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  • This show is HORRIBLE!!!

    I think that this show was a complete and utter waste of 2 hours of my life. This was one show that was way overated. Everyone made such a big deal out of it. The only good part about this show was the people that couldn't dance. The horrible part is that I could actually feel my IQ dropping to an all new low. I don't feel as though this show will or should be on much longer. Fox can find something better to put on the air like...anything. This is just a really bad spin off of American Idol. Yes, I do know that this was from the producers af American Idol. If this show stays on the air I am positive that there would not be a season 2.
  • So you think Fox couldn't get worse! This is mostly a copy of American Idol, and when they win what do they do, become low paid back ground dancers?

    Okay, if you thought American Idol was a waste, try watching people dance! It is the same American Idol consept, but worse! And once somebody wins, what will they do, just say, "Oh my gosh, I went through all of that trouble to go on TV and be appreciated!" Well this just seems like more of a waste than watching people sing, but dancing! Please people, get a good reality show besides Nanny 911, please!
  • What is happening to FOX ?!! FOX keeps slowly taking off all the good shows on their channel for shows like this.ITS SO STUPID!!!!!!!

    What is happening to FOX ?!! Whats next .... So You Think You Can Make ALL of America Fall Asleep... FOX keeps slowly taking off all the good shows on their channel for shows like this. And why in the world do they have it on for two hours or an hour and a half.ITS SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!
  • Boring Season, Boring Judge Panel

    JUDGE PANEL: The worst part about this season was the judge panel. Paula has no sense of humor and is a major downer. Jason is so monotone, he sounded the same no mater how he felt about the routine and it always took him so long to say what he wanted to say. I have to GIVE NIGEL PROPS because he attempted to add some chemistry and humor but was always promptly squashed by Paula. I miss the funny guest judges and especially Mary Murphy! Please don't make me sit through another season of the same panel next year!

    CHOREOGRAPHY: The choreography was seriously lacking this year. Seemed very below the quality it has been in the past. The ones I love art Stacy Tookey, Travis Wall, NappyTabs, Sonia Tayeh and Christopher Scott.

  • not even the same show anymore

    SYTYCD used to be something I looked forward to every week. This year it felt like a chore to watch it. I kept hoping that the next week would be better but I was constantly let down. Firstly, the judging panel was absolutely terrible. There was no chemistry whatsoever, and it was painful to listen to Jason and ESPECIALLY Paula try to sound like they knew what they were talking about. Mary's energy was desperately needed. Also, the whole format of stage vs. street was a total let down. All it succeeded in was degrading the street dancers and making excuses for certain dancers not to live up to the standards and technique of specific styles. There should have been two separate shows, or they shouldn't have combined the stage and street dancers for weekly routines. Throughout the season, I wasn't extremely attached to any of the dancers, whereas last year I knew from the first episode that I would wholeheartedly rout for Ricky and Jessica. All of the dancers were pretty bland and no one ever stood out to me. The one dancer who did was Jaja, and I was very disappointed that she didn't win given that Gaby is such a typical contestant and someone that won't be remembered in 2 months from now. Lastly, the choreography completely lacked this season. Where were the life changing Sonya Tayeh and Travis Wall routines? This show used to have me crying over countless routines and this year I didn't shed a tear. There were good dances, don't get me wrong, but nothing really moved me this year. I miss the SYTYCD that inspired me to become a better dancer. This season left me with a sour taste in my mouth and a relatively negative view on the dance world. If nothing changes, don't count on my view for next year.
  • Please bring back guest judges!

    Jason Derulo is horrible! Bring back guest judges and ballroom. This is by far the worst season ever.
  • I hate this season

    I really don't like the stage v street!! I try to watch but I'm really disappointed that there isn't a variety of dances, like salsa numbers, disco, ballroom; etc. Now those are a real challenge!! I don't care to watch anymore!!

    I really, really don't care for this new format. There is NO MAGIC in the show this season. The choreography has been great, but just don't see any true, wholehearted jumping into character for the dancers. This is not to say that these are not great dancers, they are. But are they STARS?? Where are their personalities? Ew... and the judging panel - I don't want to hear what my 12 year old could say. Paula and Jason need to go. I am utterly bored period. I had to go back to the other seasons to be excited and entertained.

