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  • Not as good as American Idol, but I still love this show.

    So You Think You Can Dance is a reality show. The creators of American Idol created this show. I don't think that this show is as good as American Idol, but I still love this show. I started watching this show in the first Season when the voting started. I never watchd the auditions. I may of only saw some of them. My favorite contestants from Season 1 are Melody Lacayanga and Nick Lazzarini. My fave contestants from Season 2 are Allison Holker, Travis Wall, Benji Schwimmer, and Donyelle Jones. I haven't watched much of this season yet. Maybe only 2 episodes.
  • I looove this show.Now I am a dance,Benji and Donyelle fan.I told my husband that I am going to leave him and learn how to dance.But because of my son I decided to do this later.It's perfect to feel like this in my age.Love everyone from Turkey...

    I looove this show.Now I am a dance,Benji and Donyelle fan.I told my husband that I am going to leave him and learn how to dance.But because of my son I decided to do this later.It's perfect to feel like this in my age.thank you Nigel,Shane, Mary ,Mia for this fabulous show. Love everyone from Turkey...
  • People show off their best dance moves to compete to be the top of the top.

    OMG! I love this show! It's so much fun to watch. I can't believe some of the dance moves that these people can do. I also enjoy seeing new different types of dancing. I enjoy watching in because it's entertaining and no stop action. However, I find the judges are extremely similar to those of American Idol. My favorite type of dance to watch is hiphop or street dancing. I find it amazing to find that so of these people have been dancing for 16 years! I can't wait to see that top 20. So You Think You Can Dance ROX!
  • awesome show

    recently in australia they aired on a network so you think you can dance, and i was wondering what the hell is this show about, so i watched the first episode and it was fun and rather interesting. and i hadnt missed one episode. it was the season is which that dancer benji won. i think he was acceptinally great dancer. i really loved his style. And i hadnt even know of the many different dances until i started watching it. i like the hip hop and contemoporery. i hope they have more of that show in australia, cause its a really awsome show.
  • Just Ok.

    I watched this show only once, and I cant say i'm impressed. It reminds me of American idol, I dont like how they have a 'randy' 'paula' and 'simon' kind of judges. It's like it's a replacement for when American idol is inbetween seasons. I know it's about dancing instead of singing, but still.....The only really enjoyable thing I saw on this show was the dancer called 'sex' he was really creepy, but it was definatly the highlight of the show as far as I'm concerned. I want him to try out for American idol, that would be very intersting to see.
  • The only reality show worth your time.

    So You Think You Can Dance is the only current reality show that actually requires the participants to possess talent. It is a joy to watch throughout the whole season; from the comedic first episodes of the usual wannabes to the final nail-biting performances of some of the nation's best dancers. The choreography is stunning, the music is infectious, and the dancing is tight and gorgeous. This is no Dancing With the Washed-Up Third Rate Celebrities. These are professionals perfecting the art. Believe me, the good episodes will have your pulse racing and your fingers searching the phone book for pase doble lessons.
  • This show rocks!!!!!!! Benjelle Forever!!!!!!! Still riding the S.S. Benjelle.

    This show is the best reality show ever. I have been counting down til season 3 and now it's here. The dancing is great and the people and i will forever love season two. I hope that season 3 can live up to season two. I love benji still and i am very glad he won because he is doing great thing with the money he got. Benjelle forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • In this show, guys are paired with girls, and they are given a style of dance and the choreography to go with it and they have to go on stage and kill it in front of a crowd and a panel of judges.

    So You Think You Can Dance lives on!
    This show is totally amazing! No matter what these people pull out of the hat, they all try their hardest and keep at it to see if they can come out on top in the end. It really shows people how big a part performance plays in the life of a dancer. Just knowing the choreography and having the technique doesn't make you a good dancer. What makes you a good dancer is being able to go on stage and sell any choreography that you are given, so that people with out dance backgrounds say, 'man, I want to dance.' It doesn't matter how good you are if you can't perform.
    Even if you think this show is the most boring thing ever, (which I defienitly don't!) you at least take away from it that dance isn't as easy as it looks. And that's what makes this show a good show. It is a must see!
    And... if you don't watch it for the dance, you should watch it for the guys because let me tell you, they have some good ones. Like last season with Ivan... bust a move Ivan!
  • Read this review written by pro choreographer, dancer and critic Leah Walker-Masson.

