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  • chicken poop

    what has this show done. the filming, cinema photography what ever it is sucks. It looks like its all recorded it just sucks i may quit watching it!
  • So disappointed this season

    Please go back to the way it used to be - I don't like this stage vs street at all. I liked it when you saw the ballroom and all the other dances...

    PLEASE bring back Mary & get rid of Paula! I am sad to say that now, unlike it used to be, I tape this show and fast forward through most of it. Even Cat, who I really like, has changed her appearance - she used to look so cute and now its so, well I don't dances are just ok. And, too much time is seen on the "practicing for the actual dance/behind the of time - I do like the part where they explain what the dance means just leave it at back to the way it used to be, or I'm afraid I just won't watch anymore.

    Most of my punctuation has been removed from my post and words also - get it
  • Lifeless

    Paula-work on your diction

    Jason-go back to singing, quit judging (also, you make me sleepy)

    Nigel-what happened to the chemistry that made the show?

    Choreographers-routines are uninspiring and boring. Do not highlight the dancers at all.

    New format-SUCKS

    Mary Murphy and ballroom-I loved hating you and miss you

    I'm giving up on this season. Will try again next year.

    I have been watching since the very first show and can't believe you changed the format! In years past I enjoyed the "street" dancing, but it wasn't the style of dance in every opening number as it is now. The show has so much more nonsense, such as the routines in both street and stage, 3 or more dancers dancing at the same time, most numbers that are performed are either contemporary or street. I like both, but the ballroom dances are missing. Maybe I'm just older than the crowd that watches he show now, but I won't watch next season if it is the same. It isn't exciting and it lost the romance that ballroom, salsa, disco, waltz, tango, etc, and two dancers; a woman and a man gives to the dance. I also do not like the chemistry between the judge. Sorry, but I don't care for Jason and Paula isn't that great. It was my favorite show and I really liked the old format. I liked it when the contestants drew the dance and I liked it that sometimes they danced with a previous star. You fill up the show with the contestants running off stage to be with their coaches (another concept I don't like), talking about whether stage vs street wins for the week. I have always liked the segment about getting to know the contestants but the rest is a lot of fluff and not enough dancing. Please bring Mary back and also a guest judge each week.
  • Dance format sucks

    My wife and I have been watching dance for years. We couldn't wait for the night dance was on. This year with the new format it is not exciting at all. The dances are terrible. We have purchased tickets for the tour every year but will not this year. We hope they go back to the old format or come up with something new and better next year. We are sad to say this will be our last season to watch, unless of course they go back to the previous format or something better then the one they have this year. Paula is a lousy judge. We can't even stand to hear her talk. We wish Mary was still there. She was the best judge you ever had on the show along with Nigel
  • The choreographers SUCK

    Oh dear lord, what is going on? We have so many good dancers this year, but the choreography is just horrible! Every dance last night was BAD. These poor people are doing what is asked of them and getting put down because what they are asked to do SUCKS! Why is there ALWAYS praise for the choreographers (especially that wack job, Sonja)? And their music bunch of stinkers last night (well, almost always, but last just terrible). I say new format, let the dancers choreograph themselves or supply their own.
  • "Don't Mess With Perfection "

    SYTYCD had the perfect formula for the most addictive and entertaining show on TV. I was their biggest fan and totally addicted. Everyone in my family knows if it's on, it's my priority. I have loyally watched every season, I only dropped out of 1 season, when they started doing Guy on guy. I'm sorry, but that's a big Turn Off for a red blooded female. However, I returned and became even more attached to the show until, street vs stage. This is a total and complete disaster in every way! These dancers do not emote like previous dancers and the routines do not do them justice. The choreography and dancing seem superficial , choppy and disconnected. I have not seen one real attraction or connection between dance partners yet. Don't get me started on the lack of testosterone. Well the girls are the ones with the balls this season, they really overpower the feminine males. The contrast and balance of the male / female couple dancing of past seasons was a winning formula for many reasons. When you take that away, you cancel out: romance, intense chemistry, electric energy, combative conflict, the heat, the beauty of the contrasting masculinity that compliments the opposite feminine and all of the drama created as a result. This show brought back old school Romance. I think couples today really needed that reminder to live and love in the moment intensely. Also to release those inner emotions and really connect on a powerful level. Yes its unbelievable that a TV show can teach all that. That's why I am sad to say this will be my last season to watch, unless of course they go back to the previous format. I doubt I will finish this season, it is just too painful to watch. Even the lighting, the stage, the costumes, the movement of the camera are so amature and awful.

