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  • This show is HORRIBLE!!!

    I think that this show was a complete and utter waste of 2 hours of my life. This was one show that was way overated. Everyone made such a big deal out of it. The only good part about this show was the people that couldn't dance. The horrible part is that I could actually feel my IQ dropping to an all new low. I don't feel as though this show will or should be on much longer. Fox can find something better to put on the air like...anything. This is just a really bad spin off of American Idol. Yes, I do know that this was from the producers af American Idol. If this show stays on the air I am positive that there would not be a season 2.
  • So you think Fox couldn't get worse! This is mostly a copy of American Idol, and when they win what do they do, become low paid back ground dancers?

    Okay, if you thought American Idol was a waste, try watching people dance! It is the same American Idol consept, but worse! And once somebody wins, what will they do, just say, "Oh my gosh, I went through all of that trouble to go on TV and be appreciated!" Well this just seems like more of a waste than watching people sing, but dancing! Please people, get a good reality show besides Nanny 911, please!
  • What is happening to FOX ?!! FOX keeps slowly taking off all the good shows on their channel for shows like this.ITS SO STUPID!!!!!!!

    What is happening to FOX ?!! Whats next .... So You Think You Can Make ALL of America Fall Asleep... FOX keeps slowly taking off all the good shows on their channel for shows like this. And why in the world do they have it on for two hours or an hour and a half.ITS SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!
  • Hate The New Voting

    I have loved SYTYCD since its first debut. I am very disappointed that I cannot vote. I think it is totally absurd that people have to vote via FB. I am one of those individuals who do not have any interest in using FB for my own reasons. Most of everything is done online now days and it is more convenient to vote online instead of a telephone line. I think that a lot of great dancers will lose a lot of votes just because many of us are unable to vote because of the FB challenge. If I am not able to vote for my favorite dancer then what is the reason that I should watch the show. What is the point of even downloading an APP to your phone if you are unable to utilize it, hence you must vote via FaceBook from your cell phone as well. I hope the producers change this method because there are a lot of people who are not in agreement. Did they once think about the older and more mature crowd who don't use social media platforms??? I guess not!!! Signed Old Fashion...
  • I'm annoyed

    I'm annoyed with SYTYCD. I find that nowadays, the final 20 is generally Ballet, Contemporary or Jazz dancers. And their definition of "Hip Hop" dance routines is not what Hip hop dancing use to be. And their show revolves around dancers who can dance with a partner. Not every dance style involves a partner. They're are so many people who dance other styles than the three I listed and they're good. But they seem to never make to the final 20 or only one make it from a different dancing category. I still wished Cyrus had won season 9, he was amazing. This show has gotten ridiculous. However, I enjoy watching the auditions.
  • Viewing

    I'm all about special lighting for dramatic effects; however, too often the stage is too dark to see the dancers. 'Lighten' it up!!!!!!
  • Trying for ratings

    Loved this shows first season, and each year changes that make the show less honest, seeing really great dancers lost to keep lesser ones that help Nigel's vision live is so sad. The Cyrus story was good up until 2 shows ago. Losing me as a fan for sure. Entering the category of other bad reality shows.
  • a show complaint

    this show is so lame the only people that get to go to the next level are the ones that flop on the floor like a dying fish and dance like a ballerina and all of the people that do dance like that all do the same dance moves but all of the b boy and other styles all go to choreography or go home. The judges always say the same thing and don't have their own opinions. That is why this show should be called SO THIS SHOW IS TERRIBLE.
  • Adecheke bashing night

    The episode on Wednesday, August 4 was overkill on bashing Adecheke. Are the judges plotting to bring his confidence down? Nothing he does will ever be good enough for them. Their comments unnecessarily critical. If this kind of ganging up on dancers continues, I will stop watching the show. The episode on Wednesday, August 4 was overkill on bashing Adecheke. Are the judges plotting to bring his confidence down? Nothing he does will ever be good enough for them. Their comments unnecessarily critical. If this kind of ganging up on dancers continues, I will stop watching the show.
  • Prejudice Judges

