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  • Fantastic Stepping Stone for Very Talented Children

    I have watched these children from the start of the auditions to becoming the top 10 dancers picked. These children have excelled and grown so much with the opportunity to be on this show. They do not look stressed out at look relaxed and happy to be there to show talent beyond their years that is due to hard work. That is what they choose to do and want with their lives. Their choreographers are there to assist and help them grow to their potential. The bond and friendship between them is obvious in their respect for one another. Of course, someone has to be eliminated... The children are aware of this as in any competition in school / sports or otherwise. They all seem to have strong supportive families behind them and am sure they will be is part of life. These children have a great opportunity and stepping stone for their careers because of this show. At least these blessed children have a chance to go somewhere with their dreams. I am sad that Tahani was eliminated as I thought she was different in her techniques and soulful. I do believe with one other comment about Tate and Kathryn's routines that they get boring and are pretty much the same thing... emotional face to face encounter, pulling away then running around in an emotional state. To close, I will thank FOX for giving these talented children a chance. They will persevere and become even greater dancers because of opportunities like this. I have no affiliation with FOX. Just wanted to put my two cents in as I am not agreeing with the comments about "bring back the adults or I'm not watching"... Both shows are good!
  • What happened to my favorite show?!?!

    Bring Mary Murphy back please!!!! We need the hot tamale train critiques. Mary Murphy brought inspiring, insightful feedback to the contestants which made the show interesting and exciting.

    Paul Abdul needs to go. Her critiques are boring and superificial, annoying.

    Jason Derulo, great artist, terrible judge..

    Bring the guest judge concept back too, Jessie Tyler Ferguson, the best!

  • You Guys need to calm down

    So much negativity? I've scene comment after comment about hating this new format. Is it really that bad? can people really not adapt to any change? There are many great things about this format. 1, since its randomized every week, it doesn't get stale. With normal couple, the problem is that some people make it further then they should, because they are carried by their partner. This way, you focus on the dancers one at a time. Sure, we dont get magical couples, but we still get magical moments.

    Secondly, it leaves access to more creative routines. There are only so many storys you can do with just 2 people. with the groups thrown in all the time, it leaves great ideas for choreo. and about that, people are hating the choreography this year? its been pretty good so far, and its only been 3 weeks. You have to try new choreographers, you cant always use the same ones week after week.

    Thirdly, People are talking shit about the street side, saying they are inferior and it shouldn't be on the show in the first place? What? im sorry, i though this show was to test people's versatility, not weather you can do amazing contemporary routines. and thats what this show was starting to do. last season there were like 2 to 3 contemporary dances a week. Wheres did all the ball room go? where did all the hip hop go? This format allows to have a more versatile show. i dont care if you know watch it for the contemporary dances, dont be selfish. this show is for EVERYONE.

    Now of course there are some fault of this season, but not nearly as much as so many of you want to claim. Like the judges. i agree, paula and jason are kinda boring, especially jason. But weather we like it or not, people need to move on, im sure mary will be fine. Sure i wish she would come back, i love her, but things dont last forever. I just think people are being picky, and just hate change. cause this show is so interesting right now. Grow up people, embrace the change.

    Hi! So I have been watching SYTYCD since Season 8 and I think it is the bomb diggity!! I could not agree more with rogersic (posted November 10, 2013). This show has some flaws, but ALL shows do! The great in this show far outweighs the not so great. I get SO excited on Wednesday nights to sit down and engage in the show. I feel very blessed to be able to delight in the show with a roof over my head, a glass of water sitting right next to me, and eyes and ears to really feel the immense emotion that radiates off of all of the dancers. Most of all, I feel very blessed to live in a country where people CAN dance and share the talents that God has given them with the world. I love watching all the contestants dance, no matter if it is their style or not, because I know dancing is what they love to do; it is their passion. The greatest gift you can give the world is to do what you love, and unfortunately, many people cannot/do not do what they love. This is just a great show and gives many opportunities to the dancers. I am amazed every week with the effortlessness the dancers show while dancing. WOW! So awesome!! :-)
  • Refuse to Vote Now

    I think it is absolutely ridiculous that you must have a Facebook account to vote. Many people do not use Facebook. This is very unfair to the dancers, because many who want to vote do not want to join Facebook. Although I have a Facebook account, I just think this sucks and is unfair.