    I disagree with whoever said people are turning on street. I grew up in the 80s, therefore I am a diehard street fan and everything r&b, hip hop, break dance etc. Thats what was so great about the show is now I am also a lover of ballroom ,contemporary, Broadway, etc. however I don't put one above the other or pit them against each other. The whole concept is very flawed, but the execution is an even bigger failure. Changing a perfect formula was a huge mistake. I don't usually write reviews, especially complaints, but I just had to because I am missing my favorite show so much!

  • Flat Footed

    This season there was a huge change in the format for So You Think You Can Dance, which has left it lying flat. This year's dancers were great, but the format-Street VS Stage-goave the choreographers nearly nothing to work with and has not helped the dancers improve or excel in their genre.

    Now we are in the process of selecting the top ten and they are no where near the quality of dance and choreography of recent seasons.
  • Hate new format

    I really miss sytycd - I know people who have just quit watching - need more variety instead of only hiphop or contemporary. Bring back some ballroom dancing. Saw only one tango this year and it was terrible - merely posing.

    Nigel is the only true judge. Why street vs. stage - just get the best dancers and give them a variety of dances regardless.
  • Is this really what you want?

    Please go back to the old format. If you are looking at attracting the younger crowd and want to lose the mature crowd, maybe this is working.

    I miss Mary sooooooo much.

    Too much street and silly competition between Street and Stage. I miss the overall review when someone is eliminated.

    I feel the heart of your show is gone.
  • Not a good change

    We DO NOT like the new version of our favorite show. It seems so stuck in a sloppy hip hop street vibe. We miss ballroom. We miss the couples. We miss Mary. Many of the routines just lack elegance. And we are growing VERY tired of Street dancing. It's OK in smaller doses but dance is so much more than that.

    Not to be mean but get rid of Paula and Jason. Neither one offers any authority. We fast forward through Paula because we can't stand her mindless comments.

    Please please go back to the old format.
  • What happened to my favorite show????

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one that HATES this new format. I thought I was going crazy. I tried to be patient and give it benefit of doubt but I'm beyond disappointed by the changes in the show.

    I remember watching that very first episode 10yrs ago and being so blown away. I look forward to this all year round and am so upset that my fave show has been ruined.

    I think the Street/Stage concept is pretty cool. Having them dance a separate routine is great. And then we could vote on fave routine from each. But that's it. The show has always been a mixed bag of dancers. And street performers have done phenomenally well on the show. There was no need to dumb it down for them.

    Is it because Jason (and I use that term loosely) street dance so they are pandering to him?????? It's like we lost Mary Murphy so we had to lose ballroom. Unacceptable.

    And why on earth are these kids dancing in groups of 3s and 4s for the competition?

    First off, none of the dancers are being showcased that way. (Especially with the horrendous camera men the show has. Seriously, in 10 years how do they not have people that can capture the whole dance for the home audience??)

    These random groups make no sense and show little chemistry between the dancers. Or the dancers and their routines. I used to cry every week being moved by some performance or the sheer talent and passion this year I've been bored and frustrated waiting for magic that seems to only come once and a awhile now.

    The choreographers and dancers are way too talented to be wasted like this.

    Also, what happened to the get to know the dancers segment?

    And yes the judges are awful. I miss Mary and Nigel dynamic. They need the guest judges like Anna Kendrick, Christina Applegate etc back asap.

    I'd really hate to lose this show but I can't imagine it being around next year street this disastrous format change.

    Here's hoping it gets better because as of now, I don't even want to finish the season.
  • Jason Derulo

    These young dancers need feedback in order to is fair,Nigel is strong but honest.

    I am concerned with Jason. It seems to me he is color blind. If two dancers are up,he will say fabulous things about the black dancer and just say t;Nice job; or You need to keep up with so and to the white have watched every week and hear it repeated over and has good advice to offer and knows his dance moves so please remind him everyone wants his praise.

  • I hope your listening

    I have been there watching there every year and sometimes twice a year. I tune in for great dancing and great judges who give great fun along with guest judges. I am SO Disappointed so very Sad. I don't love the format but I get it and love the coaches. What I hate the most are the judges. Paula can barely speak and there is no rapport between the judges at ALL. I MISS MARY!!!! I MISS MARY!!!!! I do not know what happened but you need her back along with the great guest judges. I don't know if I will make it through this year but if its the same next year I will not waste my DVR space.
  • hate this format

    I hate this format all around. It's boring and everything is too everyone is great. Even the elimination process is stupid- if you are in the bottom 2 then bounce, saving people undermines the viewers votes. Under the normal format, large chunk of these people wouldn't have made the top twenty. I don't mind the judges but miss Mary more than words. I wait all year for this show because it is usually quality all around, but I do not think I can choke down much more of this mediocrity.
  • Really, What Has Happened?