    Well, I have watched this show on occassion. Now for the absolute last time. The gay couple were very good dancers. Not professional but as good as some that were accepted. Yes, they had a mishap at the end of their audition. Who doesn't make mistakes. Well, this show did in my book. These "professional" judges ALL indicated they were confused because they could not tell who was leading. These judges are choosing who makes it to the show. Wow - they cant tell who is leading because it changes between two people. Good thing it wasn't a group dance. Sounds like "pro" judges to me. What a joke! Then the judges told them they would like to see them dance with girls. And paired them up with girls - only to bring the two guys back individually to tell them they did not make the show. The judges did not handle this situation with any professionalism. The guys should have never been bought back with the girls if neither were going to be accepted. Pure humiliation. I will not view this show in the future. But "thumbs up" to the guys for their courage!
  • Get this show off T.V. this instant

    People dancing, ohhhhh I've got to watch that (For those of you who are incredibly thick or are viewers of this show, that was extreme sarcasm). American Idol but with dancing instead of singing, "Idol" sucks as it is, but to make a copycat show? That is low. There is way too many reality shows on T.V. at the moment, and 99.99% of them suck out loud. I am going to use the rest of my word count to bash this show.
    This show doesn't even deserve to be called a show, I would rather watch crap decompose than punish myself by even watching a commercial for this show.
  • Another American Idol clone, horrible.

    I feel happy for whoever earned the price from this show. I can't feel positive about the show either, it's awful. From the producers of American Idol, I try to find stars the American Idol way. This is such a horrible concept, I can't stand 10 minutes of this show. It's just horrible, why is anyone bother making this kind of show. It's so unentertaining, it's so uninteresting, and it's so bad. It's a sorry excuse for a reality show. Network executives are running out of ideas, they just want to earn sponsorship money from this show, well their getting the money, but their also filling the air with garbage.
  • A Horrible show that makes me sad to be an American when there are such better shows to watch...the dregs of society watch this.

    24, Prison Break, Rescue Me, Family Guy, 4400, Deadwood, Sopranos, Dead Zone, The Shield, Smallville, Stargate, Simpsons and Alias just to name a few of the intelligent great shows on TV. Yet, shows like this piece of garbage get high ratings along with American Idol. It shows how many morons live in America. Not suprising we have Bush as the president huh? Look in the mirror and ask yourself if your IQ is really this low that you need to watch utter trash like this. Shows like this are destroying American TV. Shows like Invasion and Surface get canceled so more garbage like this can go on the air to satisfy all the American lower class.
  • Horrible dancing show in the vein of American Idol.

    Why is this on TV, it is just another crappy game show called "reality", but that's not the complaint. This show is boring, it is a bunch of people all doing these stupid "You got served" dances, and then a foreign judge says they suck. Its all the same stupid American Idol crap. FOX needs to get a fresh idea instead of tweaking and recanning old stuff. The show isn't doing as good as FOX probably wanted it to, they probably should have done this a few years ago during the "You Got Served" craze. But that's just my opinion.
  • Just when you thought it couldnt get any worse it has.

    Reality TV has plauged the airwaves of television for years. And now, its reached an all time low. A show about dancing? just like american idol but american dancer....can we waste any more time watching this show? I am getting sick of them just coming up with ideas for show to fill in an hr but lack of quality in the types of programming. please when it comes to this show, please send it back.
  • Another lame show by FOx Just a cheap fix to make fox some money. It does not matter if people watch as long as fox can get sponsors for the show.

    fox just lies to sponsors so they can make a quick buck. I can not believe they canceled Arrested Development and put this Junk in its place. The Truth about fox. The way they work now is. They will sign a show for three years if they have to pay a lot of actors after that time the show will be canceled Examples, Arrested Development, Futurama, Sliders, Herman’s Head. Even Mad TV is a great example they got rid of all the good actors except one. House and 24 are only on the aire because fox only has to pay one actor the rest will fall in line if they want to keep there job. Oh yes and Family Guy this show has now been canceled Twice now. Once they cancel Family Guy for the Third time and cancel Simpson’s it will be it for us on fox.
  • So why is this show on tv?

