So You Think You Can Dance

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  • I Love this show, it gets better every season.

    i started watching this show during it's first season, and that's when i started to love this show. and now i like season 2 even better than the first. "so you think you can dance" has become my favorite show. i never miss an episode. the only thing i'm mad about is that my favorite dancer, allison, left the show. but i still love the show, and im still rooting for the other dancers, especially ivan, benji, and heidi. i myself, love to dance, and i think that this show is way better than "dancing with the stars" and every time i watch the show,i just want to get up and dance.
  • So You Think You Can Dance is a wonderful show. I never saw season 1. The show just brings you in.

    I never thought I would watch this show, but I tuned in one day, and I love it! The dancers are wonderful. Natalie and Travis are my favorites. It is so hard to pick just one winner, since they are all so good. It is a fantastic show, and I look foward to next season. I do like the fact that in the beginning, America votes for their favorite couple, but the Judges pick from the three lowest to send two home. But when all the dancers are almost all evenly matched, how do you pick one to go home.
  • This show makes me wish I could dance!

    I watch it, and I love it so much. There is not a moment I want to skip ahead. The characters are so funny and just great people, and I love watching their profiles. I love watching their moves. Every week, I'm upset that I didn't record a Latin dance or a Hip Hop dance. The show is insanely awesome. You will be amazed.
  • Some of yall are going to hate this, and probably not agree but...

    Yall, I think that something's missing from this season's so you think you can dance, and it wasn't until this weeks show that I finally realized what it is exactly. It's the solo's. Nigel, every week talks about how this is a solo competition and that America is only oging to choose one favorite dancer. While that is the case, with this show set up it really doesn't work. I don't want them to show me one more time why we could have voted for them. I want the dancers to dance for their lives. Dance as if it's all on the line, when the judges say that it should be on the line. Because well, it is on the line. The solo's are missing they were intergral. I fell in love with Blake McGrath, and Nick las season because of their solo's. Jamile stayed in the competition week, after week, after week, because he was an amazing popper. He sucked at Ballroom which he drew every week for 4 straight weeks, but his solos, his speciality saved him. The fact that Martha never drew contempoary is part of the reason she went home. She never got to do her style, she never showed what she was doing. It's sad that we can't be reminded week, after week, before voting, just why each of the dancers have gotten so far!

    Bring back the solos!
  • It is pretty cool...

    Even though they copied American Idol, it is still an awesome show for me, because I love to dance, dacing is so much fun, so I can totally relate to the dancers in this show. This show is awesome, and I can't wait to see the season finale, plus, they already know that they are making a season 3 for the show!!! This show is fabulous... Way better than that stupid show America's Got Talent! I think this show is still lower class to American Idol, but I got to hand it to the producers, they did a wonderful job on this new, popular dancing show!
  • This is a great show

    Absolutely addictive.

    I don't see why everyone hates this show

    It's fabulous.

    break dancers, lyrical, contemporary, jazz, etc, etc, etc, etc.

    Hok and ryan of sickstep competed in this. They rock.

    I think there are some bias in the judges... but onh well, that's to be expected.

    i think the one part that is bad about this show is that they always blame the dancers and never the choreography.

    There is some choreography that is outrageous, horrendous and downright horrible.

    Also i'm getting a little tired of the hip hop. Nothing new seems to show up. But oh well.

    Definitely check this show out. It's a winner.
  • very cool and love the concept of so you think you can dance.

    so you think you can dance is a reality tv show that gives us all the info about the contestants and what their forte is and how they dance different styles that they are not used to like if your forte was ballet but then you have to dance hip hop. it can be very hard especially since you have to dance th routine in front of thousands of fans and viewers on live tv.this is also almost the same with american idol except that they didnt have to sing songs that were given to them but they chose it.
  • Another lame show by FOx Just a cheap fix to make fox some money. It does not matter if people watch as long as fox can get sponsors for the show.

    fox just lies to sponsors so they can make a quick buck. I can not believe they canceled Arrested Development and put this Junk in its place. The Truth about fox. The way they work now is. They will sign a show for three years if they have to pay a lot of actors after that time the show will be canceled Examples, Arrested Development, Futurama, Sliders, Herman’s Head. Even Mad TV is a great example they got rid of all the good actors except one. House and 24 are only on the aire because fox only has to pay one actor the rest will fall in line if they want to keep there job. Oh yes and Family Guy this show has now been canceled Twice now. Once they cancel Family Guy for the Third time and cancel Simpson’s it will be it for us on fox.
  • The greatest dancers in America step out of their comfort zone, and into a new element every week. Who\'s the most versatile, entertaining and talented dancer in the USA? They dance, you decide.

