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  • Disappointed

    Hate Mary Murphy (thank goodness for mute buttons), love the addition of the crews. Disappointed that they chose a self indulgent punk with no moral compass like JB to introduce it. Surely there is someone more relevant and a better role model if they want to attract a younger crowd to watch. Also he and his "choreographer" have no personality and made their few minutes on air about them and not about the dancers.
  • have to agree to disagree

    Like Amican Idol I really think this show hit its stride in season 5 and 6. I personally feel while still okay it is also past its prime. Open up the slot form something new. Fox. Stop holding on to the same shows year after year.
  • 10 Seasons and still the best show on television

    This show, although a competition, is really about getting to watch incredible dancers perform amazing, Emmy award winning routines. Yes, your favorite dancer does not always win. And yes, sometimes the judges comments can be irritating. But, I LOVE what this show is and what it represents. I am blessed that in the midst of mindless television drama there is a program that celebrates the talents of real individuals and promotes art in such a stunning display of athleticism.
  • give us the best of the best

    Dear Nigel & Company: Once this season is over (Season 10) PLEASE provide us a DVD of the "best of the best" routines over the first 10 seasons. There have been some that were so memorable I don't want to ever forget them. Also, if I were a dancer I wouldn't really care about a critique from some sitcom actor. I mean, who cares that some dippy, trippy actress thinks everyone is wonderful. I would want to hear how I can improve from another dancer or a choreographer (Christina Applegate is an exception - she's knowledgeable about dance). It was great to see Kenny Ortega last week and Debbie Allen this week. I personally miss Little C and where oh where is Mia.
  • my top four

    Cat was sparkling in her Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge dress with the bow in front. for the guys, Aaron is really likeable and talented, but Nico is just amazing dancer. Jasmine and Hayley FTW since Amy landed in the bottom this week. That's my top four

    I would like the judges to give more positive feed back to the men in the competition like they do the ladies. Yes the women outfits are pretty, but it's the men who do the lifts and carries the weight of the dance. And, it just seems like the men don't get judge always about how sexy the women look, and it's about the dance not how sexy they look. Not fair to the men in the competition. I love the show but please be fair to the God this is not a porn site. Also, lets get more dance experts on the panel, like Debbie is a dance competition!!! concerned show watcher!
  • It's America's Favorite Dancer--Right?

    Nigel keeps saying that America selects the winners and that personality trumps dancing, but then the judges keep saving Jenna. It appears she's not connecting with the audience, but the judges keep stepping in. Aaron's success makes clear that the judges can't always tell who's good. Also, it really bothers me when the judges critique dances and performances as so honest when they're actually pretentious and mugging-filled junk. The "judges" who are being brought on to hype Fox entertainments who don't really know about dance reveal the producers' true (phony) colors. Bring back Debbie Allen, Desmond Richardson, and Lady GaGa. Finally, I second the previous reviewer's comments about the camera work: please stay on the dancers at least for the entire short routine!
  • Lose Mary Murphy, Already!!!!!!

    The show has gotten so good with better dancers than when it first started. But, Mary Murphy ruins the show. The only way we can watch (listen) is to record and fast forward through her screechy know-nothing opinions. She is ridiculous and not in a good way. And 4 judges is too much.
  • Make it better

    I was a dancer, and my son is a dancer, & SYTYCD is our favorite show. the only thing we don't like is that the camera does not stay on the dancer through the whole performance. We don't want to look at the judges, we can hear them laugh or whatever, but there are only a few minutes for each performance & audition, and precious, meaningful moments of the choreography are lost each time the camera goes to the panel & away from the dancer. Most of the people & dancers I know personally really dislike this. We can wait to the end to see & hear the judges!! Please consider this.
  • Started Out Great, Went Downhill

    I've watched this show from season 3 - the first few seasons I watched were magnificent, 10/10. Then, the judges tried to change the format in unappealing ways. Key choreographers left. The format got even worse. I really did love this show because it exposed me to dancing, which I don't get to see much of, as well as great music. However, it's gotten tired. I really hope the rumors that last season wasn't the final season of the show, but if it was, I can see why.
  • Viewing

    I'm all about special lighting for dramatic effects; however, too often the stage is too dark to see the dancers. 'Lighten' it up!!!!!!
  • Losing Credibility

