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  • absolutaly love this show. its a mixture of amarican idol and dancing with the stars but better than both!! LOVE IT! :D

    LOOOOVVVEE THIS SHOW. i think ill go on it some day. i hope it never ends. its coming on again in the fall!!! the judges have great personality and are totaly funny. Unlike amarican idol the whole show is good. im talking about the auditions, group rounds, and end. amarican idol gets boring at the end were on so you think you can dance it only gets better. The coreographers do a great job and are given credit on the show. the dances are AMAZING and i always have to rewind and see them again. I am always left super excided for the next week to come.
  • Prejudice Judges

    Well, I have watched this show on occassion. Now for the absolute last time. The gay couple were very good dancers. Not professional but as good as some that were accepted. Yes, they had a mishap at the end of their audition. Who doesn't make mistakes. Well, this show did in my book. These "professional" judges ALL indicated they were confused because they could not tell who was leading. These judges are choosing who makes it to the show. Wow - they cant tell who is leading because it changes between two people. Good thing it wasn't a group dance. Sounds like "pro" judges to me. What a joke! Then the judges told them they would like to see them dance with girls. And paired them up with girls - only to bring the two guys back individually to tell them they did not make the show. The judges did not handle this situation with any professionalism. The guys should have never been bought back with the girls if neither were going to be accepted. Pure humiliation. I will not view this show in the future. But "thumbs up" to the guys for their courage!
  • I love it~! Constant surprises. ":) Hope it continues to be shown every year.

    Every year when I see "So you think you can dance" it absolutely amazes me on how the dances can move their bodies in such a way and the emotions that seems to leap from the screen and slap you in the face to leave you speechless for at least ten(10) minutes at a time.

    I think a Program like this is very important in our world of chaos. Besides the lights, music, Judges and fancy costumes, I think it's more than that. It shows the basic structure of what makes us human, celebration, expressionism, passion, enlightenment, commitment, sadness, happiness. These are "true" emotions that we hardly get to see on our screens today.

    I would definitely rather see the raw emotions on "So you think you can dance" as opposed to a billion dollar Block Buster Film with award winning actors.

    It's also great for the Community, Cultural understanding, personal achievement and yes it is extremely all round great viewing. A show that I hope will be around for my children to appreciate and maybe someday be on if they themselves choose the art of dance.
  • So You Think You Can Dance grows each season in talent and entertainment. The show is a combination of comedy from host, judges, and participants and interesting segments of dance, that shows what the individuals and teams are capable of.Better every time

    So You Think You Can Dance is a creative mix between the dancing, the comedic effect, and the cast's growth and relationships. All three elements are shown throughout the show and make it an interesting success. The viewer has a chance to see different styles of dancing come together and perform on a single stage. Not only are there classic routines such as: the waltz, the rumba, ballroom, contemporary, and ballet; there are also more modern types: hip hop, Jazz, street dancing, and sometimes dances that are not categorized. To watch So You Think You Can Dance is in itself an appealing chance to observe the change our dancing is taking. This last season, viewers witnessed two street dancers as the top two, which was a great honor for them and gained respect for their dance choice. To see these two gentleman and others out of their comfort zone and perform so brilliantly was astounding and awe inspiring. I recommend this show to be watched, if even just once, for every season is a new surprise of talent and ambitions.
  • A hidden gem among reality shows.

    SYTYCD should hardly be considered a reality show. It is like a real dance competition. I have a great deal of respect for many of the people on this show and what they do. It deserves more viewers than it has. The atheletism, stamina and focus it takes to be a dancer is comparable to professional atheletes and should be respected as much. It is incredibly entertaining, moving, funny; just totally dynamic to watch. It's unique because it takes dancers gifted in their own styles and has them compete in mostly different styles of dance. It takes alot of true earned talent to do. The choreography is really excellent and to pair it with a variety of dancers creates something magical to watch. It shows growth in skill and as a person which also makes it interesting to follow. I can't wait until next year I love this show.
  • I really like this show but I have 2 major complaints about it and want to know if anyone else feels the same...