    So I just can't get into the new judges, I fast forward until I get to Nigel because he is really the only one of the judges that makes any sense and has something note worthy to say. I hope they have some of the old guest judges, that would help - I think?

    I still don't care much for the team captain thing or the street vs stage. I mean there were always street dancers and stage dancers intermingled and dancing to different style's.

    As always though, I like the dancers, they have talent brought out by the choreographers and they are what keeps me coming back.

    I really don't mean to be negative but at least get better judges.
  • What happened to my favorite show???

    I so miss the previous street vs stage! Also, the other judges to include guest judges.
  • What happened to my favorite show?!?!

    Bring Mary Murphy back please!!!! We need the hot tamale train critiques. Mary Murphy brought inspiring, insightful feedback to the contestants which made the show interesting and exciting.

    Paul Abdul needs to go. Her critiques are boring and superificial, annoying.

    Jason Derulo, great artist, terrible judge..

    Bring the guest judge concept back too, Jessie Tyler Ferguson, the best!

  • Are you LISTENING to your LONG TIME viewers at ALL???

    I've read through the fan reviews and they all have a common happened to my FAVORITE show"?? The new judges are horrible and I will never understand why the show thought they were worth the time. Paula is LONG played out with no speaking skills at all. As for Jason, didn't know who he was before, but his pretty much lifeless. There are no words to explain how much I MISS the original show. IF this is all there is to offer, just take it off the air now, otherwise it will die a slow death. Nigel - you have always been my favorite and some how, you let it ALL GO WRONG.

    I have always loved SYTYCD even as I admit that Mary Murphy used to grate on my nerves. Honestly, I miss her! She was obviously annoying in a good way and I didn't know what I had until it was gone! Dammit I hate when that happens!

    Back to this season, these dancers are moving slower and with less confidence, the routines are boring and dare I say easier, and the outfits are terrible. Even the camera work is jacked up where you can't enjoy it fluidly. The choreography is not impressive at all. I haven't felt moved by one performance this season. I usually am amazed by them all in past seasons. The judging is half-hearted like everyone is at the end of a 12 hour shift and just want to go home. No energy. I end up changing the channel half the time this season, so I admit I might have missed something redeeming.

    In the end, I hope Mary comes back and some of the choreographers from past seasons. The show has to keep raising the bar and getting better. You can't show us excellence and wow us with the best dancing in the world and then bring out the second and third stringers and expect to keep everyone's interest.
  • Too Many Meds?

    How much longer do we have to endure Paula Abdul? What sort of hold does she have on TV Execs? She was SOOOooo obviously over medicated on tonight's show! Aren't Debbie Allen, Twyla Tharp, Laurianne Gibson, Farah Khan, or Rosie Perez available?? What an embarrassment to everyone who dances to have this incurable wack job sitting there week after week!!
  • You've lost me forever...

    I have been watching religiously since the first day of this show and loved when a hip hop kid had to do the Argentine Tango and when a classically-trained kid had to get down and dirty and unpoint their perfect feet. I absolutely HATE what you've done with this show this season and HATE that you brought in "has-been" Paula Abdul. You've lost me forever. I'm embarrassed to say I just switched it off for "Bachelor in
  • This is one of the LAST good dance competitions and we are sabotaging it

    As the title says, So You Think You Can Dance is a rare show now a days. And I truely believe it has potential. Yes the costumes suck, yes Jason does not fit, yes, Paula will never be Mary Murphy and removing the Hot Tamale Train was a huge mistake. But the show still has the best talent out there, it still inspires a lot of aspiring dancers. Street vs Stage is a big change but I believe the fault was in the lack of explanation, even the dancers were confused about the format. But it is proving itself to be very intersting and refreshing. The only thing that bothers me a bit is that there are too much three person routines and it kind of makes it hard to focus on the dancers, they should cut it back to two after week 3. But besides that the choreographies are as beautiful and exciting as ever. Stop sabotaging and start looking on the positive side. Save the show, save the talent.
  • Almost unwatchable now