    "So You Think You Can Dance" is a great challenge to any dancer's versatility. Any dancer that can range through the ballroom disciplines, move from contemporary to ballroom and classical forms to a parallel and turned-in Fosse stylized Jazz is a skilled technician. A great performer? That is another thing all together. Being a good entertainer, of course, depends on the dancer's comfort level, skill level and audience experience, but also depends heavily on the choreographers' talent and artistry in this particular competition. The Waltz and the Quickstep choreographer on the Tuesday, April 10th episode gave dancers that may not have had the widest range in the first place, a difficult task to "sell" the pieces. A task that can be equated with trying to sell a bad painting painted by someone I've never heard of. All the paint is on the canvas, (or all the steps are in the dance) but it just doesn't look good; It's just not put together well. However, some of the choreographers in this competition SHINE, and no matter how much of an expert in their craft they are, (and they are), they have proven ARTISTS, and a dancer could sell their work to ANYONE!
    Ups and downs.. watch the Dancers and don't vote if you don't know anything about dance... it's not fair to the skilled dancers who get bad choreo. If you don't have dance or dance-watching experience you won't be looking for the right things that make the winner a deserving one! Enjoy! -de Leah Walker-Masson.
  • So You Think You Can Dance is a nation-wide search for America's favorite dancer. Dancers are tested in a diverse range of dance styles, including hip-hop, contemporary, ballroom, pop, salsa, broadway, and more!

    Finally, a show that features a search for DANCE talent, not just a showcase of wannabees! Unlike the other dancing shows, this show features a search for REAL dancers. Like American Idol, there will be the jokers that show up in the early auditions, but once the finalists are picked, it's pure entertainment. It is also a great family program since dance styles range from things the kids will like (hip-hop, pop) on up to stuff for the more refined pallet (ballroom, lyrical)... and plenty of great styles in between. I can't wait until it's on again next summer!
  • an okay show, could be better

    when i watched this, a thought came to me, i've seen this before, like in bump 'n' grind. i liked the show its just thier just repeating things over again, the new series is kay, but there are is soo much things better to do with my time then watch another dance realty show. only one thing to say and thats get some originality. i would recommend watching something thats not going to bore u or make u think, have i seen this before or have these people realy came up with something good. i say it only gets a total of 6 and thats genereous.
  • Ahhh! I love this show!

    Although I have only watched the last season of So You Think You can dance, I LOVED IT! This season was so good and it had the best contestants! I can’t believe that this show was over; I was so disappointed because I wanted more! I was a little upset when Travis didn’t win but I will get over it sooner or later (maybe never) this show really has all the essential qualities of the best reality show, it had one of the highest ratings FOX has every had and it was just one of the best shows ever! I can’t wait until it comes back! I hope So You Think You Can Dance is better next season because I will definitely put it in my TV schedule!
  • Reality, Fascinating, Tall cold drink!!!

    This show is definately a guilty pleasure for me. I'm usually NOT a fan of reality TV, however growing up a dancer, I have a special affinity for this program. (In addition, it's on in the summer months when everything else is re-runs, can't beat it) I just adore the try-outs, the good the bad, and the downright fascinatingly UgLy!!! I think the judges do a superb job. I enjoyed the announcer from the first season better than I like Cat Deeley ... but eh ... I can overlook that. The dancers are phenomenal people. Some of them are catty and others are so warm and personable. It's always fun to see the backstage drama. All in all a double thumbs up for this tall cold drink on a hot summer's night!!!
  • A great dancing show.

    So You Think You Can Dance is and amazing show. After American Idol came out I thought ‘wouldn’t it be cool if they made a dance show like this’, so when I first heard about So You Think You Can Dance, I just could wait to watch it. I myself am a dancer and I just love watching the dances and critiquing them myself, then hear what the judges have to say and realize they think the same way, or I might totally disagree with them. I can’t wait until I am old enough to audition for the show because it is amazing! If you haven't seen this show yet, then start watching it.
  • Fantastic!