    Ok, I really do like the show, but what bugs the hell out of me about it is that its so pretentious and self-congradulatory. This show is so far up its own ass... After every single performance, the first thing out each judge's mouth is how great the cooreographer was, starts a round of applause for them, and then it cuts to the cooreographer in the audience and pat themselves on the back. It would be fine if it was only once in a while, for a few spectacular dance routines, but they do it after every single performance. The show is called So You Think You Can Dance, not So You Think You Can Cooreograph... The show's not supposed to be about them, its supposed to be about the dancers, The judges are so overly pleased with the show's production that they lose sight of that. Has anybody else noticed this? Is it just me, or is that extremely irritating? The only other gripe I have is the female judge who always sits in the middle (I forget her name)...She has the most annoying hyena-like cackle that she does and even worse is the ear-splitting scream when she really liked the performance, yelling something stupid like "You're on the hot tomale train - yes you are!" Whenever its her turn to speak after a routine, I just turn the volume down by at least half before she starts wailing away otherwise her voice is like a rusty nail scraping across my brian. Does she annoy the hell out of anyone else? Those are my two big complaints about the show...but other than that, I still really like it. Twitch and Katee have been my favorites since I first saw them in the auditions. It really sucked when Twitch was in the bottom 2 last week and Will was voted out.
  • Okay show.

    I think this is a okay show to watch. Sometimes it's good. I like it how oriningal people with talent in dancing can autdition for the show!
    What I love about this show is that they include different types of dances the contestants have to learn.
    What I don't like are the 1)judges. Nigel is good, but Mary Murphy? UGHH. I hate hearing her scream! It makes me want to rip my ear off. The choreographer (sp?) judge is always honest except Mia this season (4). She trashes every female dancer and should be fired emidietly or should only choreograph. 2) Cat Deely. She is 100% annoying at every beginning of the show. It'd be funny if she says "And here are your...?" and no one answers :P
    3) Some of the style dances can get really boring to watch.

    Overall, okay show. Sometimes it can get good.
  • Love, love, love

    I love this show! It's always the highlight of me week. I am starting to get just a little upset with the elimination process however. The guys are all so solid. Losing Gev was a huge blow to my heart, but I would have been sad to see Mark leave as well. It's tough to call, but I think there will be a male winner this year. I can actually see it coming down to Will and either Chelsie or Katee. It seems like this season is flying by as opposed to last year. Just so you know, there are weekly recaps over at Here's a link to their latest:
  • Basically, the best should stay not the popular. And the judges should have the finial call. And I truly believe that at teh end of the show there should be two winners one man one women! The Best of each should win and stop the need for making a martyr.

    ok, let me start by saying, I do enjoy the show its one of the few shows I can sit down with my wife and watch together. But I am getting sick of a few little things. I mean it is such a waste of time knowing that right after some one is told they just aren't cutting it, that all the people that love a hot guy get on the phone and vote fore that guy just so they can watch him rip off his shirt again! Then the talented dancer goes home! Its not fare that the judges at the most important time are taken out of the desision making. And the fact that the girls and guys dance all the way to the end together, it really should be a winner in both male and female at the end. I love to watch them Dance and the guest stars and the Choreographers are fantastic. there is one screaming judge I could do with out. But thats the story of life, you get the good with the bad. Anyway, I truly hate to stop watching the show, but such ramdom acts Inconsistency are too hard to watch. I just don't understand how even thou everyone knows it happening why it allowed to continue. Thanks for your time and the chance to share the thoughts
  • Finding out who is America's Favorite Dancer. Past winners include Nick Lazzareni, Benji Schwimmer, and Sabra Johnson.

    This show combines so many great elements of comedy, drama, and just pure fun. This show is just one of the best reality shows that is on television. I never really watched this until season three, but now i completely love this show. The whole idea reminds me of American Idol, but instead this has dance instead of having people sing for all of their votes. So...yea...i really do not have any thing else to say, so i think that im just going to ramble. I L O V E T H I S S H O W! Y E A!
  • Judge Len Goodman taught me to dance - but how did he end up a judge?

    Coming from being a market barrow-boy and MARRYING a dancer, Judge Len Goodman isn't much cop. He's a rubbish cop-outy teacher and frankly the dance school in Dartford, Kent UK has deteriorated to a derelict mess and one can only suppose the kids who dance there are suffering his newly found pretentiousness. He hasnt spent a penny on the place in years and now overcharges parents to be taught by this world renowned ' judge'. Frankly the man cant dance - his son is the real dancer. what a joke the producers are.
    i feel there should be real dancers judging - not a megolomanic Dartford boy whom couldn't decipher a tango from a tap dance. i watch to amuse myself in his utter BS judging, using Dartford blag to pay for his new landrover on Birchwood Drive.
  • Female judge is super-annoying

    This show is definately entertaining to watch, especially with all the tools trying out. But one thing drives me more crazy than all of teh wackos: Judge Mary Murphy. I hate her face, laugh, and snarlly attitude. I think she's a product of stem-cell research, performed in Rosie Odonnell's basement. This chick is not only scare looking but probably the most annoying thing on TV. Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Check out this rant about her:
  • I just started watching the show at season 4.