    This is what you will be seeing next year. We are watching, or some of us were watching, the end of sytycd.

    The dancers deserve better than Paula, and Jason just plain sucks. Jason is a mimic and has little original feedback. In fact it's sooooooo funny to here him say words like Plie or Arabesque and you can tell he is WAY out of his element. He's drab and classless, no real energy at all. I hear that he will be replacing Tim Gun on Project Runway next year.

    Paula is, well Paula, emotionally gushy, inarticulate, stammering and so afraid of offending the dancers that her value as a constructive judge is an epic fail. There is no chemistry with the judges this year and I miss the guest judges and of course Marry, the shows anchor . Everyone in the professional dance world has more or less abandoned the once GREAT and sublime SYTYCD of yesteryear. They NEVER should have brought STREET into this show. A smarter move would have been to have a show ONLY on street dancing and left SYTYCD alone!!

    Thank you for 11 GREAT YEARS and I'm so sorry to see you go.
  • See what the judges say, not what you see

    This used to be a show about dance. Now Nigel has decided it must be part of the street dance movement, a show for the times. Wake up, Nigel! The show used to show a rich range of dance. Now it's all about showing how street dance is just as good as classic dance with choreography.

    Forget this viewer from here on. After the three judges pandered to the street movement on August 31, it's a mockery.
  • Only black in wardrobe..

    How about some color, black and gray, black background . We loose the dancers in lights and black. The dullest show I ever world has enough sadness, color it up a least one show.
  • Jason mimics what other judges say

    jason shouldn't be a judge, he has no original opinions, just repeats what he hears the other judges say. FIRE HIM NOW BEFORE ALL YOUR VIEWERS JUMP SHIP! Used to be my favorite show, now it is painful to watch!
  • Boring and Boring

    First of back Mary and bring back the different styles of dance. How much contemporary and Hip Hop can you watch? Sorry, if this is the way it's going to stay I won't be watching it next season and neither will most people I know!
  • Dance format sucks

    My wife and I have been watching dance for years. We couldn't wait for the night dance was on. This year with the new format it is not exciting at all. The dances are terrible. We have purchased tickets for the tour every year but will not this year. We hope they go back to the old format or come up with something new and better next year. We are sad to say this will be our last season to watch, unless of course they go back to the previous format or something better then the one they have this year. Paula is a lousy judge. We can't even stand to hear her talk. We wish Mary was still there. She was the best judge you ever had on the show along with Nigel
  • "Don't Mess With Perfection "

    SYTYCD had the perfect formula for the most addictive and entertaining show on TV. I was their biggest fan and totally addicted. Everyone in my family knows if it's on, it's my priority. I have loyally watched every season, I only dropped out of 1 season, when they started doing Guy on guy. I'm sorry, but that's a big Turn Off for a red blooded female. However, I returned and became even more attached to the show until, street vs stage. This is a total and complete disaster in every way! These dancers do not emote like previous dancers and the routines do not do them justice. The choreography and dancing seem superficial , choppy and disconnected. I have not seen one real attraction or connection between dance partners yet. Don't get me started on the lack of testosterone. Well the girls are the ones with the balls this season, they really overpower the feminine males. The contrast and balance of the male / female couple dancing of past seasons was a winning formula for many reasons. When you take that away, you cancel out: romance, intense chemistry, electric energy, combative conflict, the heat, the beauty of the contrasting masculinity that compliments the opposite feminine and all of the drama created as a result. This show brought back old school Romance. I think couples today really needed that reminder to live and love in the moment intensely. Also to release those inner emotions and really connect on a powerful level. Yes its unbelievable that a TV show can teach all that. That's why I am sad to say this will be my last season to watch, unless of course they go back to the previous format. I doubt I will finish this season, it is just too painful to watch. Even the lighting, the stage, the costumes, the movement of the camera are so amature and awful.