    I wonder who thought of this show. Its so good. I love to see the different styles of dancing and the change that all the competitors make during training. It changes your views of dancing. I love to see how some of them make huge leap and some there is no change at all. One thing I would love for the judges to be a little more in depth with their comments, they are a little to hazy. Great show though!
  • Get this show off T.V. this instant

    People dancing, ohhhhh I've got to watch that (For those of you who are incredibly thick or are viewers of this show, that was extreme sarcasm). American Idol but with dancing instead of singing, "Idol" sucks as it is, but to make a copycat show? That is low. There is way too many reality shows on T.V. at the moment, and 99.99% of them suck out loud. I am going to use the rest of my word count to bash this show.
    This show doesn't even deserve to be called a show, I would rather watch crap decompose than punish myself by even watching a commercial for this show.
  • Absolutely love it!

    It's completely weird...I never remember seeing anything on this show during the first season it aired. Never at all, and I watch a lot of tv. So I was suprised to see it on this past season. I didn't know if I'd like it since they compare it to American Idol, except it's dancing and not singing. I've kinda grown tired of American Idol, but I'm glad I started watching SYTYCD. I now love this show and can't wait for the next season to start. I loved Benji from the beginning of the show, right until the end, so of course I'm glad he won. But there were so many other amazingly talented dancers on the show as well. I love how they keep you in suspense about the eliminations. The way the show was set up was very interesting to watch. Going from loving or hating the partner grow to love certain groups and hating others. Then they screw you all up and seperate them, and mix them all around. It was a little tricky trying to get who you wanted to stay to actually stay, but I was very plesently suprised that for the most part the people I wanted to stay did. It was cool to see the journey that all the dancers went through...seeing all the hard work that has to be put into all the dances. I don't know how they do it all, but they must really love it to go through all the work. But I loved the group dances in the beginning, and the fact they got to try all different types of dancing. It made me want to dance, and I hope this new season can give me the same feeling.
  • hi this is for everyone who doesnt like this show.....

    i think alot of you should keep your opinion to ur self its worthless, unless you have danced before proffesionally you have know idea what your talking about and i dont mean the one hour dance school at the local studio... i have just finished full time performing arts... 7am start 5pm finish dancing all day. until you have done so SHUT UP these people are amazing the amount of work that goes in to them busting their asses is unbelievable the show really doesnt give enough credit to that dance is not normal they push thier bodies to limits you couldnt even imagine they make the body move out of its natural order its actually quiet amazing and not easy dont ever say someone in the top of this competition cant dance unless you can prove urself to be better than them and i highly doubt from reading your reviews that you could. dance is far from easy at that level to point where your whole body aches it is just like any other sport the only thing that keeps you going is stepping out on that stage and entertaining your audience the stage is a dancers sporting field this is their game if you cant appreciate that get cable, change the channel and watch your football game its really no different.
  • so i think i cant dance!

    so i can see that there are a lot of people who can dance. its just another reality show that showcases people who can dance. it takes them out of there comfort zone of dance style & they have to learn how to dance & move to another style. the dancers are good at what they do but its not the kind of show i'd like to watch very much of. it gets kinda boring just watching them dance. the show is just for those individuals publicity.dont get my wrong, its half interesting and i wish i could dance the way they do. its inspiring to get out of your comfort zone and sometimes i just feel like dancing.
  • Sorry, but i hate these kind of shows, where people are voted off and stuff. Like, i also hate shows like american idol and survivor for instance. Also, watching the people dance is boring.

    Uh yeah, i think i mainly don't like this show because i dislike these type of shows in general. Like, i don't like american idol or canadian idol. Its not really a personal thing i hold against this show, the only personal thing i have against this show is that i can't stand watching people dance on tv. It just bores the living daylights out of me. Even if others think its "good". The only way i'll watch this is if i am sick with nothing to do except watch tv and everything else is garbage on tv, that is like the only way i'll watch this. I don't care for this show really.

    This is really interesting to me because I love to dance. This show gives me something to watch. If you are just flipping through the channels and you see this show it makes you want to watch it. Some of the stunts they do is so cool. I don;t really watch the show , but every time I watch it is wonderful. I am not a big fan because I don't know what time it is on. I rate this show a 9.1. I think less and less people watch it though. This show is awesome to me. Do you like this show?
  • yeah!

    everything is better with dancing! and good music!! i was watching america's got talent when i stumbled across this. i kept wacthing to find out more about it. i was hooked. the british man didn't try and act like simon cowell!! there were sooo many people with good, raw talent and there were always funny moments. i would always watch this and it made me wanna dance! :) it's so good!! i can't wait until it comes back! i don't know when it is but i know that it is!! it's my favorite reality show on television!! it's really good.
  • Amazing!!