    I am absolutely upset I can not vote because I do not have a FB page not fair that us that want to steer away from that media site can not take part in casting our opinion on the show we love... the producers need to change that ASAP I hope when they see the count is not high they change on the split .. I REFUSE TO MAKE A PAGE ON A SITE I DO NOT WANT TO BE PART OF JUST TO VOTE... By the way did anyone catch one person did not have their 8 second run down... One of my favs will give a hint female Tapper can anyone guess her name.. BUT THE SHOW STILL IS THE MOST AMAZING SHOW WHO CRIED WHO MELTED YOUR HEART WHO FELT THOSE AMAZING MOMENTS.... So many ballroom dancers this season I cant wait to see them out of their elements Over ALL amazing show Opinion on each Couple to follow
  • Love SYTYCD! Don't quit after season 11!

    I love SYTYCD and I really want to try out in 4 years when in old enough. These people are amazing!! And I think the show should not quit after season 11!!!
  • 10 Seasons and still the best show on television

    This show, although a competition, is really about getting to watch incredible dancers perform amazing, Emmy award winning routines. Yes, your favorite dancer does not always win. And yes, sometimes the judges comments can be irritating. But, I LOVE what this show is and what it represents. I am blessed that in the midst of mindless television drama there is a program that celebrates the talents of real individuals and promotes art in such a stunning display of athleticism.
  • give us the best of the best

    Dear Nigel & Company: Once this season is over (Season 10) PLEASE provide us a DVD of the "best of the best" routines over the first 10 seasons. There have been some that were so memorable I don't want to ever forget them. Also, if I were a dancer I wouldn't really care about a critique from some sitcom actor. I mean, who cares that some dippy, trippy actress thinks everyone is wonderful. I would want to hear how I can improve from another dancer or a choreographer (Christina Applegate is an exception - she's knowledgeable about dance). It was great to see Kenny Ortega last week and Debbie Allen this week. I personally miss Little C and where oh where is Mia.
  • Make it better

    I was a dancer, and my son is a dancer, & SYTYCD is our favorite show. the only thing we don't like is that the camera does not stay on the dancer through the whole performance. We don't want to look at the judges, we can hear them laugh or whatever, but there are only a few minutes for each performance & audition, and precious, meaningful moments of the choreography are lost each time the camera goes to the panel & away from the dancer. Most of the people & dancers I know personally really dislike this. We can wait to the end to see & hear the judges!! Please consider this.
  • True Dance competition

    Have followed since season 1. To night WOW/omg. How do you pick someone? This whole show should get and Emmy. This years dancers...I have always voted. This year I can't pick between them. I am over joyed that there will be a gal and a guy. (Always should have been). The professionalism in dance, partnering, and music to choreography brought out everyone's best. Even the light hearted fun routines. For them to be able to dance with past (brilliant) participants is inspirational extra joy. Tonight was AWSOME ART!!!!! Seen the finale and the whole show should be nominated for an Emmy. This show doesn't get enough notoriety. Where is GMA and other info/talk who ha. These kids bleed themselves for this. I`d rather watch and ache with these upcomers than watch the comedy slash shows that only compete for the best 'come back` or crudity. THESE ARE THE NEW ARTISTS. LOVE IT!!!!
  • Best Dance Talent!

    This is not like other casting shows. This is a television show for those who enjoy helping people with their passion, their expression, and to watch serious judges get down to business. Pressure, lights, camera, and talent! Great music selections!!!!!
  • Love It


    I'm a fan from day 1 - looking forward to next season. Never missed an episode. It was a treat to see Lady Gaga on the show this year. Many performing artists must watch this show, looking for new talents.

    Same goes for SYTYCD Canada, which, unfortunately, will not return, how sad.

  • Please sell past episodes of the show.

    Please sell past episodes of the show; there are so many of us fans waiting to buy all the seasons. It is hard to recall past dancers ad specific choreographers without the So You Think You Can Dance DVD's to refer back to. Love all the judges and miss Mary Murphy - so I'm glad she's coming back. Everything is perfect, we all just want to watch it more and want to refer back to specific dances and events. Looking forward to next season, can hardly wait. Why do i need 100 words, this is all i have to say
  • I just started looking @ So you think you can dance this season. I regret never looking @ this Reality Show. I never knew that people had that much talent dancing. I can't wait until September for Season 6! Lil' C is gorgeous!

    I love "So You Think You Can Dance". I hope the show stays on for a looooonnnnggg time! It going to get better & better every year! I notice that alot of people don't like this reality show. I can not dance like those people do on T.V., but yet...I will not talk bad about them. They can dance their ASSES OFF! So who am I to judge or talk about them. People need to see the show for what it is & give the show & dancers their Props!!! Sound like HATERS to me! Can't wait For Season 6!
  • absolutaly love this show. its a mixture of amarican idol and dancing with the stars but better than both!! LOVE IT! :D

    LOOOOVVVEE THIS SHOW. i think ill go on it some day. i hope it never ends. its coming on again in the fall!!! the judges have great personality and are totaly funny. Unlike amarican idol the whole show is good. im talking about the auditions, group rounds, and end. amarican idol gets boring at the end were on so you think you can dance it only gets better. The coreographers do a great job and are given credit on the show. the dances are AMAZING and i always have to rewind and see them again. I am always left super excided for the next week to come.
  • I love it~! Constant surprises. ":) Hope it continues to be shown every year.