    I appreciate the fact that American Idol has grown to be one of the top shows ever watched on TV. However, \"So you think you can Dance\", is a JOKE! Who cares if you can dance? I mean don\'t get me wrong, I respect what dancers can do, but what is this show going to do for dancers? They won\'t make that dancer famous. Who won last year? Do you really remember? Did they go off and hit fame and fortune? Doubt it. I also don\'t think there is a need to completely bash these people that don\'t really know how to dance. They have the guts to get up there and do it in front of the other dancers, the judges, and those few that watch this show. Be a little nicer, and stop beating them down for ratings sake.
  • Female judge is super-annoying

    This show is definately entertaining to watch, especially with all the tools trying out. But one thing drives me more crazy than all of teh wackos: Judge Mary Murphy. I hate her face, laugh, and snarlly attitude. I think she's a product of stem-cell research, performed in Rosie Odonnell's basement. This chick is not only scare looking but probably the most annoying thing on TV. Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Fire her! Check out this rant about her:
  • WHAT?

    They just keep on branching off of American Idol. Here's the list of shows that were branched off:

    American Idol> So You Think You Can Dance> Dancing With The Stars> Skating With The Stars>Cooking With The Stars. There.

    That's it. I can believe that very few people see that. I mean come on! It's right there. Pay attention. Seasons upon seasons of branching off. What's next? Who knows? Producing Shows With the Stars? I dunno! Who cares anymore? Just keep this junk off my TV. NO MORE branching off. American Idol rules. Others drool. OK? Yeah. They do drool. I said it.
  • The reason I hate so you think you can dance

    Hip hop, break dancing, popping and locking, all that is considered dance too, and I'm tired of having these judges place amazing dancers in a position they can't do. If you made someone who does ballet, do crumping, they would fail. Placing someone who does break dancing or hip hop into lyrical or partner dances doesn't prove they can dance, it just proves how naive the judges are. I'm bored and tired of watching good dancers go home, back to dancing on the streets and in front of mirrors and not given a chance because they can do a proper pli. In conclusion, not all dance is lyrical or jazz.
  • Nigel, what were you thinking

    Obviously you were not when you told Cyrus on national TV you were not going to vote for him. I don't care what your feelings are - you should keep it to your self. Judges votes shouldn't be known. I love this show - always have - but that turned me off tremendously. I understand your reasoning but that was uncalled for. It will be interesting to see what that comment did for the voting for Cyrus.
  • dance competition??

    seems to me you change the rules for those with good talent but not overall good dancers..really!

    easy breezy choriography and peachy judging..never criticism..really! amazing dancers go home and one stays who smiles like honey but not a good overall dancer at all really!! you gonna loose us as we notice you cater to some every is a dance competion so quit changing to rules to suit someone YOU want! we feel like your cheating behind the scene its just not believable anymore..really come on were not stupid!
  • The worst dancer that I ever seen on this show cyrus

    I can't believe that cyrus is still on this show I'm shocked that he made it their are dancers that left that were 10 times better.I liked this up in till this season because of him so many better than him this season is not about the votes it's favorite's this year.
  • So, You Think You Can Suck

    This is the most boring and dumb television program I have ever seen on my flat-screen television set. "FOX TELEVISION"'s newest dating show, "The Choice" with host Kat Dealey is way better than, "So, You Think You Can Suck."

    I'd rather watch "Melissa & Joey" or "The Choice" than this slow-dancing, crappy music, & loud judges crap television program.