    Cat Deely is very odd. Better than Lauren Sanchez. But still weird. She wears very tacky outfits. Like, crazy.

    Some of the dancers are pretty talented. A lot are pretty good and versatile. It\'s fun to watch hip-hop dancers learn the cha-cha or the Argentine tango, and vice versa.

    Some of the people get by because of their partners, which is a flaw of the show. If a one-trick pony is paired with a versatile, enjoyable and very talented dancer, they\'ll both go through each week with tons of votes. But if two pretty good dancers who lack personality but have a lot of talent are paired together, they won\'t make it very far.

    It\'s better to vote for the dancers individually instead of as a couple.

    The judges are...interesting. Nigel\'s the boss, so he gets to be top dog and make all the decisions. Mary Murphy? One word - annoying. Why does she have to screech? She is quite obnoxious.

    Overall, pretty good show. Needs to fix a few things. But it\'s pretty good. It\'s one of the better shows on the reality tv bandwagon.
  • one word horrible

    Their are dozens of toher great shows out there what kind of losers would watch this kind of garbage. Yet, shows like this piece of garbage get high ratings along with American Idol. It shows how many morons live in America. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if your IQ is really this low that you need to watch utter trash like this. things kind of shows are a waste of peoples time i hate these kind of reality shows. i can't undrstand why it's still on air. this show is just the biggest waste of time anyone can waste.
  • A Horrible show that makes me sad to be an American when there are such better shows to watch...the dregs of society watch this.

    24, Prison Break, Rescue Me, Family Guy, 4400, Deadwood, Sopranos, Dead Zone, The Shield, Smallville, Stargate, Simpsons and Alias just to name a few of the intelligent great shows on TV. Yet, shows like this piece of garbage get high ratings along with American Idol. It shows how many morons live in America. Not suprising we have Bush as the president huh? Look in the mirror and ask yourself if your IQ is really this low that you need to watch utter trash like this. Shows like this are destroying American TV. Shows like Invasion and Surface get canceled so more garbage like this can go on the air to satisfy all the American lower class.
  • So You Think You Can Dance. It\\\'s a good show, but...

    When I first watched this show, I wasn\\\'t sure what to expect from it. It just looked like a version of American Idol. Well, that is what it is, but it\\\'s a good show! Nigel (one of the judges) may be harsh, but he always tells the contestants like it is. He wants them to improve. I also highly enjoy the routines (with an exception or two). The choreographers are very well trained.
    So far, my favorite dancers are Ashlee, Martha, and Dmitry. I also liked Ben, but he\\\'s gone now...*sob*
    All in all, a good show that I would recommend for everyone to watch.
  • Some of the dances are alright. The concept is pretty cool.

    I find the dances arlight, but it's some of the dances that makes me annoyed. This show is interesting, and I like the idea behind it. I'm not a huge fan of the show, but I thought I'd check out after watching American Idol. I havn't seen too many episodes of this show, but tye concept is pretty cool, seeing how the dance sytle is chosen for the pairs of dancers to perform, which is moderatly hard to learn in what I think is a short amount of time. These people manange to pull the dances off, but sometimes not hard enough, which leads to elimination.
  • Well, American Idol is over for the season... so let's watch some dancing!

    I didn't watch this show last season, I just started this season and only because I needed (yes, NEEDED) something to watch in place of the now-finished American Idol. I was flipping around the channels and saw the auditons for this show, and thought, hey, great, a bunch of people off the street trying to make it to the big time! The auditions were good for a laugh, in parts, and some of the dancers can actually dance.