    Every year when I see "So you think you can dance" it absolutely amazes me on how the dances can move their bodies in such a way and the emotions that seems to leap from the screen and slap you in the face to leave you speechless for at least ten(10) minutes at a time.

    I think a Program like this is very important in our world of chaos. Besides the lights, music, Judges and fancy costumes, I think it's more than that. It shows the basic structure of what makes us human, celebration, expressionism, passion, enlightenment, commitment, sadness, happiness. These are "true" emotions that we hardly get to see on our screens today.

    I would definitely rather see the raw emotions on "So you think you can dance" as opposed to a billion dollar Block Buster Film with award winning actors.

    It's also great for the Community, Cultural understanding, personal achievement and yes it is extremely all round great viewing. A show that I hope will be around for my children to appreciate and maybe someday be on if they themselves choose the art of dance.
  • A hidden gem among reality shows.

    SYTYCD should hardly be considered a reality show. It is like a real dance competition. I have a great deal of respect for many of the people on this show and what they do. It deserves more viewers than it has. The atheletism, stamina and focus it takes to be a dancer is comparable to professional atheletes and should be respected as much. It is incredibly entertaining, moving, funny; just totally dynamic to watch. It's unique because it takes dancers gifted in their own styles and has them compete in mostly different styles of dance. It takes alot of true earned talent to do. The choreography is really excellent and to pair it with a variety of dancers creates something magical to watch. It shows growth in skill and as a person which also makes it interesting to follow. I can't wait until next year I love this show.
  • Finding out who is America's Favorite Dancer. Past winners include Nick Lazzareni, Benji Schwimmer, and Sabra Johnson.

    This show combines so many great elements of comedy, drama, and just pure fun. This show is just one of the best reality shows that is on television. I never really watched this until season three, but now i completely love this show. The whole idea reminds me of American Idol, but instead this has dance instead of having people sing for all of their votes. So...yea...i really do not have any thing else to say, so i think that im just going to ramble. I L O V E T H I S S H O W! Y E A!
  • Dancers go through a series of tough auditions to demonstrate versatility in most dance styles. The Top 20 go on to dance on tv and are voted for by viewers. Eliminations take place until one is crowned America's Favorite Dancer.

    I'll take this show over "American Idol" anyday. Many untrained singers have gone very far in American Idol, and the winners(and many finalists) go on to successful singing careers. However, with So You Think You Can Dance, the winners don't get much publicity, and it takes years of training for the contestants to make the Top 20. I appreciate the hard work and dedication of these talented dancers. Dancing also entertains me, even though I don't dance at all. These people dont' have natural talent, they worked hard for it and deserve to show off what they have learned. Although some of it seems a little rigged in order for some contestants to get more votes, it's a great show!!
  • So you think you can dance?

    As a dancer myself, this show has become a personal favorite. I'm so amazed by how good some of these people are. I've just got into it in the fourth season, and I think I came at the optimal time. The dances are fabulously choreographed and danced, mostly, to perfection. I've learned a lot from just watching them, and I'm totally inspired. I've wanted to make my own routines more interesting and dynamic, and this has shown me how much I could do with my body. True, the judge Mary is very annoying, with her loud voice, but she's a small price to pay to watch these really great dancers.
  • So You Think You Can Dance is a show dedicated to dancing. The mixing of the different styles of dancers and the performances is what makes this show challenging to the contestants. This is definitely a great way to showcase America's dancing talent.

    I LOVE IT!! This show is so inspiring that it makes people wanna dance. Heck, it makes me wanna dance, which I do. I love watching the diversity of the dancers and their performances. At first, they may not be all that great at another style, but watching them grow every week in their personality and technique is so aw inspiring that it shows anyone can dance as long as they take in that criticism to help them become a better dancer. This is a truly wonderful and influential show that people should definitely watch! Thank you so much for creating this show!
  • season 4 auditions: la

    im sorry, i just love sytycd! another round of fun-filled auditions. was VERY disappointed seeing "sex" and the "golden whatever" back. do they honestly think they can dance? VERY happy when nigel called out "david". lol. hopefully now he'll get the picture and wont come back. but just out of curiousity, i'd love to see the golden guy's face. =P wasnt really excited about anyone except victor kim (who made it to choreography but not vegas) and that awesome popper at the very end. they were right, they did save the best for last. i really hope he can make all the way. i agree with nigel, he's my favorite of the entire competition.... so far. it's only just begun, and i cant wait til next week!
  • SEASON 4 is here, YEAHHHHHH!!! I love this show every part of it. Dancing with the stars and any other dance shows cannot touch SUTUCD(abbreviation of the shows name). All the SUTUCD fans out there let me hear u SCREAMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!