    *I hate it when my sister watches this television program, it just makes we wanna scream.*

    *I hate it when my brother-in-law watches the Tampa Bay Rays baseball games on "SunSports" that's another boring television program, that I can't stand to watch.

    (I am a 17-year-old male & you would expect this to a young teenage man)
  • USED to be a rabid fan! Am so mad about new format I can barely watch the show and now don't care who wins each week.

    HATE the new format! New stage is too small. Camera work is still bad. Amateurs shouldn't have to compete with Pros as partners because they will always look unpolished/bad. I used to care about partnerships and individuals and now I don't because my eye is always going to the pro - except in the case of Comfort who I can't believe they brought back cause she looks sloppy and sluggish. They used to praise the choreographers to choreographing to the couples strength. So how does that happen now when the pro is in their strength area and the contestant isn't?
  • This program is ridiculous. It is NOT a fair competition on so many levels:

    This program is ridiculous. It is NOT a fair competition on so many levels:

    First of all, one partner should not be punished by another partner\'s weakness. (Snow!) That is so wrong.

    Secondly, everyone should be required to move to a new partner. Previous experience with a partner gives those couples an unfair advantage. (Destini and Blake, Ryan and Melissa)

    Thirdly, everyone should be required to dance a different style of dance than they previously had. Always dancing within their style (Destini and Blake, Alan) also gives them an unfair advantage.

    Want to make this show fair? Decide what INDIVIDUALS are up for elimination, and rotate the dance styles and partners so that every person must dance in a new element each week, with a new partner.
  • one word horrible

    Their are dozens of toher great shows out there what kind of losers would watch this kind of garbage. Yet, shows like this piece of garbage get high ratings along with American Idol. It shows how many morons live in America. Look in the mirror and ask yourself if your IQ is really this low that you need to watch utter trash like this. things kind of shows are a waste of peoples time i hate these kind of reality shows. i can't undrstand why it's still on air. this show is just the biggest waste of time anyone can waste.
  • Did you watch American Idol? Yes? Then why watch this?

    It is an American Idol carbon copy only with dancing. It has an evil british guy, an overexited host, and some extreeemly stupid people. Of course, there are some good dancers, but their moves are repetitive, unoriginal, and you fell like you are watching the same episode over and over again. Yes, there\'s the occassional injury, trip to the hospital, break-downs, throw-ups, etc., but you\\\'ve seen them all before on American Idol. If you were stupid enough to waste time watching the overly dramatic American Idol (like me) don\'t waste anymore of your life watching stupid reality shows on FOX. Honestly, I was more captivated to watch sick online predators come to fourteen-year-old decoy\\\'s houses looking for sex on NBC\\\'s DATELINE: TO CATCH A PREDATOR (which is also crap) than this crap. Bottom line: Don\'t watch it!
  • Losing Credibility

    From the start of the season, the show seems like it had been trying to keep up their past ratings. I'm annoyed with a few things, especially the judges. Throughout the season Nigel has managed to bash Cyrus for his lack of experience, then it came to a complete overhaul in the last show. I don't appreciate that negative criticism, EVEN IF it was directed to someone other than Cyrus. If that's the case, don't allow untrained dancers into the top twenty. It's a waste of their time and those who vote to keep them out of the bottom. On a side note, for those who complain about the "good" dancers leaving, perhaps you should vote to have an opinion. Cyrus has never been in the bottom, so he alone isn't the reason why the "good ones" went home.
  • SYTYCD rigged for Cyrus

    Just finished watching this weeks show. I don't believe for one second that Cyrus got more votes than Cole. This is such an insult to our intelligence. I have watched the show every season and never seen such lack of ability and talent as Cyrus. I am seriously considering not watching next year. I don't understand how the show can favor someone who didn't put the time or money into dance lessons basically a casual interest compared to the other dancers. How insulting! I find it curious that Nigel and Mary didn't comment on Cyrus's performance after the Broadway debacle. Hmmmmm.
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