    To tell you the truth i'm not so excited about dance shows like this because to me they tend to be boring. I do like this show though. The judges help the show by a lot with there additudes. Like Nigel Lythgoe (he's supposed to be the meanest of the panel and he's British) he seems like another form of Simon Cowell. Only he's easier to get along with. Mary Murphy has a sorta of weird laugh, and once she starts laughing she won't stop. The auditions are just like any other reality show...Hilarious! I don't know about you but I love to see people bicker with the panel just so they could get some tv time.
  • So you think you can dance? Well ya can't... truly amazing talent, great challenges, you have to really know your stuff if you want to be on this show, you can't just "wing" it. The Dance version of Idol. Idol (is funnier) but SYTYCD is more realistic

    If you like dancing, or watching people dance, then what are you waiting for, turn on So You Think You Can dance. If you are not familiar with this show, at first glance, you may think. Not another Dance show. But you really have to watch this show. The dancers are really incredible, and the choreography that is given to them is beyond awesome, beautiful, and genius! I love American Idol (I'm bringing this up because it's SYTYCD is supposed to be like idol) but I personally feel that Dance takes a lot more out of you. I mean you really have to be good. In dance you're either good or you're not good. Singing people can't sing and yet they make it. Dance to me is on a whole nother level (Talent wise). The only thing that I'll give Idol is that the auditions are HI-LARIOUS (that is my first time saying it like that lol) but I just think that the Judges have a better idea of what they are looking for, and you can tell that the Judges are actually paying attention to what's going on and they have some really good opinions and comments. They don't just try to make the contestant feel bad, they try to give them advice so that they do better next time! Another plus is that Cat Deeley the host is TEN THOUSAND times better then Ryan on Idol (who likes him). Watch this show for real talent and entertainment. Plus on the results show they are able to get cool singers to perform.
  • Dancers go through a series of tough auditions to demonstrate versatility in most dance styles. The Top 20 go on to dance on tv and are voted for by viewers. Eliminations take place until one is crowned America's Favorite Dancer.

    I'll take this show over "American Idol" anyday. Many untrained singers have gone very far in American Idol, and the winners(and many finalists) go on to successful singing careers. However, with So You Think You Can Dance, the winners don't get much publicity, and it takes years of training for the contestants to make the Top 20. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of these talented dancers. Dancing also entertains me, even though I don't dance at all. These people dont' have natural talent, they worked hard for it and deserve to show off what they have learned. Although some of it seems a little rigged in order for some contestants to get more votes, it's a great show!!
  • So you think you can dance?

    As a dancer myself, this show has become a personal favorite. I'm so amazed by how good some of these people are. I've just got into it in the fourth season, and I think I came at the optimal time. The dances are fabulously choreographed and danced, mostly, to perfection. I've learned a lot from just watching them, and I'm totally inspired. I've wanted to make my own routines more interesting and dynamic, and this has shown me how much I could do with my body. True, the judge Mary is very annoying, with her loud voice, but she's a small price to pay to watch these really great dancers.
  • Good dance show

    If you like dancing, if you like to see young people challanged every week on different types of dances and partners. You will love this show. It is very entertaining. Every week it get you going with different beats and dances. If you don't get in the groove with a show like this, then you should stay away from music and dancing it is not for you. The only downfall for me regarding this show is 1) Cat Deeley. Sometimes I can't stand her, actually most of the time I can't stand her I find her very anoying. But for the rest it is good, it is "Fame" live.
  • Setting an amazing trend for reality TV. So much better than some of its counterparts because it focuses on REAL dancers, amazing ones at that.