    I disagree with whoever said people are turning on street. I grew up in the 80s, therefore I am a diehard street fan and everything r&b, hip hop, break dance etc. Thats what was so great about the show is now I am also a lover of ballroom ,contemporary, Broadway, etc. however I don't put one above the other or pit them against each other. The whole concept is very flawed, but the execution is an even bigger failure. Changing a perfect formula was a huge mistake. I don't usually write reviews, especially complaints, but I just had to because I am missing my favorite show so much!

  • Hate new format

    I really miss sytycd - I know people who have just quit watching - need more variety instead of only hiphop or contemporary. Bring back some ballroom dancing. Saw only one tango this year and it was terrible - merely posing.

    Nigel is the only true judge. Why street vs. stage - just get the best dancers and give them a variety of dances regardless.
  • Is this really what you want?

    Please go back to the old format. If you are looking at attracting the younger crowd and want to lose the mature crowd, maybe this is working.

    I miss Mary sooooooo much.

    Too much street and silly competition between Street and Stage. I miss the overall review when someone is eliminated.

    I feel the heart of your show is gone.
  • Not a good change

    We DO NOT like the new version of our favorite show. It seems so stuck in a sloppy hip hop street vibe. We miss ballroom. We miss the couples. We miss Mary. Many of the routines just lack elegance. And we are growing VERY tired of Street dancing. It's OK in smaller doses but dance is so much more than that.

    Not to be mean but get rid of Paula and Jason. Neither one offers any authority. We fast forward through Paula because we can't stand her mindless comments.

    Please please go back to the old format.
  • I hope your listening

    I have been there watching there every year and sometimes twice a year. I tune in for great dancing and great judges who give great fun along with guest judges. I am SO Disappointed so very Sad. I don't love the format but I get it and love the coaches. What I hate the most are the judges. Paula can barely speak and there is no rapport between the judges at ALL. I MISS MARY!!!! I MISS MARY!!!!! I do not know what happened but you need her back along with the great guest judges. I don't know if I will make it through this year but if its the same next year I will not waste my DVR space.
  • Are you LISTENING to your LONG TIME viewers at ALL???

    I've read through the fan reviews and they all have a common happened to my FAVORITE show"?? The new judges are horrible and I will never understand why the show thought they were worth the time. Paula is LONG played out with no speaking skills at all. As for Jason, didn't know who he was before, but his pretty much lifeless. There are no words to explain how much I MISS the original show. IF this is all there is to offer, just take it off the air now, otherwise it will die a slow death. Nigel - you have always been my favorite and some how, you let it ALL GO WRONG.
  • Too Many Meds?

    How much longer do we have to endure Paula Abdul? What sort of hold does she have on TV Execs? She was SOOOooo obviously over medicated on tonight's show! Aren't Debbie Allen, Twyla Tharp, Laurianne Gibson, Farah Khan, or Rosie Perez available?? What an embarrassment to everyone who dances to have this incurable wack job sitting there week after week!!
  • You've lost me forever...

    I have been watching religiously since the first day of this show and loved when a hip hop kid had to do the Argentine Tango and when a classically-trained kid had to get down and dirty and unpoint their perfect feet. I absolutely HATE what you've done with this show this season and HATE that you brought in "has-been" Paula Abdul. You've lost me forever. I'm embarrassed to say I just switched it off for "Bachelor in
  • Done watching.

    Love affair ended, dance thrill gone. Previous passion for SYTYCD abruptly ceased with this season's lack- lustre contribution to the arts. Gone are the props (think hotel luggage cart), absent are flowing ballgown and foxtrot. Replacement with mediocre routines and choreography turns my heart cold in despair. I yearn for absent beauty, talent, and skill of previous seasons! I can't watch this catastrophe, please return to your glory years!
  • If it ain't broke

    I'm so disillusioned!

    It's like they cut the budget in half, everything

    is cheap, choreographers, dancers are second rate,

    even Cat seems depressed. This show used

    to move me (embarrassingly, surprisingly) to tears, now

    I'm fast forwarding through the heartless crap.


  • I miss the old SYTYCD!