    From the start of the season, the show seems like it had been trying to keep up their past ratings. I'm annoyed with a few things, especially the judges. Throughout the season Nigel has managed to bash Cyrus for his lack of experience, then it came to a complete overhaul in the last show. I don't appreciate that negative criticism, EVEN IF it was directed to someone other than Cyrus. If that's the case, don't allow untrained dancers into the top twenty. It's a waste of their time and those who vote to keep them out of the bottom. On a side note, for those who complain about the "good" dancers leaving, perhaps you should vote to have an opinion. Cyrus has never been in the bottom, so he alone isn't the reason why the "good ones" went home.
  • Nigel, what were you thinking

    Obviously you were not when you told Cyrus on national TV you were not going to vote for him. I don't care what your feelings are - you should keep it to your self. Judges votes shouldn't be known. I love this show - always have - but that turned me off tremendously. I understand your reasoning but that was uncalled for. It will be interesting to see what that comment did for the voting for Cyrus.
  • Trying for ratings

    Loved this shows first season, and each year changes that make the show less honest, seeing really great dancers lost to keep lesser ones that help Nigel's vision live is so sad. The Cyrus story was good up until 2 shows ago. Losing me as a fan for sure. Entering the category of other bad reality shows.
  • True Dance competition

    Have followed since season 1. To night WOW/omg. How do you pick someone? This whole show should get and Emmy. This years dancers...I have always voted. This year I can't pick between them. I am over joyed that there will be a gal and a guy. (Always should have been). The professionalism in dance, partnering, and music to choreography brought out everyone's best. Even the light hearted fun routines. For them to be able to dance with past (brilliant) participants is inspirational extra joy. Tonight was AWSOME ART!!!!! Seen the finale and the whole show should be nominated for an Emmy. This show doesn't get enough notoriety. Where is GMA and other info/talk who ha. These kids bleed themselves for this. I`d rather watch and ache with these upcomers than watch the comedy slash shows that only compete for the best 'come back` or crudity. THESE ARE THE NEW ARTISTS. LOVE IT!!!!
  • dance competition??

    seems to me you change the rules for those with good talent but not overall good dancers..really!

    easy breezy choriography and peachy judging..never criticism..really! amazing dancers go home and one stays who smiles like honey but not a good overall dancer at all really!! you gonna loose us as we notice you cater to some every is a dance competion so quit changing to rules to suit someone YOU want! we feel like your cheating behind the scene its just not believable anymore..really come on were not stupid!
  • SYTYCD rigged for Cyrus

    Just finished watching this weeks show. I don't believe for one second that Cyrus got more votes than Cole. This is such an insult to our intelligence. I have watched the show every season and never seen such lack of ability and talent as Cyrus. I am seriously considering not watching next year. I don't understand how the show can favor someone who didn't put the time or money into dance lessons basically a casual interest compared to the other dancers. How insulting! I find it curious that Nigel and Mary didn't comment on Cyrus's performance after the Broadway debacle. Hmmmmm.

    Nothing against Cyrus BUT I thought this show was about DANCE!!! I have watched since the beginning and all the dancers had to do different types of dance--this has not been the case this year! We have watched the choreographers cater to Cyrus and his inability to do the basic dance moves. This has been unfair to the kids that were better than him and got sent home! I have LOVED this show in the past but this season has been a major let down!! Why didn't Cyrus have to do a CHA-CHA or Bollywood????? Also at the end of the program you should say vote for the person who you believe is the BEST dancer not your favorite!! This should be a compeition about dancing NOT about popularity!! I would really like Nigel to honestly tell us if they plan on bringing Cyrus back as an all star to pair up with future contestants? Seriously!!!!
  • The worst dancer that I ever seen on this show cyrus

    I can't believe that cyrus is still on this show I'm shocked that he made it their are dancers that left that were 10 times better.I liked this up in till this season because of him so many better than him this season is not about the votes it's favorite's this year.
  • Timing and letching

    SYTYCD has been my favorite show ever since the first year it was on. Ive even got my husband and friends addicted. However, this year, I think the timing is off, and I think it is dragging the emotions of the contestants and viewers. We should not have been watching Amber's best performance of the season so far--and one of the best that evening--and then had to see her let go based on votes from the previous week. I know there have been many conflicts (July 4, Olympics), but please, producers, use your creativity in the future to avoid the kind of strange let down we had around Amber. (and I do agree that none of those three should have been in the bottom three. But the timing made it worse.)

