well, that is when she hurt her leg - she had a large amount of courage to get out there and do what she did with the injury to her knee along with all the practicing that went with it. With more shows of this sort coming up since they are so popular I really hope America will take the blinders off and look at the talent being displayed and not the personalities......
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