    So much of reality TV today is in the American Idol vein. Promos of tragic lives or catchy stories, then the viewers call in and whoever is cutest or most popular gets chosen. The contestants are often chosen in the first place for ability to connect with viewers as opposed to actual talent. This show is different. First of unlike some other shows *coughdancingwiththestarscough*, the show uses real dancers, dancers who have trained all their lifetimes for such an opportunity. Secondly, while viewers do play a role and can vote for favorites the judges make the final decision, eliminating the chance for great yet unappreciated dancers to get kicked out because they aren't cute or popular enough. Lastly, the stories aren't as played up, instead contestants usually answer a revealing question or are shown naturally rehearsing before their dances. This makes them seem so much more natural and a lot less contrived. Overall, So You Think You Can Dance, is an excellent specimen of reality TV and more shows should follow its example.
  • So You Think You Can Dance is a show dedicated to dancing. The mixing of the different styles of dancers and the performances is what makes this show challenging to the contestants. This is definitely a great way to showcase America's dancing talent.

    I LOVE IT!! This show is so inspiring that it makes people wanna dance. Heck, it makes me wanna dance, which I do. I love watching the diversity of the dancers and their performances. At first, they may not be all that great at another style, but watching them grow every week in their personality and technique is so aw inspiring that it shows anyone can dance as long as they take in that criticism to help them become a better dancer. This is a truly wonderful and influential show that people should definitely watch! Thank you so much for creating this show!
  • Contestants from across the country compete to be named the top dancer in this American Idol structured show.

    I'm not usually a fan of reality television, especially talent competitions. But there is just something deeply cool about seeing the different styles of dance portrayed on this show. I mean, the contemporary bench routine from a season or two ago- absolutely amazing. It is just really great to be exposed to so many different styles, danced by some of the best in the country. And for once, a competition has managed to get a likable host in Cat. She's sweet, funny, and entertaining, and both stands out while letting most of the attention land on the dancers. Overall, one of my top 10!
  • season 4 auditions: la

    im sorry, i just love sytycd! another round of fun-filled auditions. was VERY disappointed seeing "sex" and the "golden whatever" back. do they honestly think they can dance? VERY happy when nigel called out "david". lol. hopefully now he'll get the picture and wont come back. but just out of curiousity, i'd love to see the golden guy's face. =P wasnt really excited about anyone except victor kim (who made it to choreography but not vegas) and that awesome popper at the very end. they were right, they did save the best for last. i really hope he can make all the way. i agree with nigel, he's my favorite of the entire competition.... so far. it's only just begun, and i cant wait til next week!
  • SEASON 4 is here, YEAHHHHHH!!! I love this show every part of it. Dancing with the stars and any other dance shows cannot touch SUTUCD(abbreviation of the shows name). All the SUTUCD fans out there let me hear u SCREAMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!

    I started watching SUTUCD in season 2 and i loved it then and i love it now. It truly is the GREATEST dance show that ever been on tv, and i am amped and fired up about this season. As much as i enjoy Dancing with the stars, especially the season with Stacy Keibler and she's from Baltimore where im from she should of won after all those 30s she pulled, So you think you can dance reigns supreme over all dance shows. The reason why I say this is because Nigel lythgoe and the rest of the crew, gives opportunities to anyone who auditions to help their dream of becoming a pro dancer become a reality. And that's why im big on this show and with all that said, I bid you adieu.
  • Best dance show out there!

    Oh my God, I love dancing. This show is the best dance show out there. Especially for those of us who don't want to watch shows like Dancing with the Stars. This show is about new, fresh, amazing talent and I like the audition part the most. Watching al the different styles of dance, the different outfits, different personalities and different backstories. I love the music they choose to audition to and I'm amazed at some of the dansroutines the choreographers come up with. It invites you to change the way you look at a certain style of dancing or makes you listen to a song you heard a thousand times in a completely different way. I am a true fan of season 2 (couldn't download 1 so that's a shame) and currently watching the australian version. Cheers, mate!
  • Yea d o m i n i c a n d l a u r e n s i t t i n g i n a t r e e k i s s in g w h i le d a n ci n g r u m ba a n d k r u mp

    I love this show i think dominic and lauren are great thogether like the dace of rumba and krump i love krump and rumba beacuse its so great but i dont feel good when dominic and sabra danced and not lauren with neo beacuse i like dominic and lauren thogether i feeld strange of the kiss thit they gived beacuse i i i i feel like its strange but i love them thogether and not lauren with ne-o or sabra with domonic but o then is the life like that jejeje jeje j e je je je je je je je.
  • An awesome show with all different types of dancing styles ranging from hip hop to latin ballroom. They choose a cast of 20 dancers and they compete for America's Favorite Dancer!