    While I am at it, Nigel, I am a fan of your energy and discrimination. But sometimes you come across as too negative, almost pettish. My husband will say, "simon is having a bad night."

    Are you thinking you need to be more Simon Cowell? I do not know anyone in my circle who liked him, and many just refused to watch the show because of his arrogant rudeness to the contestants. Simon Cowell is said to give great analysis? Really? Is that what these comments are? Wedding singer? Karaoke? Ocean liner singer? Simon Cowell was an arrogant bully and shame on him for such unhelpful and almost slurring feedback.

    And Nigel, I love the humor among the judges, even the kissing! But your letchy comments to the female dancers just smack of dirty old man. Not cool.

    And yet, I love the show and it is my fave.

  • So, You Think You Can Suck

    This is the most boring and dumb television program I have ever seen on my flat-screen television set. "FOX TELEVISION"'s newest dating show, "The Choice" with host Kat Dealey is way better than, "So, You Think You Can Suck."

    I'd rather watch "Melissa & Joey" or "The Choice" than this slow-dancing, crappy music, & loud judges crap television program.

    *I hate it when my sister watches this television program, it just makes we wanna scream.*

    *I hate it when my brother-in-law watches the Tampa Bay Rays baseball games on "SunSports" that's another boring television program, that I can't stand to watch.

    (I am a 17-year-old male & you would expect this to a young teenage man)
  • a show complaint

    this show is so lame the only people that get to go to the next level are the ones that flop on the floor like a dying fish and dance like a ballerina and all of the people that do dance like that all do the same dance moves but all of the b boy and other styles all go to choreography or go home. The judges always say the same thing and don't have their own opinions. That is why this show should be called SO THIS SHOW IS TERRIBLE.
  • Best Dance Talent!

    This is not like other casting shows. This is a television show for those who enjoy helping people with their passion, their expression, and to watch serious judges get down to business. Pressure, lights, camera, and talent! Great music selections!!!!!
  • Love It


    I'm a fan from day 1 - looking forward to next season. Never missed an episode. It was a treat to see Lady Gaga on the show this year. Many performing artists must watch this show, looking for new talents.

    Same goes for SYTYCD Canada, which, unfortunately, will not return, how sad.

  • Is INTEGRITY still a concept on So You Think You Can Dance? Or is the judging for this show as crooked as that for Olympics Figure Skating? This show should be all about good dancing. Please producers: Keep it a dance contest, not a popularity contest!

    I have been greatly enjoying So You Think You Can Dance this summer -- and that's saying something, as I am not the world's biggest TV watcher, by any means. The dancing is so exciting and until recently I think the judges have been spot-on. In fact, after seeing a number of episodes I've gotten pretty good at predicting what each judge will say after every performance (no kidding!) However, I feel that the show has really gone astray as it nears its season climax. Up to now, this show was solidly about dancing and the dancers' striving for excellence with the constructive criticism of the judges. Sadly, it is looking to me like the show has turned its back on dancing and has become a popularity contest instead. To prove my point: The hip-hop dancer Comfort was inexplicably kept on longer than she should have been and was finally voted off a couple weeks ago with some very cogent comments about her glaring lack of dance skill and technique outside of the hip-hop/crumping genre. Now all of a sudden she is back, ostensibly because another dancer, Jessica, has sustained some injuries and must temporarily retire from competition. After a disastrous attempt at a waltz, Comfort was given a hip-hop number to perform, at which (no surprise) she excelled. She squeaked through to become one of the final eight contestants beating out another dancer, charismatic Kherrigan, who, until the last episode, was pretty much flawless and a great performer. Kherrigan does not deserve to go down! She could literally dance rings around Comfort. So, I must conclude that this show is no longer about dancing. It really seems to me that someone behind the scenes for whatever reason is gunning for Comfort, despite the fact that she leaves a lot to be desired as a dancer. I think the producers of So You Think You Can Dance need to re-think their present course and bring back the integrity that was so apparent until recently. I have been watching this show with my nine-year-old daughter who has herself been dancing for five years (ballet, jazz, tap and acro). She lives for dancing, and even at her tender age she can see that Comfort is not up to scratch. It is very hard to explain to a starry-eyed, dance-mad nine-year-old why a superb dancer like Kherrigan gets knocked out of the competition by a lesser dancer. What's this biased judging teaching aspiring dancers like my little girl? Not to try? Excellence doesn't matter? You're doomed before you start so don't bother? It's so obvious Comfort brings the whole level of dancing on the show down, down, down. Producers, please take the high road. I assure you, your show will still be loved and enjoyed by millions if you keep the show about dancing, not popularity. Thank you for letting me have my say.
    HamiltonNance (rhymes with "Dance"!) in Canada
  • This is my FAVORITE competition show, well planned & good production.HOWEVER,"P-L-E-A-S-E" let Mia M. go back to teaching & leave the judging to Nigel, Adam & maybe Mary Murphy. Mia is HORRIBLE!

