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  • terrible season

    This season sucks there isn't one standout performer. Emilio was clearly the most talented dancer but yet as they did with everyone else this season he got voted out. The biased nature of how this show favors contemporary over other styles makes these dance routines very vanilla. This season (11) top 20 is not very strong or diverse. The ratings are so bad now along with the new voting mechanic, that this season will probably be the nail bitter for this show being continued.

    Hi! So I have been watching SYTYCD since Season 8 and I think it is the bomb diggity!! I could not agree more with rogersic (posted November 10, 2013). This show has some flaws, but ALL shows do! The great in this show far outweighs the not so great. I get SO excited on Wednesday nights to sit down and engage in the show. I feel very blessed to be able to delight in the show with a roof over my head, a glass of water sitting right next to me, and eyes and ears to really feel the immense emotion that radiates off of all of the dancers. Most of all, I feel very blessed to live in a country where people CAN dance and share the talents that God has given them with the world. I love watching all the contestants dance, no matter if it is their style or not, because I know dancing is what they love to do; it is their passion. The greatest gift you can give the world is to do what you love, and unfortunately, many people cannot/do not do what they love. This is just a great show and gives many opportunities to the dancers. I am amazed every week with the effortlessness the dancers show while dancing. WOW! So awesome!! :-)
  • Boring Beige Season 11

    I have given up on season 11, I am sure the ratings are falling and it is not just because of Facebook voting, hyper moving cameras and screaming audiences (and screaming Mary). This complete dominance of ideally trained cookie cutter dancers is stifling this season, this will very likely be a nail in the coffin of the show. That would be a pity to me as I have been a fan for years.

    The diversity of styles and the struggles of some dancers to not just adapt but to evolve on the show has produced dance heroes which viewers have taken to, or in some cases even fought against, in either case building the interest and dynamic nature of SYTYCD, without this factor it becomes what is now (season 11) just another destined for cancellation dance show.

    JUDGES, your choices for CAST MEMBERS have to be more creative in the future or the show will go the way of every single dance show before it, and so many future dancers and dance fans are hoping otherwise.
  • Worst season Yet

    I'm utterly disappointed by the uninspiring performances and the cast that screams vanilla in every way. This used to be my absolute favorite show, one that I argued with my husband for the right to watch for two hours each week. Watching the auditions gave me goosebumps, but somehow, even though there were some truly unique performances, the least exciting and the least original dancers were selected. I definitely will not buy tickets to see this top 10 which lacks diversity. If next years outcome is similar, I won't waste my time watching at all. I doubt that I'll make it through the remainder of this season. I'm very sad and again, disappointed.
  • Stop moving the camera, please!

    Love the show but I don't want to get sick watching it. Please let us feel like we're in the audience and allow the cameras to show the view from the audience. The spinning and cutting from camera to camera is just not worth watching.
  • Refuse to Vote Now

    I think it is absolutely ridiculous that you must have a Facebook account to vote. Many people do not use Facebook. This is very unfair to the dancers, because many who want to vote do not want to join Facebook. Although I have a Facebook account, I just think this sucks and is unfair.
  • Screaming fans

    audience. It has to stop
  • Turn off the audience screaming!

    Hearing the audience scream during the performance is distracting and frankly ruins a lot of really good performances for me. I want to focus on the dancing and hearing the music and get lost in it all. Hearing a bunch of girls scream every time something great happens just totally takes me out of the moment. Even Nigel has mentioned it several times a couple weeks ago. Just turn off the microphones for the audience during the performance, it adds nothing. If you don't believe me, take a vote. I can't imagine many people actually think it adds something. Please stop, it's ruining the show for me that I really love.
  • Hate The New Voting

    I have loved SYTYCD since its first debut. I am very disappointed that I cannot vote. I think it is totally absurd that people have to vote via FB. I am one of those individuals who do not have any interest in using FB for my own reasons. Most of everything is done online now days and it is more convenient to vote online instead of a telephone line. I think that a lot of great dancers will lose a lot of votes just because many of us are unable to vote because of the FB challenge. If I am not able to vote for my favorite dancer then what is the reason that I should watch the show. What is the point of even downloading an APP to your phone if you are unable to utilize it, hence you must vote via FaceBook from your cell phone as well. I hope the producers change this method because there are a lot of people who are not in agreement. Did they once think about the older and more mature crowd who don't use social media platforms??? I guess not!!! Signed Old Fashion...
  • Disenfranchised

    I've loved the show since season 1, and I too am upset that voting is now FB only. For a show that actually tries to teach audience connection, it's an ironic move. Limiting the voting to subscribers of a creepy social network leaves many of us disenfranchised, and I can feel my caring for the show draining away. 10 for the show, 2 for the network execs.
  • I just wish it were fair to all styles of dance.