    I love so you think you can dance. All of the dancers are amazing and they always bring something new to the table when they dance and I think it\'s amazing that they can make such a good show and have dance in it. Dance is such an amazing way of expressing yourself and i think these dancers are like the best ever. They all tried the best they could and you can tell. And they all did well. This show is my favorite show. And I loved watching it every week and I never missed an episode. I can\'t wait until next season!!
  • I love it.

    I absolutely love this show. I watched the first season but wasn't really into it. The second season was amazing. I loved some of the dances and a lot of this year's dancers were really amazing. I loved that wade robson was a choreographer this year. I think he's so amazing and I loved the top 4 routine to sexy back that he choreographed. I also really loved the heidi/travis contemporary routine. I just thought it was absolutely beautiful. I was a little disappointed that Donyelle finished as the top girl, but o well. I would really have loved to have seen travis win because i thought he was brilliant.
  • Not going to last long

    pretty much all reality competition shows will always be in the shadow of that Idol thing. Even the 'good ones'. This show is so not even in the running to be considered good. Who wants to see suburban kids pop lock and booty dance? Not I. Maybe this show would be appropriate on Nick or Disney channel, but for primetime, this isn't the best choice. There are those of us outta high school who actually want to be entertained without be pandered to.
  • Hi i live in sweden. I watched so you think you can dance and it was very good You no Travis donyelle benji and heidís introdance when it was only the 4 of them left was very good i loved it so now im registeted on this site to hope i can watch it

    Hi i live in sweden and i watched so you think you can dance and it was very very good. You no Travis donyelle benji and heidís introdance when it was only the 4 of them left was very very good i loved it so now im registeted on this site too hope i can watch it again :)
    and now im writing so i can get to the level 2 and watch the videos of so you think you can dance becouse i love it so mutch. becouse im a new user i wonder if some pepole can help me too find so you think you can dance videos thanks very much :):)
    A lover of so you think you can dance =)=)
  • Another reality show, but not just another reality show.

    I started watching this show in the second season, and quickly became a fan. Really, I only started watching because they were in the mass-audition phase, and it was funny to see the people who ~think~ they can dance try out and fail miserably. But then I kept watching during the season, and I was hooked!

    It was just amazing; I'd seen these people try out and do so well, and now here they were, having to do dances that weren't in their particular style, and get criticized by the judges. And because the couples are in couples, it added a different dimension to the show that other reality shows don't have. But I think what really hooked me was the people who were in the top 20 in season 2; they were all just so friendly towards each other, and while there was a prize to be won at the end of the road, they were still relying on each other and helping each other.

    The dancing was amazing and watching the show got me interested in types of dance that I wouldn't have watched otherwise. Overall, this is a great show, and I'll definitely be watching for season 3!
  • Makes you want to dance.

    This show is outmost my top 5 favorite shows of all time. This show is great because I love to dance and having a dance show makes me want to dance more. This show is terrific because you have people dancing to their abilities and not to there abilities. You have judges that are totally honest to the dancing. It also helps that the show keeps on bringing incredible artists to performed their songs. This show keeps you locked in until the very end. You never know which dancer is going to leave. Overall,I love this show and hopefully there will be more seasons to come.
  • I thought this show was great this year. I was clad to see Travis and Benji be in the top two. I Think Benji won because of his personality. I also liked Heidi and Allyson

    These kids are really talented and I Can\'t wait to see them in person. They are really exciting to watch. I really hope all of the top ten make it. I would really love to allyson, heidi, travis and benji in a broadway musical. I really like the direction that this show has gone. I am really looking forward to seeing the traveling tour. I saw some dances on the show that I really want to see in person. The one dance that Heidi and Travis do with the bench looked wonderful. I would also like to see Ivan and Allyson. There dance seemed really romantic.
  • Dance is comming back into the world!!

    Thank you so much to the perosn who invented this show!!! I am so happy that people get to see how amazing dancing is! I LOVE this show. In the first season i knew that Melody or Nick was going to win. This season i think that Benjii or Travis will win. Since I am a dancer, this show catches my eye and entertains me beyond it does most people. Some of the lifts and routines they do are outstanding. I can't wait to see who wins, even though i already have a strong feeling. I can't wait to see the third season. This show is my daily relief from everything that happened in the day. One of my all time favorites!!
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