    I have been a huge fan of this show and have raved about it to friends and colleagues. I am not opposed to the new format--although I don't understand why it needs to be a competition between "stage" and "street". Why not just require "stage" dancers to attempt more street routines? But, beyond that, the COSTUMES ARE TERRIBLE and are set against busy backdrops that don't allow you to see the dancers' bodies. The hair and makeup are also bad in this regard. Every week I feel sorry for some of the dancers who have to wear costumes that either look cheap (how many black straps do we need to see each show?) or interfere with their lines. The camera work and editing are frenetic, cut the dancers off, cut into judges' reaction shots instead of letting us see the choreography. We never get a chance to see the fullness of any performance (or portion of it) because the director keeps making decisions for us, cutting too quickly from camera to camera. The new judges are also not adding to the show at all. When I watched the anniversary show, it was easy to see how much the guest judges added to the format. Each week there was a new perspective, anchored by people who really seemed able to talk about dance knowledgeably. Finally, there have been moments of meanness from the judges, especially during the auditions, that were unnecessary and that never happened in the past (or at least were not shown). In short, the show is so burdened by these problems that I don't think the new format has had an adequate chance. I don't know what's going on, but I try to watch every week because I think there is still a phenomenally talented group of dancers and choreographers. Unfortunately, all the rest of it is making it impossible to enjoy their wonderful work or to really get a look at what this format might have to offer.
  • Done watching.

    Love affair ended, dance thrill gone. Previous passion for SYTYCD abruptly ceased with this season's lack- lustre contribution to the arts. Gone are the props (think hotel luggage cart), absent are flowing ballgown and foxtrot. Replacement with mediocre routines and choreography turns my heart cold in despair. I yearn for absent beauty, talent, and skill of previous seasons! I can't watch this catastrophe, please return to your glory years!
  • What happened?

    I really went into the new format with an open mind, but have been extremely disappointed. The dancers are just not on the same level as before, Jason is honestly a horrible judge and doesnt know what he is talking about, and even the choreographers are second rate and the dances are boring and slow. I could not believe after watching Asaf dance the judges said "we like you cause you try hard". This isnt about who can try the hardest, this is about americas best dancer!! If people danced like this on the previous seasons, they wouldve never made it to the top 20. SYTYCD better change for next season because me (as a really big fan of the show) is ready to give up on it after this season.
  • You Guys need to calm down

    So much negativity? I've scene comment after comment about hating this new format. Is it really that bad? can people really not adapt to any change? There are many great things about this format. 1, since its randomized every week, it doesn't get stale. With normal couple, the problem is that some people make it further then they should, because they are carried by their partner. This way, you focus on the dancers one at a time. Sure, we dont get magical couples, but we still get magical moments.

    Secondly, it leaves access to more creative routines. There are only so many storys you can do with just 2 people. with the groups thrown in all the time, it leaves great ideas for choreo. and about that, people are hating the choreography this year? its been pretty good so far, and its only been 3 weeks. You have to try new choreographers, you cant always use the same ones week after week.

    Thirdly, People are talking shit about the street side, saying they are inferior and it shouldn't be on the show in the first place? What? im sorry, i though this show was to test people's versatility, not weather you can do amazing contemporary routines. and thats what this show was starting to do. last season there were like 2 to 3 contemporary dances a week. Wheres did all the ball room go? where did all the hip hop go? This format allows to have a more versatile show. i dont care if you know watch it for the contemporary dances, dont be selfish. this show is for EVERYONE.

    Now of course there are some fault of this season, but not nearly as much as so many of you want to claim. Like the judges. i agree, paula and jason are kinda boring, especially jason. But weather we like it or not, people need to move on, im sure mary will be fine. Sure i wish she would come back, i love her, but things dont last forever. I just think people are being picky, and just hate change. cause this show is so interesting right now. Grow up people, embrace the change.
  • If it ain't broke

    I'm so disillusioned!

    It's like they cut the budget in half, everything

    is cheap, choreographers, dancers are second rate,

    even Cat seems depressed. This show used

    to move me (embarrassingly, surprisingly) to tears, now

    I'm fast forwarding through the heartless crap.


  • why is Jason a judge? I don't get it!

    Horrible judges! Why Jason Derulo wtf?! At least bring back Mia Michaels, Debbie Allen! Anyone with some real judging skills! Paula is just a headache to me, never cared for her stiff akward personality. She speaks like her mind is flipping through channels, like she's temporarily tuning into herself. I miss Mary so much omg:( choreo sucks for the most part, not a fan this season.
  • What happened to SYTYCD?

    I have been a super fan of this show since its first season. Always so excited when a new season began. I went into this season with an open mind, but have been so disappointed. First, there is no chemistry with the judges. I miss Mary terribly. Paula and Jason are simply not cutting it. Bring back the guest judges. It was always so much fun to listen to their critiques. Now I simply fast-forward. Not liking the Stage vs. Street format. Most of all, not thrilled with the 3-person numbers. It's not working. I also think the choreography is not at the same level. No memorable numbers to date. All in all, just one big disappointment. It's almost like they are trying to get cancelled. Used to be the best talent contest on TV. Please go back to the old format, and bring back some life to the show - bring back MARY!!!
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