    I want to see a contemporary or ballet dancer be sent to choreography only to find out the choreography is hip hop. It's so sad to see all hip hop heads fail when they get to choreography and find out it's technical. If not trained, a hip hop dancer doing contemporary will look just as silly as a contemporary dancer doing hip hop. ): Just give everyone a fair and equal chance! I definitely think the show is fun and nice to watch but I get so upset seeing talented dancers go home because they can't do a style and it never ever happens to a contemporary, modern, ballet, or technical dancer because as far as the society is concerned tilts are harder than grooving (which is debatable). Please be fair to all styles, SYTYCD! I'd hate to see a technical dancer go home due to hip hop choreography as much as I hate seeing this happen to hip hop dancers!
  • All NEW Facebooks favorite Dancer! FB voting sucks

    I can no longer participate in the voting because of FB. What a shame. The show itself is still great, but the voting was an important part of enjoying the show. Made you feel as if you were participating.

    Now just call it "Facebooks Favorite Dancer" and leave America out of it.


    I am absolutely upset I can not vote because I do not have a FB page not fair that us that want to steer away from that media site can not take part in casting our opinion on the show we love... the producers need to change that ASAP I hope when they see the count is not high they change on the split .. I REFUSE TO MAKE A PAGE ON A SITE I DO NOT WANT TO BE PART OF JUST TO VOTE... By the way did anyone catch one person did not have their 8 second run down... One of my favs will give a hint female Tapper can anyone guess her name.. BUT THE SHOW STILL IS THE MOST AMAZING SHOW WHO CRIED WHO MELTED YOUR HEART WHO FELT THOSE AMAZING MOMENTS.... So many ballroom dancers this season I cant wait to see them out of their elements Over ALL amazing show Opinion on each Couple to follow
  • Love SYTYCD but too much camera moving

    the show is great but this year the camera is moving too much and its difficult to focus on dancers, It makes you dizzy and distracts from the dance routine
  • Is anyone else sick of seeing so much of the judges??

    I love this show, but I am getting more and more fed up with the amount of time the judges are shown when dancers are performing. I appreciate the judges, but I want to see THE DANCERS. I don't give a flip about seeing the judges faces while the dancers are on. Come on, guys! You say this is about the dancers and people being given a chance they may not have gotten otherwise, but I think you are making it about yourselves. Lets get back to the dancers!!!
  • The reason I hate so you think you can dance

    Hip hop, break dancing, popping and locking, all that is considered dance too, and I'm tired of having these judges place amazing dancers in a position they can't do. If you made someone who does ballet, do crumping, they would fail. Placing someone who does break dancing or hip hop into lyrical or partner dances doesn't prove they can dance, it just proves how naive the judges are. I'm bored and tired of watching good dancers go home, back to dancing on the streets and in front of mirrors and not given a chance because they can do a proper pli. In conclusion, not all dance is lyrical or jazz.
  • Love SYTYCD! Don't quit after season 11!

    I love SYTYCD and I really want to try out in 4 years when in old enough. These people are amazing!! And I think the show should not quit after season 11!!!
  • I'm annoyed

    I'm annoyed with SYTYCD. I find that nowadays, the final 20 is generally Ballet, Contemporary or Jazz dancers. And their definition of "Hip Hop" dance routines is not what Hip hop dancing use to be. And their show revolves around dancers who can dance with a partner. Not every dance style involves a partner. They're are so many people who dance other styles than the three I listed and they're good. But they seem to never make to the final 20 or only one make it from a different dancing category. I still wished Cyrus had won season 9, he was amazing. This show has gotten ridiculous. However, I enjoy watching the auditions.
  • Disappointed

    Hate Mary Murphy (thank goodness for mute buttons), love the addition of the crews. Disappointed that they chose a self indulgent punk with no moral compass like JB to introduce it. Surely there is someone more relevant and a better role model if they want to attract a younger crowd to watch. Also he and his "choreographer" have no personality and made their few minutes on air about them and not about the dancers.
  • have to agree to disagree