    Mia Michaels, while I'm sure is trying to be the next female Simon Cowell, is rude, crass,unprofessional & embarrassing to listen to, she makes the show uncomfortable to watch.Jose is my favorite & even if he doesn't win will surely be a star in everything he tries, he's so honest, innocent, willing & just plain Adorable.He literally eats the camera & has his audiance begging for more. I'm sure there will be lots of BAD PRESS for Mia after tonights show.. Shame on you Mia, you stink as a judge, looks like all of the praise last season went to her HEAD!
  • Adecheke bashing night

    The episode on Wednesday, August 4 was overkill on bashing Adecheke. Are the judges plotting to bring his confidence down? Nothing he does will ever be good enough for them. Their comments unnecessarily critical. If this kind of ganging up on dancers continues, I will stop watching the show. The episode on Wednesday, August 4 was overkill on bashing Adecheke. Are the judges plotting to bring his confidence down? Nothing he does will ever be good enough for them. Their comments unnecessarily critical. If this kind of ganging up on dancers continues, I will stop watching the show.
  • Please sell past episodes of the show.

    Please sell past episodes of the show; there are so many of us fans waiting to buy all the seasons. It is hard to recall past dancers ad specific choreographers without the So You Think You Can Dance DVD's to refer back to. Love all the judges and miss Mary Murphy - so I'm glad she's coming back. Everything is perfect, we all just want to watch it more and want to refer back to specific dances and events. Looking forward to next season, can hardly wait. Why do i need 100 words, this is all i have to say
  • I used to like this show more but the new stage is distracting

    OK I love this show.I am not a dancer but it made me take lessons just for fun. I am actually an artist that works in film and set design and that was one of the things that really drew me into the show... now I am hooked but have the unfortunate task of looking at this horrible stage!! The size of the stage really isn't the biggest problem. It's all of the giant grid bars that light up and seem to interfere with the visual lines of the dancers. If they took off those neon grid bars that jut into the background I would at least be happier.

    I also have to agree with others that the projections on the screen behind the stage are a big issue. I believe these images were the demise of Chaning and kept people from emotionally connecting with her routines. I love when they built sets and use them as props. Stick to that.

    The new editing style is also obnoxious. The framing of Kat is bad and the camera work has become a bit strange- I think mostly in part because they are trying not to moiré the lines of the screen behind the dancers. Nevertheless- the moiré is still present alot.
  • My nickname is Ruth. This is my first time here. Hi everyone! I have fairly strong opinions about the media,society as a whole, and what we call "entertainment." But, please keep an open mind and try not to be judgmental towards me. I will do the same!

    So much for my favorite show continuing to be my favorite show! I'm in the midst of watching "So You Think" and I just have to put an opinion down: The dancers are doing great, but the choreography (in general) has been abysmal! I don't like the way they're going with it AT ALL. Too many choppy, violent, unbecoming poses and moves! Yes, we love emotional dances, but I think they are trying to out-do one another and it is turning out badly, in my opinion. Jean Marc, as he would say "Come On People!" He has become so irritating! First of all, the man loves to hear himself talk. Please, stop! I used to really like him on the show, but no longer! I beg you, man, quit trying to control everything and everyone and stop talking so much! Quote from Jean Marc (for the sixth time in six dances),"First of all......I want you to give it up....for ___insert choreographer___ ." The audience ALREADY gave "IT" up,Jean Marc. -Of their own free will. Just do your job and stop pretending you are the king of the dancehall. I am so over you. ARGH! I sure hope the show gets better! ( On a positive note, Austin (who I really like for the top 3)and Melanie just did the waltz and it was danced beautifully) Thanks for letting me share, Ruth
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