    Ok, so when people began complaining about the new format of SYTYCD, I took notice, but because I love the show so much, I wanted to believe it would be alright. I eagerly awaited the new season this May - my favorite show to watch during the summer months while I'm off as a teacher! I wasn't quite sure what to make of the Stage vs. Street format, but during the tryouts I watched while trying to find a dancer that stood out. Now that the competition part has been going on for several weeks, I have finally admitted to myself and to other avid fans, who agree by the way, that this just isn't working! The choreography is not good, the untrained dancers are not exciting to watch, except for maybe one or two, and the trained dancers are fair to good. I hope it's just the choreography in their case - they are not being given much to work with. The judging panel is not fun either!!! There is no wit or creativity to their comments and nothing constructive is handed to the dancers except from Nigel. I miss lyrical with two people on stage so much and I miss Mary Murphy!! Last night after watching Monday's show again with some neighbors and having a long discussion about all the disappointments this season, I went to bed with my iPad and watched multiple dances from seasons past. I ended up watching for two 1/2 hours and LOVING every second. There is NO COMPARISION to what used to be on the . There used to be banter, affection, conversation, humor, technique, beautiful dancing, hard work, great judging, creative criticism, improvement, the list goes on. As a trained dancer, albeit many years ago, I miss the inspiration, emotion, and beauty that used to be on SYTYCD. There are too many other things I can be doing with my time for the remainder of the summer other than watching and hoping to see these elements on a failing show. So sad....
  • Sooooo disappointed!

    I really look forward to watching this show every season. It is so disappointing this new format. I actually miss Mary screaming in Nigel's ear! She brought so much enthusiasm to the show! Adam Shankman is the bomb! Paula talks in staccato. It's really hard to listen to her talk. And the costumes are soooooo boring!!! Where did all the sparkles and glamour go? It's all dark fabric, and jumbled patchy fabric all over the body. And I agree with everyone that the camera angles are horrible and are all over the place. It's so hard to concentrate on the dance as a whole. Sooooo disappointed! Please someone from the show respond to our concerns!
  • Most disappointing "dancing" show I've ever watched

    As a competitive dancer for 18+ years, I've altered my schedule in order to watch SYTYCD every year until now. The street v stage is the worst move the show could've ever pulled. Street dancing is what Americas Best Dance Cree is for, NOT SYTYCD. I could go on and on about the horrible choices made. 1. Getting rid of Mary Murphy. 2. Addition of mediocre street dancers. 3. Dumbed down choreography to accommodate the street dancers who've never done choreography in their life. 4. Jason derulo. 5. Paula Abdul. 6. Removing lots of Sonya & Travis' choreography. I could Literally go on forever.

    Well youve lost 1 viewer here, who used to be absolutely thrilled with your show & watching beautifully trained dancers perform phenomenally. Sad to say this is probably this show's last season. Guess I'll have to rewatch all the old season's episodes now
  • Make It Stop!

    This season is just terrible. I've been a fan since Season 2 and I've never been so disappointed. I hate the new Stage v. Street format, cannot STAND the new judge lineup and the costumes are just awful. The camera work sucks, and honestly this group of dancers just generally feels weaker to me; there is no one who stands out, no one even seems like they have the chops to win. Even the routines seem uninspired, I mean the "Club ChaCha"? Asaf just stood there! Can't stand the 3 person routines and I really miss Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Christina Applegate. I just hope this isn't the last season because it would sucks for them to go out this way.

  • Whose brilliant idea is this new format

    We have watched from the very first year and loved this program. My very favorite. SO disappointed this year. Always loved how the show got some of the street performers to do waltzes, etc. etc. now it all looks the same. Nothing exciting going on. I can't believe how disappointing this season is. Old saying if it's not broke don't fix it! Sorry not going to recommend this program anymore
  • Horrible season!

    I am so disappointed by this season! This has always been my summer "guilty pleasure"' but I don't even care if I watch ! The threesomes are horrible! None of the chemistry that the couples had in he past. It is hard to watch. Whose idea was this new format! Nigel! Bad bad idea. I also miss the guest judges. Why did you mess with something that was working? Jason is horrible. He just echoes what everyone else says. Even Cat is getting on my nerves.

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