    Now we're into the couples' dances and it's quite good. There's lots of styles of dancing that I'm not familiar with and that the dancers aren't familiar with either. And that's what makes it so interesting - to see these people stretching and learning new things and then coming out and performing them. I'm hooked!
  • So You Think You Can Dance finds people that can dance and have the effort to practice every day.

    Dancing is hard to do and most people don't know that. This show lets people see all the work the contestants do. They have to dancer with people they don't know and trust them. they also have to learn a new dance every week. Some times it is a style they have never done before.
  • A dancing competition

    I really like this show. which is really weird cause I hate and can\'t stand American Idol. I like to see many people having fun and dancing. I watched the first season of it and really liked it and couldn't wait until the second season, which finally is here. I already love to watch it and can\'t wait till the night it comes on. It keeps me well entertained and it is really fun to watch. I do not usually like the first episode because of the stupid and bad dancers I usually only like to watch when they have selected all of the people that are moving on to the Las Angeles Stage. In all this show is great, I love it.
  • From the creators of American Idol comes American Idol: Singing Edition (never would of though of that would you)

    American Idol came out and for a reason I cannot and most likly will never understand became an amazing success. So what do the creators do? They take the same exact show and put it in singing version and what you get is So You Think You Can Dance. Most Americans can't sing but even less can dance so now we have stupid or fat people tring to dance and failing miserably. It got cancled after one season (I wonder why?) then got picked up again (WHAT?). This is truly a horrible show that I do not like at all. Someone want to see good dancers what a dance recitle. You wana see bad dancers give your friends a buck and they will dance for you but whatever you do, don't watch so you think you can dance. Next will be So you think you can play a violin with no prior experience!
  • it\'s because it\'s \'unoriginal\' that makes it so successful

    i enjoy this show because it is amazing to see what the body is capable of without a safety net. Those who can\'t appreciate the talent and efforts that is illustrated in this program are only suffering from their own denied jealously. i know that i envy these people for their courage to perform; no matter how tragic or grand their efforts may be... although, it could be better organized...
  • Did you watch American Idol? Yes? Then why watch this?

    It is an American Idol carbon copy only with dancing. It has an evil british guy, an overexited host, and some extreeemly stupid people. Of course, there are some good dancers, but their moves are repetitive, unoriginal, and you fell like you are watching the same episode over and over again. Yes, there\'s the occassional injury, trip to the hospital, break-downs, throw-ups, etc., but you\\\'ve seen them all before on American Idol. If you were stupid enough to waste time watching the overly dramatic American Idol (like me) don\'t waste anymore of your life watching stupid reality shows on FOX. Honestly, I was more captivated to watch sick online predators come to fourteen-year-old decoy\\\'s houses looking for sex on NBC\\\'s DATELINE: TO CATCH A PREDATOR (which is also crap) than this crap. Bottom line: Don\'t watch it!
  • Sadly this is a hit.

    Well I can tell why this is a hit, in the auditions people got hurt and as much as I enjoy pain on other people. I can not comprehend the success of this show. Basicly it is ripping of the fourmula of the now rolling pile of fecal matter known as American Idol and adding dancing and a less feminine host. Fox please cancel this and bring back Scripted shows thats what wwe want!
  • So why is this show on tv?

    I appreciate the fact that American Idol has grown to be one of the top shows ever watched on TV. However, \"So you think you can Dance\", is a JOKE! Who cares if you can dance? I mean don\'t get me wrong, I respect what dancers can do, but what is this show going to do for dancers? They won\'t make that dancer famous. Who won last year? Do you really remember? Did they go off and hit fame and fortune? Doubt it. I also don\'t think there is a need to completely bash these people that don\'t really know how to dance. They have the guts to get up there and do it in front of the other dancers, the judges, and those few that watch this show. Be a little nicer, and stop beating them down for ratings sake.
  • I personally love this show!

    I love to watch them dance and audition. I can pick up some moves, cheer on my favourite competitors, and laugh at some, not so great dancing skills. it takes lads of courage to dance on television, esepicially if your not that good and you end up making a fool of yourself on tv. I personally would never, ever try, but hey, if you think you got skill, go for it.
    Anyway, I think this show deserves a worthy rating.
  • audition

    a u d i t i o n s a r e s t u p i d e t o w a t c h b u t t h e c o m p e t i t i o n a r e c o o l . i ' m d o i n g s p a c e s b e t w e e n w o r d s j u s t to w r i t e m o r e b e c a u s e i t h a s to be 100 w o r d s m i n.