    Like Amican Idol I really think this show hit its stride in season 5 and 6. I personally feel while still okay it is also past its prime. Open up the slot form something new. Fox. Stop holding on to the same shows year after year.
  • 10 Seasons and still the best show on television

    This show, although a competition, is really about getting to watch incredible dancers perform amazing, Emmy award winning routines. Yes, your favorite dancer does not always win. And yes, sometimes the judges comments can be irritating. But, I LOVE what this show is and what it represents. I am blessed that in the midst of mindless television drama there is a program that celebrates the talents of real individuals and promotes art in such a stunning display of athleticism.
  • give us the best of the best

    Dear Nigel & Company: Once this season is over (Season 10) PLEASE provide us a DVD of the "best of the best" routines over the first 10 seasons. There have been some that were so memorable I don't want to ever forget them. Also, if I were a dancer I wouldn't really care about a critique from some sitcom actor. I mean, who cares that some dippy, trippy actress thinks everyone is wonderful. I would want to hear how I can improve from another dancer or a choreographer (Christina Applegate is an exception - she's knowledgeable about dance). It was great to see Kenny Ortega last week and Debbie Allen this week. I personally miss Little C and where oh where is Mia.
  • my top four

    Cat was sparkling in her Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge dress with the bow in front. for the guys, Aaron is really likeable and talented, but Nico is just amazing dancer. Jasmine and Hayley FTW since Amy landed in the bottom this week. That's my top four

    I would like the judges to give more positive feed back to the men in the competition like they do the ladies. Yes the women outfits are pretty, but it's the men who do the lifts and carries the weight of the dance. And, it just seems like the men don't get judge always about how sexy the women look, and it's about the dance not how sexy they look. Not fair to the men in the competition. I love the show but please be fair to the God this is not a porn site. Also, lets get more dance experts on the panel, like Debbie is a dance competition!!! concerned show watcher!
  • It's America's Favorite Dancer--Right?

    Nigel keeps saying that America selects the winners and that personality trumps dancing, but then the judges keep saving Jenna. It appears she's not connecting with the audience, but the judges keep stepping in. Aaron's success makes clear that the judges can't always tell who's good. Also, it really bothers me when the judges critique dances and performances as so honest when they're actually pretentious and mugging-filled junk. The "judges" who are being brought on to hype Fox entertainments who don't really know about dance reveal the producers' true (phony) colors. Bring back Debbie Allen, Desmond Richardson, and Lady GaGa. Finally, I second the previous reviewer's comments about the camera work: please stay on the dancers at least for the entire short routine!
  • Lose Mary Murphy, Already!!!!!!

    The show has gotten so good with better dancers than when it first started. But, Mary Murphy ruins the show. The only way we can watch (listen) is to record and fast forward through her screechy know-nothing opinions. She is ridiculous and not in a good way. And 4 judges is too much.
  • Make it better

    I was a dancer, and my son is a dancer, & SYTYCD is our favorite show. the only thing we don't like is that the camera does not stay on the dancer through the whole performance. We don't want to look at the judges, we can hear them laugh or whatever, but there are only a few minutes for each performance & audition, and precious, meaningful moments of the choreography are lost each time the camera goes to the panel & away from the dancer. Most of the people & dancers I know personally really dislike this. We can wait to the end to see & hear the judges!! Please consider this.
  • Started Out Great, Went Downhill

    I've watched this show from season 3 - the first few seasons I watched were magnificent, 10/10. Then, the judges tried to change the format in unappealing ways. Key choreographers left. The format got even worse. I really did love this show because it exposed me to dancing, which I don't get to see much of, as well as great music. However, it's gotten tired. I really hope the rumors that last season wasn't the final season of the show, but if it was, I can see why.
  • Viewing

    I'm all about special lighting for dramatic effects; however, too often the stage is too dark to see the dancers. 'Lighten' it up!!!!!!
  • Losing Credibility

    From the start of the season, the show seems like it had been trying to keep up their past ratings. I'm annoyed with a few things, especially the judges. Throughout the season Nigel has managed to bash Cyrus for his lack of experience, then it came to a complete overhaul in the last show. I don't appreciate that negative criticism, EVEN IF it was directed to someone other than Cyrus. If that's the case, don't allow untrained dancers into the top twenty. It's a waste of their time and those who vote to keep them out of the bottom. On a side note, for those who complain about the "good" dancers leaving, perhaps you should vote to have an opinion. Cyrus has never been in the bottom, so he alone isn't the reason why the "good ones" went home.
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