    This show is super great!
    All of the dancers that they choose are always wonderful dancers and experts in their style. I think this show really does inspire people to dance. It also is very influencial. I love this show it is definantly in my top 3 favorite shows! I think that the choreographers do a superb job on the choreography and always deliver. Even if you don't care for dancing that much you will and can be surprised by what some of them can do. I just wish this show doesn't only air in the summer and ran through the fall season also.
  • So you think you can dance is definately not a rip-off of American Idol. This show is what we call entertainment at its best!

    At first i'm not interested in including this show as my weekly fix of reality tv shows (believe me, i have a lot of shows to watch over the weekdays). But then again, when i watch the latest installment of the show, i am sure it is worth the time watching.

    The series starts off with an audition episodes like in American Idol, where we see the talented and also the bizarre ones who claim they can dance. Then it's off to Las Vegas where they have dozens of hopefuls to be filtered out into 20 finalists.

    The finals is the part i like to watch the most. Dancers are paired up by the producers and they have to randomly choose the dance style they are dancing. Dance styles raging from hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, waltz, quickstep, disco and so much more which leave the audience excited and entertained, or emotionally drawn into the performances.

    What I like about this show is the fact that dancers who specialize a certain genre has to, and even excel the dance styles they never even heard of. This makes me so amused and in awe of their performances.

    The Judges and the choreographers play a great part to keep the show in their high standards. The judges include the occasionally funny Nigel Lithgoe, the crazy-but-lovable Mary Murphy and the other choreographers who are very professional in their dance styles.

    Overall this show is definately for the ones who love to watch dances, and also others who love quality tv.
  • A show when 20 dancers compete to become America's favorite dancer

    This show is one of my favorite shows. The dancers are amazing, but some I don't even know why they owuld want to audition and humiliate themselves so much on natinol telivision. My favorite part is when the top twenty compete. I'm a dancer so I know jazz modern hip hop lyrical and its so cool to see the choreographers type of or they way they teach their style. Because everyone has their own style and that helps in dance a lot. He dancers every season just keep on getting better and better. The judges sometimes i don't agree with. The hist Cat Deely is really annoying sometimes, but other than that it is one of the best shows. I like it better than American Idol.
  • So You Think You Can Dance, while not as good as American Idol in my opinion, still comes off as a decent summer show.

    So You Think You Can Dance is basically taking a concept like American Idol, only making it a dance competition. The show itself if fairly interesting and you get to see a whole bunch of different people and styles. For me, it lacks the grandeur of American Idol however. It feels more like just a summer entertainment show while you wait for American Idol comes back. The show is worth giving a chance though because it does have aspects which make it unique. So I'll sum this up by saying, watch the show if you want and give it a chance; if you're a diehard Idol fan like me though, you may be a bit dissapointed, simply becuase...well, few talent shows are better than Idol, right?
  • I know I can't dance, that's why I love to watch people that can.

    So You Think You Can Dance? is a really fun show to watch. I mean, aside from them showing people that really have no business trying out for the show (which in itself is very entertaining), the most impressive part of the show to me are those truley talented dancers that put their all into the competition. I do like most all of the judges as well, except for the one with the crazy laugh.... she scares me. The thing I like about the judging is that it doesn't seem staged or that people are just going with the flow of the other judges. Either you're good, mediocre, or you stink, and each one will tell you what they think. And from their decisions to the last bit of the competition, it seems they make great choices because it's always fun to see who comes out as number one.
  • I love it more than American Idol...

    In this show, dancers compete to prove to America that they are the best. Every week, two people (one guy and one girl) from the original top twenty are eliminated. Elimination generally changes every season, so I won't go into great detail with that.

    Why do i like this better than American Idol? Well, first of all, there is a less likely chance than another Sanjaya will rear its ugly head and ruin the show for me (although Cedric came close). Also, dancing is something you can only do if you enjoy it. For singing, most people just do it for the fame, but in dancing, there are lots of injuries, discouragement, and pain to endure, so only if you truly love it can you succeed. So we know that these people don't just want the $200,000 (that is how much they win, right?) and fame. They have something called passion. And besides, dancing is twice as much fun to watch as singing!!
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