    I started watching SUTUCD in season 2 and i loved it then and i love it now. It truly is the GREATEST dance show that ever been on tv, and i am amped and fired up about this season. As much as i enjoy Dancing with the stars, especially the season with Stacy Keibler and she's from Baltimore where im from she should of won after all those 30s she pulled, So you think you can dance reigns supreme over all dance shows. The reason why I say this is because Nigel lythgoe and the rest of the crew, gives opportunities to anyone who auditions to help their dream of becoming a pro dancer become a reality. And that's why im big on this show and with all that said, I bid you adieu.
  • Best dance show out there!

    Oh my God, I love dancing. This show is the best dance show out there. Especially for those of us who don't want to watch shows like Dancing with the Stars. This show is about new, fresh, amazing talent and I like the audition part the most. Watching al the different styles of dance, the different outfits, different personalities and different backstories. I love the music they choose to audition to and I'm amazed at some of the dansroutines the choreographers come up with. It invites you to change the way you look at a certain style of dancing or makes you listen to a song you heard a thousand times in a completely different way. I am a true fan of season 2 (couldn't download 1 so that's a shame) and currently watching the australian version. Cheers, mate!
  • Yea d o m i n i c a n d l a u r e n s i t t i n g i n a t r e e k i s s in g w h i le d a n ci n g r u m ba a n d k r u mp

    I love this show i think dominic and lauren are great thogether like the dace of rumba and krump i love krump and rumba beacuse its so great but i dont feel good when dominic and sabra danced and not lauren with neo beacuse i like dominic and lauren thogether i feeld strange of the kiss thit they gived beacuse i i i i feel like its strange but i love them thogether and not lauren with ne-o or sabra with domonic but o then is the life like that jejeje jeje j e je je je je je je je.
  • An awesome show with all different types of dancing styles ranging from hip hop to latin ballroom. They choose a cast of 20 dancers and they compete for America's Favorite Dancer!

    This show is super great!
    All of the dancers that they choose are always wonderful dancers and experts in their style. I think this show really does inspire people to dance. It also is very influencial. I love this show it is definantly in my top 3 favorite shows! I think that the choreographers do a superb job on the choreography and always deliver. Even if you don't care for dancing that much you will and can be surprised by what some of them can do. I just wish this show doesn't only air in the summer and ran through the fall season also.
  • A show when 20 dancers compete to become America's favorite dancer

    This show is one of my favorite shows. The dancers are amazing, but some I don't even know why they owuld want to audition and humiliate themselves so much on natinol telivision. My favorite part is when the top twenty compete. I'm a dancer so I know jazz modern hip hop lyrical and its so cool to see the choreographers type of or they way they teach their style. Because everyone has their own style and that helps in dance a lot. He dancers every season just keep on getting better and better. The judges sometimes i don't agree with. The hist Cat Deely is really annoying sometimes, but other than that it is one of the best shows. I like it better than American Idol.
  • I love it more than American Idol...

    In this show, dancers compete to prove to America that they are the best. Every week, two people (one guy and one girl) from the original top twenty are eliminated. Elimination generally changes every season, so I won't go into great detail with that.

    Why do i like this better than American Idol? Well, first of all, there is a less likely chance than another Sanjaya will rear its ugly head and ruin the show for me (although Cedric came close). Also, dancing is something you can only do if you enjoy it. For singing, most people just do it for the fame, but in dancing, there are lots of injuries, discouragement, and pain to endure, so only if you truly love it can you succeed. So we know that these people don't just want the $200,000 (that is how much they win, right?) and fame. They have something called passion. And besides, dancing is twice as much fun to watch as singing!!
  • A dance show with dancers,choreographers,and cute guys.

    i love this show!!i really just started wathing it at the end of season 2 but am still a big fan.My two favorites in season 3 are Pasha and Neil because of their dancing,personalities and looks.This show has amazing choreographers who creat amazing dances.Three of my favorite choreographers are Shane Sparks,Wade Robson,and Mia Michaels.In season 3 Benji choreographed a routine for Pasha and Sara it was of the west coast swing he was funny as usual and the dance was great.The judges are really funny to me. Adam Shankman who is sometimes a guest judge and is the director and choreographer of Hairspray is pretty funny to me.This is a show that i always hate to miss.
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