  • Dance Dance Dance

    Yes this show is summer guilty pleasure. After all the great shows have gone on hiatus, So You Think Can Dance is back. I love the audition process but after that it kind of gets boring. Kind of like American Idol you get to know the main players and then tune in for the finale.

  • WHAT?

    They just keep on branching off of American Idol. Here's the list of shows that were branched off:

    American Idol> So You Think You Can Dance> Dancing With The Stars> Skating With The Stars>Cooking With The Stars. There.

    That's it. I can believe that very few people see that. I mean come on! It's right there. Pay attention. Seasons upon seasons of branching off. What's next? Who knows? Producing Shows With the Stars? I dunno! Who cares anymore? Just keep this junk off my TV. NO MORE branching off. American Idol rules. Others drool. OK? Yeah. They do drool. I said it.
  • Season 2 is now into play, however will this season grip the same entertaining stylishness that it had last year?

    To tell you the truth I was looking forward to Season 2, but for some reason this time around I can’t help to feel like it might flow under the radar. I gave the show such a high rating in my hopes for it to still hold the individuality it had last year. Now I know what your thinking…”This is the same garbage they keeping spitting out on television”…but for the people that missed it last year…it’s actually a really good show. I can’t explain why it’s different, but last year (In my opinion) it was a little better than that seasons American Idol. Who knows if it will reign this year, but I can say that it stacks up to be a really good show. Plus it’s pretty funny…for those who watched the first episode you know what I’m talking about…LOL. I’m not too sure about the host this year though. I liked last years host because she could dance. To tell you the truth I have the 1st season on DVD (taped it), and I hope this year it will be worthy of recording as well.
  • American Idol goes dancing...err sort of.

    While I found the start of this show slow and silly. I would like to see the producers show the good dancers more often than the silly people who think they can dance. I loved the last half of last years show. The dancers were wonderful and they really did get some great talent at the end. But wading through all the want-a-bees at the start is sometimes just plain stupid at times. And the judges should stop them after a few seconds of horrid waving of the arms or shaking of the butt, if they really have no talent. Of course I think the same thing about Idol. They should also show some of the better singers, instead of the goofy people. Yes some of the goofy, silly people are funny, but sometimes it goes on and on and on soooooo long, I change the chanel, until it is over.
    It would be nice if they actually show the ones that make it through, when they dance (and sing on Idol), and then mix some of the funny stuff in.
    So while my score is low right now, it will go up, toward the end of the show, because I know what is in store of our viewing!
  • Fun show to watch.

    I watched this show when it came on last year, but my main complaint was it came on really late in the year, and by the time the show was ending I had to choose between this show and a regular season show. So I was hoping they would bring this show back, but bring it back earlier. I guess they heard that complaint, and starting the show earlier.

    I like this show mainly because I used to dance when I was younger, but did not continue. I kind of wished I had. So I can live my dancing dream through the contestants. It's fun to watch a contestant who is mainly a hip hop dancer try to master a different dance genre and go out of their comfort zone. The tryouts are always funny, because there are folks who swear they can dance look totally foolish, but you have some people who really do have some awesome talent who hope to make the cut.

    I plan to watch tonight because the tryouts will be hilarious. A good show to watch if you have nothing better to do, or to watch on television.
  • Dance Dance

    This show is a guilty pleasure. When I first saw the ad I thought it's going to be a train wreck, but it wasn't. The producers thought of different ways to challenge the dancers with different forms of dance. Each week the new partnerships show different syles of dance and how well each contestant works as a partner. I think for a summer show it's not half bad.
  • Anything is better than American Freakin Idol!!!!!

    I did watch almost every episode of So You Think You Can Dance, and I really liked it. Can\'t wait til next season!!!!! I did want Melody to win instead though! But I wasn\'t too disappointed with the winner. He was very good too.I couldn\'t stand Snow. There was just something about her I didn\'t like I think it had alot to do with her just swinging her skirt around and not really dancing. You know what I mean!!
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